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  1. You know letting go of peyton was a hard thing to swallow yesterday. jim irsay will look like a complete genius in 5 years or a complete jacka?@.......... after all the years of completely sucking and i go back to the baltimore colts days havving peyton was the best thing ever. however in todays "business" no player will ever stay with one team again. and i dont count guys like derek jeter cause in all reality the yankees didnt want to keep him. its all about money!!!! i know peyton and irsay said it wasnt but in todays sports evrything comes down to the all-mighty DOLLAR!!!!!! th
  2. yea like hirebillcowher or hire johngruden or hirebrianbillick or any other has been coach we can all think of lol
  3. we have not heard from our good friend "firejimcaldwell" yet today. i am curious to know what his take is on this fluid situation
  4. chargers territory huh? they must be getting ready to steal norv turner! yesssssssssssss! that is some serious outside of the box thinking lol
  5. the niners will never let harbaugh out of his contract. if they do the guy running that team will be rolling down the hills of san fran in a car with no breaks being pushed by angry fans
  6. so caldwell got the ax and now we can start the debate about all the retreads evryone is talking about. cowher check, gruden check, wade phillips check, steve the rams suck check, brian billick check. i would just as soon have someone we have never heard of come in here with some fresh ideas. think the bill o brien hiring at penn state. but of all the retreads i would go with billick cause that guy just seems to know football. sometimes he seems almost cocky he is so smart. me personally i hope it doesnt get to that point. good luck to mr caldwell in his future endeavors. go colts!
  7. he is the best coach ever lol. teams are lining up as we speak to sign him. i say lets trade caldwell to the pats for belichek and see who fares better next year. i am now starting the official jim caldwell to the hall of fame page...... i will let you all know when it is up so you can cast your votes and let your voices be heard. dont hold your breathe though we might all be dead by the time i actually get it done
  8. i dont like to see anyone lose there job but its painfully obvious that the team caldwell got to the super bowl with was tony dungys team. 2 years later its now caldwells team and you see the difference. i dont believe for one minute the whole season was bad because of peyton being out. where was the pride of the rest of the stars as we like to call them? fact is patriots went 11 and 5 without brady and i dont believe they had half the talent this years colts did. i am still trying to figure out why we never had a backup qb in place. did the polians think peyton at 35 or 36 was never gonna g
  9. delco36

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    old aaron bailey. this is true my friend
  10. my theory is hire anybody that knows how to coach a defense. if this team had a defense that matched the offense these last 10 or so years the whole manning brady conversation would mean nothing because the colts would have 5 rings by now. so if you can coach a defense i am for anybody they bring in.
  11. he is right. some of those crappy colts teams i watched in the 80s and early 90s when i was growing up were the worst ever. in fact they just plain sucked. lol thank god for jim irsay....... " may bob rest in peace" and for peyton manning because they arent the worst anymore. one bad season in 12 does not a bad franchise make.
  12. delco36

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    ok so here we go. i am new to the blog business but lets give it a try. so i am 36 and have been a colts fan all my life. my first games were in baltimore as a kid with my dad and philly when they played the eagles. lets just say the fans today dont know how good they have it. when i was a kid and really until they got peyton the colts flat out sucked. no way around it. they had two good years my whole childhood. the scab season of 87 and the 95 season with captain comeback jim harbaugh. and yes they should have beat the steelers and yes kordell stewart went out of bounds and came back in
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