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  1. Like all of it except Flowers. Would rather get Eddie Goldman
  2. Rather have Josh Robinson than Payne but good mock
  3. Week 6 and 13 are the only ones I'm worried about
  4. Fleener looks like a hippie with that hair.
  5. Mariota will be better than Winston Petty will statistically be better than most of the QBs from the draft Beasley and Fowler will be the best edge rushers Gurley, Gordon, and Coleman will be the top 3 rookie backs. David Cobb will be the sleeper of HBs. Goldman and Williams will be best DT. Cooper, White, Beckham, and Parker will be the top 4 WRs
  6. Traded down because I don't see Eddie Goldman or Marcus Peters dropping to us.
  7. Colts Mock R1P29: Trade back with the Jacksonville Jaguars, receiving R2P35, R4P99 R2P35: Tevin Coleman RB Indiana Fearless runner, can quickly change gaps and disrupt linebackers, squares his body, is always ready to hit the nitro, tough run finisher, stiff arm and trucking can be relentless. Isn't afraid to block pass rushers, and can catch out of the backfield. Acceleration is incredible. Needs to improve patience and tempo. Hands can improve. Pad level can be a little high at times. R2P61: Davis is a disruptive force in the run and pass game, just what we need. Anthony has the bui
  8. I'd love Goldman, Smith, Cobb, and any of those O-linemen would help out. Nice mock!
  9. 95% will probably be resigned but in my personal opinion, Dez Bryant, Trent Williams, and Muhammed Wilkerson
  10. If Marcus Peters and Kevin Johnson were both there in the first, I'd prefer Peters, but a good defensive draft anyways
  11. Most likely a cornerback/outside linebacker, someone like, Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Josh Shaw, or Hau'oli Kikaha(if he survives that long, don't see it happening though)
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