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  1. Is the Colts defense legit? I can't tell yet. Statistics: Yds - a) Colts are #1 Defense in yds/gm (225), by a decent margin (PIT-290). b) Colts are #1 Defense in pass yds/gm (396), and it's not even close. 2nd is Balt (421) by 25 yds... BEFORE they've even played their 3rd game... so after Balt plays tonight, 2nd place should be 49ers, who have allowed 160+ more passing yds than the Colts. Pts - a) Colts will be #1 scoring defense after 3 weeks if the Chiefs put up 28+ on Balt tonight. b) Colts are #1 in
  2. Agreed. He also seemed like he moved around the pocket much better today. Zip. Accuracy. On time. No sacks. No interceptions. No turnovers, period. Made the right calls at the LOS. Dumped/Went Deep as needed. Mistake-free football. And don't forget the nice rainbow he threw to TY last week (that TY dropped ). Rivers can still rip it. Hopefully, we don't really need him to until January/February. Right @Grigson's Gaffes?
  3. I understand. You're allowed to do that, and I'm allowed to point out when your overreactions are unreasonable, and then vent my frustrations about it. You don't need to get so defensive and start calling fans "naive" or "stupid" because they don't feel as upset as you do after a loss, or as happy and optimistic after a win.
  4. No, I just prefer reasonable discussions to unreasonable ones. "The OLine needs to protect Rivers better so he isn't making bad throws off his back foot" or "The D need to play more man-press because this soft off-zone isn't working" are reasonable discussions. "Fire Reich/Ballard" or "Convince me to keep watching" are not reasonable discussions.
  5. I understand when fans are negative when there's something to be negative about, like last week. That was a sloppy game. There was some very normal reaction to it in this forum afterward. Or optimism after a win like yesterday. That's a normal reaction. What I don't understand is the OVERreaction. The "hot seat" threads, the "Fire Reich" threads, and the "convince me to keep watching" threads after a loss... or the "Ballard is a genius" or "Super Bowl?" threads after a win.
  6. I didn't say you jumped onto another teams bandwagon, I'm saying you jump off the Colts bandwagon. Which is what you'll do if we lose to the Jets. And then you'll hop back on the Colts bandwagon if the Colts beat a 3-0 Bears team, and then off if we lose to the Browns, and then on, and then off... Like last week when you made a thread wanting us to "convince you to keep watching" as if the wheels had completely fallen off the Colts bandwagon. Yet here you are all optimistic after a dominant win... Your up-and-down back-and-forth posts make Colts fans look
  7. I'm criticizing the overreactions. If, God forbid, we lose a close game to the Jets, how bad will your overreactions be? Will you jump the bandwagon again to grab your torch and pitchfork and start calling for heads to roll? Again?
  8. Less than a week ago, you both were saying the Jags were the worst team in the league (as a reason to fire Reich, no less). Now it's the Jets.
  9. I think you're going to change your argument each week to fit your narrative. Because for some illogical reason, you have chosen the "JT Unimpressive" hill to make your stand. Last week, it was an "unimpressive" stat-line at 22 yds on 9 carries (you kept beating that drum over and over and over), and being "unimpressive" between the tackles. This week, his stat-line is much better at 100+ yds and 1 TD on 26 carries (even though you're still nitpicking his sub 4.0 avg). So "leaving yds on the field" is your main gripe now because he ran well between the tackles (dude w
  10. And you’re back to overreacting again... I thought you were gonna step away for a while to calm down?
  11. Jesus, how many of these posts have you made in the last 24 hours?!? Every time I open a thread, you’ve added another one of these garbage posts...
  12. If it gives the pass rush an extra half-second to get to the QB, even better. Need more disruption from the DLine. We're not going to have the usual home-field advantage when our D is on the field Sunday.
  13. How are they the worst team in the league? According to the standings their one of the 16 best teams. They have talented young players on both sides of the ball. They had a solid gameplan, and played mistake-free football to get a win today. Are you basing it on "talent"? Because the Browns are supposed to be one of the most talented teams in the league and they got absolutely spanked by the Ravens. Should the Browns coach be fired immediately?
  14. Me too. I figured there might be a transition period since he's used to playing man. Heck, the game today might convince Eberflus to play some more man, which Rhodes might be more natural at. We'll see.
  15. Wrong thread? Tryin to move on to Minnesota.
  16. Thank you. Are you a Jags fan? If so, how bad do threads like this make Colts fans look? I think threads like this give Colts fans a bad rep. It's week 1 and we have fans contemplating not even watching the rest of the season or thinking Ballard and Reich should be on the "hot seat"... smh
  17. I hate it when I have a player in one league, and my opponent in a different league has the same player. I am hoping for a good game from Zeke tonight, but I'm also not...
  18. Give the Jags more credit. They're a young team, but they have some talented young players on both sides of the ball. A decent gameplan and virtually mistake-free football won them the game today. You gotta give credit where credit is due.
  19. Dude, it's the NFL. What did you expect? The best coach in the NFL barely beat the Dolphins 21-11, and his team is as talented as the Colts, if not more. The Eagles lost to the Whatchamacallems in Washington. The Panthers put up 30 on the Raiders. The Chargers beat the Bengals. Brady pooped the bed. It's the NFL. Every week a team that's less talented gets a win, and every week a great coach gets out-coached. It is what it is. It's not worth getting this upset over and making threads like this...
  20. Hopefully he has a good game against the Vikes. It sounds like their CBs might be vulnerable, so we'll see what happens.
  21. He wasn't great, but he wasn't awful. He, and the defense as a whole, definitely need to play better against the Vikes, or Cousins is going to carve us up.
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