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    Colts, Reading and writing fantasy novels, and good action/fantasy movies.

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About Me

I live in north central Indiana, and have been a fan of the Indianapolis Colts since '84.  I enjoy football in general and will comment on any teams post's when I feel I have a relevant opinion to add.


I do not like trolls, a little smack talking is acceptable, but to troll is a completely different story.  


I enjoy good debates on anything football or specifically my Colts.   


Writer for Full Press Coverage: https://fullpresscoverage.com/author/lawrence-owen/

Podcaster for Pulse Podcast Network:  https://pulsepodcastnetwork.com/show/colts-law/

Facebook group: ColtsLaw  https://www.facebook.com/groups/313186669552183/?ref=bookmarks

Twitter:   ColtsLaw@kimberly_v78

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