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  1. LJpalmbeacher

    2-7 When leading at half....

    We have Zero quality QB's at the moment. And that number may still be Zero come opening day in 2018 if Luck remains hurt AND if we don't draft one. Brissette is only a backup. One day he may progress to a average starting qb but has a long way to go for that. I prefer better as my starting qb.
  2. LJpalmbeacher

    2-7 When leading at half....

    Brissette wearing my all time fav # popped in my head at beginning of season.
  3. LJpalmbeacher

    Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    That's two BIG IF's, especially Geathers.
  4. LJpalmbeacher

    2-7 When leading at half....

    Curious, why Toub?
  5. LJpalmbeacher

    Twilight Zone

    Outer limits still too good. More like Creature Feature lol.
  6. Lol, why cant we hire him or some other superior strength & conditioning coach AND get a PROVEN HC? And if Toub is HC won't someone else be hired as S&C coach? His time will spent on being a HC not his former duties.
  7. LJpalmbeacher

    What if? (Edgerrin James 2001 injury)

    I doubt Edge tearing his knee up kept us from multiple Rings. Historically we can't beat the Steelers in playoff games AND the Pats find ways to Cheat their way to victory.
  8. LJpalmbeacher

    Broncos at Colts

    I'll watch of course. Living in south Florida I Don't get to see them much. If we lose it's okay, better chance of drafting a impact player.
  9. I agree with what your saying, it would be nice to add all the Blue Chip players we can. But what if Luck doesn't come back, or if he does and gets hurt again? A Blue Chip linebacker or whatever isn't as important as a highly talented QB. We've seen this season how woeful our offense is with a below average QB. But if Luck does come back & stay healthy we can possibly use our pick/or Luck for multiple blue chippers, just a year later starting in 2019.
  10. Which is why I think drafting a top QB is the safe, smart thing to do.
  11. I agree, if Darnold is available, I'd like to get him. Rosen looks like a good prospect too. Darnold could probably need a season to play at a expected high level. The QB position is the most important in sports. And the way football players go down like flies in today's NFL the backup position is very important too. IMO, Luck needs to show he's HEALTHY and STAY HEALTHY. If he can than Darnold or Rosen could be a valuable trade chip in 2019/2020. If not then we still would have a Franchise QB.
  12. LJpalmbeacher

    Indy - Buffalo Game

    You kind of have a crystal ball or something? you missed it by only 3 points.
  13. LJpalmbeacher

    Quincy Wilson played well

    Making a late surge for DROY. Lol
  14. LJpalmbeacher

    Stampede Blues article

    I don't know? Former dolphin HC's Tony Sparono & Cam Cameron were pretty bad themselves. Lol
  15. LJpalmbeacher

    Lucks current Injury: Caused by Indy

    Is it known who did the surgery? There was a thread that the surgeon is not known.