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  1. If anyone cares about figure skating....the ladies world championship finals/long program is tomorrow night in Boston . A break from basketball too. After the short program yesterday the long program really comes down to Americans vs. Russians. New Englands own Gracie Gold is currently in first place, after her in second and third are two Russian girls. In 4th is another American and in 5th is another Russian.


    An American female has not won the world figure skating championship since 2006. So maybe if Gracie does indeed win this weekend then it's a good sign for the Colts as well lol.



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    2. Jules


      I think the American will win this year and she should hold onto first. She's a pretty girl too and has had some makeup endorsements.




      If she becomes world champion this weekend it could help spark a revival in skating again like back in the old days when we had Kristi Yamaguchi everywhere. But, it's tougher these days......


      She can also win as long as she don't fall on her butt since it's in America and the home crowd will be nice.


      The Russians on this girls tails though.....eek watch out. Russians pull out a lot of tricks in long programs to get all fancy. It won't be easy......so don't take my word. I am still learning the new scoring since I stopped skating competitively several years ago.


      If this girl don't win from America it's a darn shame since it's in Boston and she is from around there I think.



    3. Jules


      This Russian woman is in second place and could win too, she's a beast.





      Russian girl #2 who can also win, she's a beast lol


      This one worries me the most......she is the current European Champion and is so little, tiny and wicked lol. Fierce skater.




      The American girl currently in 4th has no real shot IMO. I highly doubt it.

    4. Jules


      ^^^I was right. That girl up above in blue won it all. So yes a Russian won it all. lmao 


      The American Gracie Gold choked and fell on her opening jump combination. Sigh. Poor girl. But, the two Russians ahead of her NAILED it.


      That girl in blue might be the best female skater I ever seen in my life and I can say she deserves to be world champ. I am still having chills over this girl. 


      The other American I said had no shot rose up and won the silver. The girl who was in first fell to 4th.


      So in the end a Russian took the gold and bronze and an American silver.

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