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  1. Al Davis is exactly who I thought of with this pick. Unless they are not willing to extend TY, which was my second thought.
  2. Got my tickets today too!!!...One interesting point, many speculated on the DVD that would come with them. In years past it was the review of the prior season...this year a preview of next year!!
  3. I got mine in early March, yes I took the risk especially with the #12 and "Lucked" out (sorry). I got it through the NFL.com customization offering for $90 as it's a Reebok. They had them on sale ahead of the Nike swithch.
  4. wait and see, no one "overwhelming"
  5. He can be that fullback we REALLY need
  6. Except no.20 Adrian Clayborn - He got a four year guarantee My link
  7. How the heck do they stay under the cap?
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