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  1. Interesting point. There reports that Houston was going to trade up with NE to take Dorsett. I do think they will use a ton of 3 WR sets and often 4 WR sets with the depth they have. I just hope we get over the hump this upcoming season. It's time for us.
  2. I agree with most of your points Jared, B would be my grade. I too wish we had taken TJ Clemmings or Tre Jackson at 109 but also understand that we needed a safety so Geathers was okay there. I still am convinced that we should have taken M.Brown at 28 then moved up in the second round to take Landon Collins and then taken an OL in the 3rd. With this said I am glad that we stick with defense throughout the second and third days so can't complain.
  3. Huge Colts fan here but I have to say Dorsett just because of what else we needed. The only thing more perfect that our class is if we took Malcolm Brown at 29 the traded up in the second round and taken Landon Collins and then an OL with our 3rd pick. With this said I do think our team is improved but the scenario I mentioned would have put us in even better position I believe. I still have faith though.
  4. I am pretty happy overall with our draft class. I think we got better on defense and after reading about each of our picks, there is one obvious commonalities between all of them....they all appear to be leaders of their respective teams where they come from and most importantly, they all seem to be passionate about the game of football and those two things you cannot teach. I just hope Grigson is right about the OL that we currently have in that they are good enough to protect. Luck and get us that title!!!
  5. Awesome we just addressed our OL needs with the second to last pick in the draft LOLA. I like the DJ Smith pick the most. He looks like he is going to be a solid corner and that is an area of need. I still wish they had taken Malcolm Brown at 1 then moved up to the top of round 2 to take Collins but what can you do......
  6. I was encouraged with our first pick tonight in DJ Smith after trading down 4 spots to gain 18 spots in round 4. I hope we can keep this going and get ourselves a nice OL or another defensive playmaker.
  7. Didn't know too much about DJ Smith but just watched the commentary by Mel Kieper and Todd McShay and both really like Smith and said it was a solid pick so I can get on board with that!
  8. Collins and now Goldman gone. We need to move up to pick up Eli Harold or Eric Rowe. I don't know what we are waiting for
  9. In the draft it is also about value and we selected a second round grade and ignored someone like Malcolm Brown who was rated 19/20th on most draft boards. We should have taken Brown and then did what the Giants just did in moving up to get Landon Collins. We missed on the softball lob.
  10. Just like most of you, I was disappointed that we did not take one of the top safeties or Malcolm Brown at 29. However, I am starting to think that the plan is to put on an aerial display in 2015, one of which has not been seen since the GREATEST SHOW ON TURF. Blow teams out, secure the top AFC seed and kill them with our speed. This was the only way that I could justify the pick. With this said, I hope we give up some picks to move up to get Landon Collins, Eddie Goldman, or Jake Fisher. WE NEED AT LEAST ONE GOOD OL AND A FEW DEFENSIVE PLAYMAKERS TO ADVANCE PAST THE PATRIOTS IN 2015!!!!
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