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  1. If the other winner from last years' Joe league doesn't respond today, I would allow @Valpo2004 back into the Elite league. That would create an opening in the Joe league for anyone wanting to join in.
  2. I know we went through this last year, but just wanted to chime in again. Please follow the ranking at the bottom of the Elite league and top of the Joe League to determine the members.
  3. I had a dream last night that Rivers went deep to Pittman early and often in the first game because the defense was stacking the box, and Pittman had 2 TDs before the end of the 1st quarter.
  4. I don't think Boehm is an upgrade, and while I'd take Haeg over Clark, for the age-vs-cost of Haeg and Winters, I'd rather see what Patterson and Pinter can do while on their rookie contracts. We trust Ballards' drafting, right? I'd rather give his picks a chance while they're on a cheap rookie contract, including Turay and Banogu. I wouldn't be opposed to signing Clowney, but I don't think he's necessarily the "missing piece" either.
  5. That's what I mean, though. We have the money to sign any FA OLineman, possibly a few, maybe Clowney on top of that if his price drops. And while Clowney would be an exciting signing, he might be a hindrance to both our locker room and the development of guys like Turay and Banogu. What OLinemen would you sign to "fix" our depth? Remember we're getting Patterson back, drafted Pinter, and still have Clark. That's 3 backups for the 5 starters. Who do you think would sign with us to be a backup? I have a feeling most of the remaining FA OLinemen are wanting starter mo
  6. That's what I was thinking. If Ballard has drafted as well as I think he has, we'll have multiple "breakout" players over the next few years. I mean, just look at his history: we had two "breakout" players in Nelson and Leonard in their first year. And "breakout" might be the understatement of the year describing those two! But even going back to his first draft, Hooker was on pace for a "breakout" year his rookie year before he got injured. And you could say Mack was a "breakout" player by his second year. Same with Braden Smith. As long as Ballard ke
  7. @CR91 Brissett matters FOR NOW because we aren't out of the playoffs yet. He's an insurance policy on Rivers, that's it. It's not like you would be unhappy to watch Brissett pull a Foles and get us a after Rivers got us to the playoffs but got injured in week 15. @Jared Cisneros we can disagree about this, but Brissett has earned the money he's being paid this year (Luck did too IMO, but that's a different topic), and it doesn't affect the Colts negatively in any way. We could still go out and get the most expensive FA on the market THIS YEAR if we wanted to (or even a handful
  8. How about every player not named Leonard or Nelson? Everyone in the football world knows those two (and Rivers and Buckner since they're the big FA acquisitions), but if this team reaches its ceiling this year (I'm talking ), then every player not named Leonard, Nelson, Rivers, or Buckner will suddenly be getting praised for their contributions to a successful season. I mean, how are we even defining "breakout player"? There could be multiple. So many young players on this team. Weren't we the 2nd-youngest team in the league last year (including Vinny on the team)?
  9. https://www.nfl.com/videos/game-theory-ranking-all-32-teams-by-defensive-line-strength Not surprising we're middle-of-the-pack. I was surprised at where some of the other teams ranked, like the Chargers at 13 (thought they'd be higher with Bosa and Ingram), Rams at 12 (thought Donald would put them in the top 10), and the Bills at 7 (I guess they're just solid across the line?).
  10. Which NFL records will never be broken? https://www.nfl.com/news/unbreakable-nfl-records According to these NFL writers: Emmitt Smith career rushing yds (18,355) Paul Krause career interceptions (81) Tom Brady SB rings (6) Brett Favre interceptions thrown (336)
  11. It all depends on how the opponents play us on defense. Rivers is a savvy vet. If they come out with an 8-man box, he will audible to a pass and attack downfield. But if he sees two deep safeties, he'll go with the run play. We're not gonna throw the ball just because we want to. I think you're overthinking all of this gunslinger-mentality, Reich-style offense, HC-QB relationship stuff. It's about winning the game by taking what the defense gives you, whether you run the damn ball and play defense like we did against the Chiefs last year, or throw all over the yard
  12. @Imgrandojji I think you’re making a lot of assumptions about Rivers and Reich when I’m assuming you know neither of them personally. Nor what was going on behind the scenes between coaches and QBs in the past or what will in the future. And some of Rivers most successful teams were early in his career when he was playing Marty-ball handing it to LT and relying on a great defense. Not being a gunslinger.
  13. I’m gonna have to disagree. I think Rivers is at a point in his career where he just wants to win. I don’t think he’s gonna be throwing any tantrums about stats. He’s already got stats that put him in the HoF discussion, the only thing missing on his resume is a . No way he demands a trade, Indy is probably the best situation he could have asked for, and his best chance at a SB. Just run the ball, play defense, and get the dub.
  14. NFL Network analytics expert Cynthia Freuland ranks the Colts the best OLine in the NFL. https://www.nfl.com/videos/game-theory-ranking-all-32-teams-by-offensive-line-strength She also ranked our RB room #3. Rivers may not even have to throw the ball this year. He can just hand it off to Mack or Taylor, maybe throw a little screen to Hines, and then stand there and watch like the rest of us!
  15. That was awesome. I completely forgot about most of those runs
  16. Sounds good to me. I should be available early on the 29th, so maybe like a noon draft? If it's the 30th, I probably wouldn't be available until after 6pm.
  17. See, those are cherry-picked stats. You ask 100 people what makes Rice the GOAT, and you're the only one that would use those particular stats. The other 99 are using his career stats, playoff stats, SB stats, etc. Like I've said, this is all just your opinion. I can use career stats to support my opinion because (in my opinion) "your greatest ability is your availability", so the longer the career, the better. I agree about Rice, I disagree about Brown, Gonzalez, and I disagree about Tucker.
  18. I'm saying he is using certain kinds of stats to prove his opinion "right", when those same certain stats are going to prove him "wrong" in other cases. But regardless it still just boils down to being his opinion, which is neither right or wrong, it's just his opinion. Case in point: he says Jerry Rice is the GOAT. If he's going to use stats (facts as he calls them) to support that, then were talking about career records like receptions, yds, TDs, playoff and SB records, etc. IE CAREER records. Those same sort of CAREER records and stats support Vinny as the GOAT, I
  19. That was kinda my original point... your opinion, my opinion, "expert" opinion, doesn't matter, it's all just opinion, neither right or wrong, just opinion.
  20. The following from ESPN (from 2 days ago) seems to be the general sentiment regarding Tucker: "While Tucker would be the overwhelming choice as the best kicker in football, the Hall has elected just two full-time kickers in its history. Adam Vinatieri will eventually join Jan Stenerud and Morten Andersen, but those guys averaged 22 seasons in the league. Tucker is only nine years in, and while he can kick for a long time if he stays healthy, asking anyone in the NFL to do anything for 13 more seasons is risky." https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29589146/projecting-fut
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