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  1. Dez Bryant Dontrelle Inman Rishard Matthews Danny Amendola Jeremy Maclin Le'Veon Bell** any of them please
  2. They're searching for trade partners, and if they don't find one they're releasing him..
  3. Gordon is subject to waivers. The Giants are the only team in front of the Colts, so there's a high chance he'll be here if Ballard wants him
  4. If it's not a failed test or a suspension, Ballard better be ringing
  5. We have cap space to spend, +we have to spend $ anyways
  6. There's a certain Malik Hooker in centerfield for Green
  7. Ballard can't fix an entire roster that's been plagued with bad talent, washed up players, and failed draftees in 2 years He's done excellent so far
  8. He has flopped big time in Baltimore No thanks
  9. The Browns are going to be good soon, I really doubt they lose 10 in a row
  10. "Too many miles" comment is ridiculous
  11. Jordan Wilkins is RB1 material
  12. He's going to be 27 next year, that's not old. He hasn't slowed down at all so I'm not really sure where the "too many miles on him" is coming from. He's an elite talent and if Ballard wants him, he'll get him
  13. Dare I say, make a call to Dez? The Eric Ebron signing is looking quite nice right now
  14. Bell coming here depends on two things: 1. How much money he wants and 2. If our RBs are any good this year He's an elite talent both in the rushing and passing game and he has years left. If our RBs sputter and Le'Veon is asking for the moon I wouldn't mind bringing him here. He's fed up with Pittsburgh
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