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    old aaron bailey. this is true my friend
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    ok so here we go. i am new to the blog business but lets give it a try. so i am 36 and have been a colts fan all my life. my first games were in baltimore as a kid with my dad and philly when they played the eagles. lets just say the fans today dont know how good they have it. when i was a kid and really until they got peyton the colts flat out sucked. no way around it. they had two good years my whole childhood. the scab season of 87 and the 95 season with captain comeback jim harbaugh. and yes they should have beat the steelers and yes kordell stewart went out of bounds and came back in to make that catch with the backjudge right behind him. anyway alot of colts fans have been moaning about this lost season and how they quit and the coach stinks and blah blah blah. well you know what its a blessing in disguise. who gets the greatest quarterback of all time and then 13 or 14 years later after great success gets a chance to draft the next great one. and possibly another 10 to `12 year run of greatness. it doesnt happen. i want peyton to come back as much as everybody else and play great but i want luck too. i watched his bowl game and he was great and thats with suspect talent around him. so to all you people crying the blues just give it a rest. if all goes well this could turn out to have been the best worst season ever. 12 great years 1 crappy one 12 more graet years. it just doesnt happen. so i look forward to the future. colts fan for life
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