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  1. Michigan St. ruined my entire bracket and chance, sigh. Last year I had Duke and was right. This year my pick goes out asap. From winner to first round exist. lmao 

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    2. Jules


      Oh yeah you and me might be the only ones who listened to Bogie about Sean Payton not leaving the Saints. And I do like Payton and think he could do a lot with our offense. Problem is I also feel like Payton/Brees are sort of joined at the hip and Brees is meant to retire with him.


      If you ever want Saints predictions and NFC South stuff and general NFC....Bogie is pretty good with that. He nails most Saints picks for years.


      Right now I am trying to kinda figure out if the Panthers can do much again next year. I don't think Atlanta/TB are much of a challenge. And I think Carolina had a lot of luck on their side last season that will not repeat. I also am not sure Cam can regroup from that SB performance.


      I am looking at GB and Seattle too as big contenders in the NFC again. 

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      I definitely cant see Carolina going anywhere near 15-1 again. They got lucky in several games. Problem is that Division isn't good (no offense Bogie). It just isn't good, the Bucs and Falcons both are basically 8-8 teams at best, the Saints with Brees are the only team in that Division that can challenge them IMO. Because of the Division they play in I can see them going 5-1 in the Division and probably 12-4 overall. If they don't get HFA though I think they have less than a 10% chance of getting back to the SB. The last time a SB loser made it back was the 1993 Bills!

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      @Jules, even though it's real early to predict anything as the Draft has happened yet, etc.. Look out for Arizona next season. I think they will learn from that blowout loss they suffered from Carolina and perhaps can get HFA by winning 12 or 13 games to turn things around. I like their all-around team, not really a strong believer in Carson Palmer (he is far from Great) but he is Good if he can stay healthy. They do have the Defense, WR's, and Coaching to hang with the best of them.

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