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  1. 2020: Baltimore (2) Pittsburgh (3) Green Bay (13) Buffalo (16) 2014: Baltimore (6) Houston (7) Patriots (8) Dallas (15)
  2. "The window is closing" Buckner age 26 Leonard age 25 Blackmon age 22 Hines age 24 Moore age 25 Nelson age 24 Pittman Jr age 23 Smith age 24 Grover age 27 Willis age 24 Turay age 25 Okereke age 24 Taylor age 21
  3. 2020 (Rivers): 451 points scored, 42 points off of defensive TDs 2014 (Luck): 458 points scored, 12 points off of defensive TDs 2004 (Manning): 522 points scored, 24 points off of defensive TDs It's still a top 10 scoring offense in team history accounting for defensive TDs
  4. The Colts offense with Philip is the 3rd highest scoring offense in team history He had the 2nd best single-season completion% in team history behind Manning I wouldn't write him off
  5. He was 5-2 and he was also the reason we finished out the season 2-6... He's not better than Rivers, and you should probably accept that Philip proved you wrong
  6. Rivers appreciation post An incredibly entertaining year A phenomenal playoff performance Stabilizing the QB spot Proving just about everyone wrong 3rd highest scoring offense in Colts history Holding our breath on every deep ball I quite enjoyed the year of Rivers, and if it is to be his last, thank you, Philip!
  7. R2P34: Grant Delpit S LSU R2P44: Laviska Shenault WR Colorado R3P75: Cole Kmet TE Notre Dame R4P122: AJ Green CB Oklahoma State R5P160: Anthony Gordon QB Washington State R6P193: Derrek Tuszka DE North Dakota State R6P197: Calvin Throckmorton OL Oregon
  8. Ferrell, Allen, and Oliver are all projected 10 top picks...
  9. I wouldn't sleep on both Clemson DL Marquise Brown is just about TY Hilton 2.0 But I understand where you're coming from
  10. I agree with you on Flowers. Can never have enough CBs imo I brought back Pascal and Rogers to create depth at the WR spot and get some competition going I'm a big fan of Cain but he's unproven
  11. It's very early, I usually don't start until after the Super Bowl concludes, therefore I haven't done a lot of scouting yet but we can roll with it. Re-Signings: Mark Glowinski, 3 years, 18m Adam Vinatieri, 1 year 3m Margus Hunt 1 year, 4m Pierre Desir 2 years, 12m Mike Mitchell 1 year, 2m Najee Goode 1 year, 1m Dontrelle Inman 1 year, 3m Clayton Geathers 1 year, 3m Jihad Ward 1 year, 1m Luke Rhodes 1 year, 1m Chester Rogers 1 year, 2m Zach Pascal 1 year 2m Matthias Farley 1 year, 2m Free Agency: Tyr
  12. This is one of the stupidest takes I've ever seen on Bell and flat out shows you hate the dude for more reasons than he held out for more $ His "rap career" means literally nothing to any team "Spoiled brat" who wants to get paid and was only a "proven distraction" because the media hyped it up so much, he himself said he's not showing up and everyone made a big deal about playing the guessing game of if he'd show Bell and Gurley are the 2 RBs worth top tier $, so why would I have a problem with an elite RB who is also a very good WR wanting to get paid what
  13. This shows me you know literally nothing about the situation between Bell and the Steelers
  14. We tried And failed And the rungame was abandoned Bell helps the passing game aswell, not just the run game
  15. Dez Bryant Dontrelle Inman Rishard Matthews Danny Amendola Jeremy Maclin Le'Veon Bell** any of them please
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