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  1. No, we don't need a a TE But if there's a chance to get a project player in the 5th round that could maybe be a playmaker like Graham it's worth it, the Seahawks gave up a pro bowl center and a 1st RD.pick for him. You know low risk high reward. A player with his size that ran a 4.46 40! And some think he can be the steal of the draft. As far as maybe not being that good or wouldn't be there in the 4th or 5th? How many times have we heard Brady being drafted in the 6th!Lol. Maybe he will never convert successfully to a TE or even a decent receiver BUT the only thing you have to lose on him is
  2. Our TE's are ok BUT not elite like Gronk or Graham. If we can get someone in the 5th rd. as a project and maybe become a difference maker it's well worth it,it's NOT LIKE IT'S a 1st,2ND or 3rd RD pick lol! Sometimes it don't hurt to think outside of the box once in awhile. Of course we can always please the mass by picking some obscure fatty in the 5th and pray he will be the answer to stop Belichek from ramming the run down our throats again.
  3. Darren Waller is on the list! I would love for us to draft him and try him as a tight end. Maybe he cam become a Jimmy Graham II.
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