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  1. 1 hour ago, OhioColt said:

    In all seriousness I kind of like this idea.  Colts trade away one of the NFL's current top centers with Kelly and replace him with another stud coming out of Alabama, a much younger version.  Obviously a risk here with Dickerson and his late season injury so why am doubling down on drafting another center for a short-term stop gap but also feel Pinter can step in right away as needed.  Other key factor is as others have pointed out going low cost draftee to fill our void at LT.  Now the Colts if they could pull this trade off might even be able to consider trading up again with say the Jets and take a QB.  Honestly still have reservations about Wentz and if he is the true long-term answer the Colts are searching for.  If not groom the young QB under Wentz for a year and cut Wentz free.


    The Colts do have a lot of pending FAs to make decisions about.  With the trade scenario the Colts still have ~$9-10 million in cap space left over.  The only thing with that in mind is changing being honest and losing our 2nd draft pick and having an additional 5th round back and select a depth WR since wouldn't be getting a good WR early in Round 2.  Round 6 much rather with the extra projected cap savings on hand sign Texans LT Roderick Johnson.  At least he has experience in this Division then target LCB Tay Gowan (UCF) whom opted out this past season but is considered a sleeper this draft.


    When your done being narrow-minded look the rest over and be honest see if this is doable and fills our major voids.  

    You're not getting #5 with Ryan Kelly and a 5th, this isn't Madden, you're living in a fantasy land

    Let alone the Bengals would never do this trade considering they have their choice at every non QB blue chip prospect 


    We might aswell offer Eason and a 4th for the #1 pick..

    And to top it off "Charles Darrisaw" doesn't exist in this class, not gonna pay much attention to a half baked post..



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  2. Draft season is here, this is my 3rd positional report.

    I'm going to be doing detailed positional scouting reports on certain players I pick and posting them here.


    CBs, WRs, and QBs are done, DEs, OLBs, DTs, and OTs are in the works.

    All of these are my personal opinions on the player from the games I watched of them, always up for feedback, questions, debate, and more!


    Contains 12 WRs and 3 TEs

    Chase is WR1 although Bateman is my personal favorite in the class




    Ja’Marr Chase WR LSU


    One of the most complete receiver prospects to ever declare

    Will fit all NFL schemes

    A true #1 WR

    Dynamic in the redzone and on third down

    Elite speed, burst, and quickness

    LOS release is fantastic

    Defense stretcher

    Defenses game plan around him

    RAC is fantastic

    Great route runner

    As elusive as a runningback in the open field

    High pointing, tracking, and body adjustment is fantastic

    Has a CB and S watching him at all times

    Has beaten double teams plenty of times

    As durable as you want in a receiver

    Played against elite talent

    Absolutely dominant in 2019



    Sat out the 2020 season

    Could be taller


    Projection: Top 6



    Jaylen Waddle WR Alabama


    Elite speed in all areas
    Great athlete

    Explosive deep threat, can score on any touch

    Release at the LOS is twitchy and quick

    Open field vision and elusiveness is great

    Sells double moves with his hips

    Excels at creating separation whether with his speed or deception with shoulder/eye fakes

    Great returner

    Huge upside

    Played against elite competition 



    Played for Alabama

    Route running is raw

    Needs to be stronger

    Needs to catch with his hands more


    Only 5’10” and 180 lbs

    Durability concerns at the next level

    Small frame

    Broken ankle in 2020


    Projection: Top 12



    Devonta Smith WR Alabama


    Heisman finalist

    Experience at returner

    Wins at the LOS with great technique and a quick release

    Great body control and high point ability

    Explosive on his plants and cuts

    His hands are fantastic

    Will be a consistent RZ and 3D target in the NFL

    Beats double teams with ease

    Forces teams to gameplan for him, will often bring a safety over top to help the DB

    Good blocker

    Only had 6 drops on 300 targets

    Was dominant against elite competition

    Best route runner in the class

    Deep threat playmaker

    Has the ability to score whenever he touches the ball



    Plays for Alabama

    Only 175 lbs

    Small frame

    Durability questions at the next level

    Projection: Top 10



    Rashod Bateman WR Minnesota


    Masterclass route runner, only behind Smith in this class

    Durable, no injuries

    Willing and physical blocker

    Fluid in and out of his breaks, cuts, and plants

    Fantastic strong, hands, can catch any ball

    Finds weaknesses in zone coverage

    Will win 50/50 balls with ease

    Alpha mentality 

    Will consistently create separation with his routes

    Can play all over the field

    One of three All-Pro potential receivers in this class in my opinion

    Strong at the catch point

    Has a variety of releases at the LOS

    Confidence in the middle of the defense
    One of the most physical receivers in the class


    Good speed, if he runs a good 40, his stock should be even higher



    Creates contact

    Pushes off DBs too much

    Doesn’t have burner speed

    Not an explosive athlete, doesn’t have elite burst/quickness

    Has struggles against press coverage

    Can get knocked off his route by a defender


    Projection: Top 20



    Rondale Moore WR Purdue


    Dangerous with the ball in his hands

    Explosive YAC receiver, is at his best with the ball in his hands

    Slippery and twitchy in the open field

    Great quickness and agility

    Stop and go fiend

    Can embarrass DBs with his routes, he’s great and cutting and planting his feet to change direction

    Good strength

    Great speed

    LOS release is great, uses jab steps and technique to beat bigger and stronger players

    Experienced returner



    Most of his yards are after the catch

    Has had brick hands, too many drops

    Will be limited to the slot in the NFL

    Only 5’9” and 180 lbs

    Small frame

    Has played 7 games in the last 2 years, 3 in 2020, 4 in 2019

    Injury history in every college season he’s played in


    Projection: 2nd Round


    Terrace Marshall WR LSU


    Has great speed

    Tracks the ball and uses his height to highpoint and win jump balls

    Excellent body control

    Good RAC potential

    Shifty in the open field

    Physical player

    Raw talent and big upside



    Struggled with press coverage

    Struggled with LOS release

    Poor acceleration 

    Raw route runner

    Has all the abilities, just doesn’t use them at a consistent level

    Takes his eye off the ball too often

    Short area burst and quickness is sluggish

    Run blocking needs work


    Projection: Early 2nd



    Amon-Ra St Brown WR USC


    Productive in his 3 years

    Catches with his hands

    Excellent in contested catches

    Has big play ability downfield

    Alpha mentality 

    Great quickness and burst

    Has experience in the slot and the outside

    Returner experience
    Great body control



    Needs to be a better blocker

    Smaller frame

    Play strength needs to be stronger

    Can be a more physical player

    Will be a #2 at best in the NFL

    Had his drops

    Speed is average


    Projection: 2nd Round


    Kadarius Toney WR Florida


    Has played QB, RB, and WR in his career


    Explosive playmaker

    Great with the balls in his hands, threat to score when he touches the ball

    Big play speed

    Has great footwork

    Good knowledge of the route tree in the slot

    Vertical field stretcher

    Has experience as a returner

    Great quickness, burst, and agility

    Has the elusive traits of a runningback

    Catches with his hands and not his body

    Played against great competition

    Willing blocker



    Essentially one true year of experience in 2020

    Played with Kyle Pitts, was the #2 in Florida’s offense

    Durability as the next level, has a small frame

    Projection: Late 1st-Early 2nd


    Sage Surratt WR Wake Forest


    Stands 6’2”

    Strong, physical player

    Red zone threat

    Wins a ton of 50/50 balls

    Usage of hand fighting is great

    Ball tracking is great

    Hands at the catch point are strong

    Contested catch monster

    Smart player, high football IQ

    Good knowledge of the route tree

    Will find soft spots against zone coverage

    Has the potential to be a very good blocker due to his size and strength



    Average athlete

    Doesn’t have top end speed

    Lacks short area quickness and burst

    Slow at accelerating to his max speed

    Will struggle against man and press at the next level

    Blocking needs improvement

    Projection: 4th Round



    Tylan Wallace WR Oklahoma State


    Played against good competition

    Has a surplus of releases at the LOS

    Great footwork

    Willing blocker

    Has a high awareness to find soft spots in the field against zone coverage

    Great ball tracker and excellent body control

    Will hand fight through routes

    As physical as you can be at 5’11”

    Has consistent, strong hands

    2020 First-Team All-Big 12

    Biletnikoff Finalist 



    Average speed

    Struggles against press coverage

    Limited route tree in college

    Rarely played on the left side of the field

    Hand technique against DBs needs improvement

    More of a possession receiver than a big RAC guy

    Knee injuries in 2019 and 2020


    Projection: 3rd Round


    Dyami Brown WR North Carolina


    Good athlete

    Has quick feet

    Good release at the LOS

    A plus route runner

    Vertical threat

    Good speed, won’t be a burner

    Great techniques to create separation, shoulder and torso movement open DBs hips

    Strong hands

    Solid blocker

    Excellent at adjusting to bad throws



    Doesn’t have the long speed

    Had drops in college

    Simple route tree

    Can add more to his release, can get predictable

    Play strength needs improvement


    3rd-4th Round


    Dazz Newsome WR North Carolina


    Great release at the LOS

    Hand technique against DBs is very good

    Can create separation with speed and deception

    Extensive knowledge of the route tree in the slot

    Is great with the ball in his hand, big RAC potential

    Deep threat option

    Willing blocker

    Can return punts



    Struggles against press

    Hasn’t ran a ton of the routes outside of the slot

    Smaller receiver

    Will struggle against bigger, more physical NFL DBs

    Play strength is weak

    Might be limited to the slot

    Projection: 4th Round



    Kyle Pitts TE Florida


    Stands 6’6” 

    Elite athlete

    He’s only 20

    Willing blocker

    Versatile mismatch, will line up anywhere on the field

    Great route runner for his size

    Has wide receiver speed at tight end

    Athletic enough to play WR

    Great change of direction, burst, and lateral ability

    Great at the LOS

    Will win with his hands

    Red zone threat, caught 31 of 31 passes in the RZ

    Catches with his hands and not his body

    Will high point the ball, catch radius is huge

    Body control is great

    Great teammate

    Hard working



    Inconsistency when it comes to blocking

    Play strength is weak at times


    Projection: Top 12



    Pat Freiermuth TE Penn State


    Stands 6’5”

    Plus route runner

    Quick short area burst

    Red zone threat

    Fantastic receiver

    Versatility lining up across the field

    Strong player, willing to lower his shoulder

    High football IQ

    High ceiling as a blocker

    Will deceive DB’s eyes



    Not a burner, lacks speed

    Average athlete

    Release off the LOS is slow

    Struggles versus press coverage

    Needs more explosion at the next level

    Average blocker

    Season ending shoulder surgery in 2020


    Projection: Late 2nd Round



    Tre McKitty TE Georgia


    Stands 6’5”

    Explosive at the LOS

    RAC potential is huge

    Good receiver

    Has the speed and quickness

    Willing blocker



    Route running needs improvement 

    Knee injuries

    Never put all of his talent together in college

    Blocking needs improvement 

    Will struggle against NFL defensive linemen


    Projection: 4th Round


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  3. Edition 2 is now out.

    I'm going to be doing detailed positional scouting reports on certain players I pick and posting them here.

    CBs and QBs are done, WRs, DEs, OLBs, DTs, and OTs are in the works.

    All of these are my personal opinions on the player from the games I watched of them, always up for feedback, questions, and debate


    I picked the 6 QBs starter worthy QBs in the draft

    I fully expected one of them to be a Colt but with the Wentz trade it looks like that won't be the case.

    Lawrence is obvious QB1, Wilson QB2.




    Trevor Lawrence QB Clemson


    Stands 6’6”

    Hand size is 10”

    One of the best QB prospects in the last 30 years

    Will be the face of a franchise, he’s proven he can be the face of a team

    Won't crack at expectations, has being experience being under pressure by national media

    All he did was play against top tier competition and win

    41-0 in High School, 34-2 in college

    Humble, hard working, and still has upside

    He will fit in any pro offense

    Fantastic arm, he can throw on any platform

    Timing, touch, precision, accuracy is all there

    Throws a fastball in tight windows if he needs to

    Has rare deep ball accuracy

    Outstanding in the pocket

    Doesn’t crumble when his first read is covered

    Works through his progressions quickly

    Excellent internal system and his mechanics are incredible

    Great decision maker, doesn’t turn the ball over

    Will hurt NFL defenses with his legs, can be a dangerous runner

    Has every trait you want, and they’re all at such a high level already



    Can stick on his first read for too long at times

    His feet don’t always follow his eyes
    Ball placement to maximize yards can improve


    Any negatives with Lawrence are essentially nit-picky and are minor issues that can get fixed quickly

    He's as close to a perfect prospect as you can get


    Projection: 1st Overall



    Justin Fields QB Ohio State

    Stands 6’3” and has a great skill set

    Good arm strength, will make all the throws needed at the next level

    Throws a pretty deep ball

    Elite mobility, dangerous runner, will hurt you in the open field

    Avoids turnovers

    Can throw off platform and on the run

    Accurate passer, leads his receivers open and throws with good touch and precision, can fire it into tight windows

    He’s tough as hell and he showcased it against Clemson



    Pass rush can rattle him

    Footwork needs improvement

    Pocket awareness and blitz recognition needs to be improved

    Often freezes when blitzers are coming

    Needs to be able to pass with pressure in his face

    Slow processor, progressions need to be better

    Field vision can improve

    Needs to use his checkdown more

    Projection: Top 5



    Zach Wilson QB BYU


    Stands 6’3”

    Broke out in 2020

    Cannon of an arm, there’s not a throw he can’t make

    Accurate passer, he won’t miss open receivers

    Deep ball accuracy and placement is fantastic

    Big throws off platform

    Can throw fastballs into tight windows

    Moves through his progressions

    Stands tall in the pocket

    Timing and anticipation is elite

    Great athlete, dangerous runner, definitive dual threat QB

    Avoids hits as best he can 

    Competitor mindset and he brings energy to his team



    Struggled early in his career

    Needs to add weight, he’s only 209

    Accuracy and mechanics drop off when under pressure

    Didn’t play against elite competition

    One-year wonder

    Threw many passes that got his receiver popped by a defensive player, had atleast 12+ passes that resulted in his receivers getting battered

    Collapsed and became uncharacteristic against Coastal after repeated pressure and a few cheap shots

    Needs to be faster through his progressions

    Torn labrum in his throwing shoulder


    Projection: Top 8



    Trey Lance QB NDSU


    Stands 6’4”

    Deep ball precision

    Stays calm in the pocket when pressure comes, keeps eyes downfield

    Can throw off platform

    Immense upside
    Great leader and football IQ

    Comfortable outside the pocket and on the run

    Definitive dual threat QB

    Good improviser

    Strong, physical, good speed/burst, and running vision

    One interception in 318 attempts 

    Doesn’t force throws

    Progresses through his reads quickly

    Great arm talent, has a cannon and throws with good velocity and touch

    Took snaps under center and ran play action at NDSU

    Only 20 years old



    Played at North Dakota State

    He’s still a raw talent, might not be the starter Week 1

    One year of play

    One game in 2020

    Mechanics need work, they’re not pretty

    Sluggish footwork

    Relies on his athleticism too much

    Played against weak competition, was often the best player on the field

    Offense at NDSU was streamlined to heavily favor him


    Projection: Top 12




    Mac Jones QB Alabama


    Stands 6'3" and hand size is at 9.75”

    Great pocket passer, accurate

    Calm, poised, and confident

    Great character and a hard worker

    Throws with great touch, anticipation, and placement, allows his receivers to RAC

    Has good football IQ

    Stands tall and goes through his progressions, he has a great processor

    Can throw into tight windows

    Quick release

    Handles pressure well

    Has good mechanics

    Fantastic production in his one season

    Hand size is at 9.75”

    Ran a pro-style offense and has reps under center, in shotgun, in pistol sets

    Played against elite talent

    Team Captain and National Champion

    Only lost one game as a starter, 16-1



    Average athlete, low mobility if any at all

    Arm strength is average, tends to max at around 50 yards

    Strictly limited to being a pure pocket passer

    One year as a starter

    Played for Alabama

    Surrounded by elite talent at every position


    Projection: Top 25



    Kyle Trask QB Florida


    Stands 6’4” and 250

    Accurate thrower, has touch on all his passes

    Throws his receivers open

    Can make throws under pressure

    Will go through all of his progressions if he needs to

    Productive against the SEC

    Detailed when it comes to play action, play fakes, and bootlegs, loves the little things

    Good ball security

    Fantastic teammate and leader

    Tough player



    Arm strength is average

    3 first quarter interceptions in the Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma in a blowout loss

    Throws the ball late

    Forces throws in the middle of the field

    Has only played games in warm weather

    Poor decision making

    Invites pressure, makes it harder on his OTs


    Projection: 2nd-Early 3rd

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  4. 3 hours ago, Chucklez said:

    Lol @ the idea of a 2:01 second video being "proof" that someone is bad.

    Lol @ the idea of a 2:00 second video being "proof" someone is good 


    You can apply it both ways

  5. 15 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    I guess that's the difference of mindsets between a pessimist and a optimist. :dunno:

    You can call me a pessimist all you want it doesn't change the fact that I've thrown nothing but stats and video proof at you

  6. 2 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    You also don't disregard his talent by being on a team that couldn't keep him upright either. 

    Which is not entirely his OL's fault

    He takes the 8th most sacks on the 16th most pressures in the league


    If anyone can fix him I suppose it's Frank but I'm not gonna act like we're getting the best version of Wentz

  7. 44 minutes ago, gnet550 said:

    Some of these are throw always too because of pressure. Some are throwing them to where only the WR has a chance, low risk- big reward....I can make a low light video like this and make Brady look bad. The reality is somewhere in between the highlights and this low light video is where the truth lies. We should surely all know that.

    It's not a "low light video" if that was the majority of 2020


    You don't just brush off his last season because he was an MVP candidate years before

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  8. 1 hour ago, Hark said:

    @tvturner much respect. I appreciate anybody that does this level of work on their own. Do you think Wade projects better as a S at the next level? If you evaluated him as such, would it change your opinion?

    I definitely think Wade's only chance at being a Top 100 pick is converting to Safety


    He's shown he can't be an outside corner and his upside is much higher at S than CB


    It might change a little if I were to evaluate him as pure safety but he hasn't said that's what he wants to do yet

  9. Just now, krunk said:

    He didnt bc its conditional. Do you understand what that means? It only happens if the dude plays well and he stays on the field. Two significant IFs. If he doesnt then the 2022 thing never happens.

    Yes I understand what conditional means

    There's a low chance he gets hurt with our OL


    And our roster is good enough to make the playoffs in spite of him

  10. Draft season is upon us and it is my favorite season!

    I'm going to be doing detailed positional scouting reports on certain players I pick and posting them here.

    CBs and QBs are done, WRs, DEs, OLBs, DTs, and OTs are in the works.

    All of these are my personal opinions on the player from the games I watched of them, always up for feedback, questions, debate, and more!


    There's 9 players in this, 7 true corners and 2 hybrid corner/safety players. For Scheme Fit, some players fit better on defenses that use their abilities more than we would. It's not meant to be a knock on them or a sign that I wouldn't draft them. 

    Caleb Farley is my CB1 in this class.




    Greg Newsome II CB Northwestern 


    Good size at 6’1”

    Physical corner, can play press man and off man

    He won’t be locked on one side of the field, has versatility on each sideline

    Fantastic in zone coverage

    Good closing speed, fluid hips, understands the route tree



    Can get touchy before the ball gets to the receiver

    Only 18 college games

    Missed atleast one game with an injury in every season he’s played

    Needs to be a better run defender

    Often falls into the trail position catching up to receivers

    Speed can be better

    Block shedding and jamming at the line needs to improve


    Projection: 2nd Round

    Scheme Fit: 10/10




    Jaycee Horn CB South Carolina


    Has the ability to be an elite run defender in the NFL but needs to be a more willing tackler


    Stands 6’1”

    Great athlete with short burst and quick speed

    Best in zone/press coverage

    Great mental instincts, follows eyes of the QB

    Will follow a team’s #1 

    Played in the slot, at LCB and RCB

    Footwork and hips are fluent



    Aggressive player, needs to tone down the hands or will get penalized a lot in the NFL

    Can rely too much on his athleticism at times

    Tries to go for the big play and jump routes which lead to big yardage for the O

    Struggles in off man coverage


    Projection: Top 20

    Scheme Fit: 9/10




    Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama

    Most polished out of the class

    Stands 6’2”

    NFL background, father played

    Fantastic in press coverage

    Best in a press-man scheme with occasional zone coverages mixed in

    Teams tended to stay away from him

    Plays physical and tackles well

    Can play both LCB and RCB

    At his best during the catch point, plays hands well and forces incompletions



    Struggled against top tier NFL playmakers in Kyle Pitts and Trevon Grimes

    Long speed is a question, a 40 time can ease concerns

    Needs to play the ball better

    Lacks elite short area quickness

    Inconsistent tackler


    Projection: Top 10

    Scheme Fit: 8/10






    Paulson Adebo CB Stanford


    Stands 6’1” 

    Has enough versatility to fit in any scheme
    Playmaker, has great ball skills, 8 INTs in 2 seasons

    Best in off man or as a boundary corner in zone coverage

    Has the speed to keep up with any receiver, long speed is average

    Tracks the ball well, has long arms to disrupt receivers

    Good in run support/as well as blitzing off the edge



    Cannot play in the slot

    Not an elite athlete

    Will get beat by better athletes in press man

    Short area burst isn’t good

    Can get flat footed

    Sat out the 2020 season and missed the final 3 of the 2019 season with an undisclosed injury


    Projection: 2nd-Early 4th Round

    Scheme Fit: 10/10




    Caleb Farley CB Virginia Tech


    Stands 6’2”

    Fantastic athlete

    Incredible closing speed and explosiveness

    Smooth footwork and fluid hips
    Will be a #1 CB

    A perfectionist at the position

    Resilient kid and has dealt with adversity through his entire career

    Top end speed to keep up with any receiver

    Big enough to get physical with big receivers and fast enough to keep up with speedsters

    At his best in press man, sticky and great at the line

    Great at disrupting QB-WR timing

    Has great hands and uses his body effectively at the catch point, was recruited as a WR

    A 50/50 ball at Farley is more like a 60/40 ball in favor of him



    Not very experienced in zone coverage

    Doesn’t have the spatial awareness to play zone at a consistent NFL level

    His athleticism makes up for it in college but won’t in the bigs
    Softens in the run game, gets taken out of too many plays when blocked

    Misses tackles more than he should

    Missed the 2017 season with an ACL tear

    Back surgery in 2019

    Opted out of the 2020 season

    Projection: Top 15

    Scheme Fit: 6/10




    Asante Samuel Jr CB FSU


    NFL background

    One of if not the top slot corner in the class

    Great athlete, plays fast and has good lateral movement

    Sticky in man coverage and plays well at the LOS

    Great burst, can change direction very quickly, and has fast feet

    Fluid hips, can flip and maintain speed

    Spatial awareness is on point, has a great read-react mindset

    High football IQ and he’s very instinctual 

    Has great range and covers ground well



    Undersized at 5’10” and 180 lbs

    Average strength 

    Scheme limited
    Targeted on jump balls often

    Limited experience in zone

    Will struggle against bigger and taller playmakers

    Misses too many tackles and needs to be a better run defender

    Can’t beat blocks from bigger receivers


    Projection: 2nd-Early 3rd Round

    Scheme Fit: 6/10




    Shaun Wade iCB/S Ohio State


    Stands 6’1” and has good length/frame

    Great timing as a blitzer

    Can play ST well

    Plays with good awareness

    Can play deep middle in scheme, projects as a slot/safety hybrid in the NFL

    Works best in zone, allowing the play to expand in front of him

    Good open field tackler

    2019 Tape 

    Was good in man against slot receivers and TEs



    2020 Tape

    Receivers get free releases too much

    Choppy footwork

    Lacks top end speed

    Lacks awareness in the redzone

    Hips aren’t as fluid as they can be

    Got beat up by Powell and Smith during the CFB Playoffs

    Should not ever be playing on the boundaries in the NFL, got beat bad in 2020 on the outside

    X Receivers pummeled him

    Not disruptive at the catch point and dropped too many INTs

    Needs to play more physically 


    Projection: 3rd-4th Round

    Scheme Fit: 4/10




    Elijah Molden iCB Washington


    Probably the most versatile CB in the class as he an play S, slot and zone

    Fits best being an elite slot corner 

    NFL background

    High football IQ, his instincts are rare, great processor

    Reaction speed is great, hreat at closing in on shorter routes

    Fluid hips for most of the time, willing tackler, great ball skills, and is explosive

    Can freeze quarterbacks in zone coverage with his instincts

    His positioning, patience, and eye discipline can make him a plus in zone



    Size is his biggest issue, only 5’10” and 190 lbs, lacks frame

    His length will limit him versus bigger receivers

    Stiff hips when receivers get vertical

    Bad redzone run defender

    Doesn’t have elite play speed

    Projection: 2nd-3rd Round

    Scheme Fit: 9/10




    Jevon Holland S/CB Oregon

    Absurd ball production, 9 INTs and 10 pass defenses in his first two years

    A good willing tackler, 71 solo tackles in college

    High ceiling as a playmaker

    Jim Thorpe Award Semi-Finalist and a 2nd-Team All-Pac 12 Safety

    Versatility shows as he can stack the box, play the slot, and play in the third level

    Understands responsibilities against the run and sets the edge well

    Will get physical with TEs with jams at the line and doesn’t allow seam routes to be made open

    Often knocks receivers off their routes in zone



    Stiff hips and feet

    Lacks top-end speed

    Scheme specific

    Average slot player, can be better but his eye discipline wavers causing him to be a step or two behind

    Will get be beat by slot receivers in man coverage

    Has issues disengaging blockers

    Can be better at tackling in space

    Hard to predict where he’ll play in the NFL


    Projection: 2nd Round

    Scheme Fit: 6/10


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