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  1. That has to be the single-most missed call in the entire NFL. I see it every week. (I'm referring to the no calls on offensive holding). I think the officiating has been awful this year. Every week, there are multiple missed calls, and most of them are obvious.
  2. I heard that whistle. You could even hear it in the replay, don't know what's so mysterious about that. We all know when the whistle's blown, the play's dead. Yeah, Denver should've gotten the ball, but rules are rules. Remember the same thing happening to the Chargers several years ago? (Which I'll admit- I thought was actually pretty funny, since it cost the Chargers the game).
  3. I agree. Our defense was horrendous tonight. I like to think the game would've been closer had Peyton been playing, but who knows?
  4. I do kinda agree with what you're saying, and I've thought about that, but of course he'll be back. He even stated in the press conference after he signed the 5 yr 90 million dollar deal that he'll never take a snap with another NFL team- He will retire a Colt. He has too much class to back out now. I just hope that when he comes back next year, we don't have the spend the season rebuilding from this season. That is, saying this season continues where it is right now..
  5. Of course Caldwell will still have his job, so goodbye I guess? I don't get why fans threaten to stop supporting their team, especially over something so stupid as hating the coach. heck, I know fans of teams who hate their QB, yet they still root for the team week in and week out... Because that's what a fan does.
  6. Ok, I literally thru the whole thing. Thanks for the laugh!
  7. Oh boy am I ready!!!! Gonna be so weird not seeing Peyton play (I may have to go back and watch my DVR'd games from the past couple seasons- just to get my Peyton fix, lol) but I'm anxious to see what Kerry can do. I think it will be a good game, and believe we can win. GO COLTS!!!!
  8. Not sure about all that, but I certainly hope so. However, I don't expect to see Peyton until after the bye week. At this point, I just hope we see him at SOME point this season.
  9. I know, right? Colts fans are acting as if we've got Curtis Painter as our QB. I'd get the negativity for that, but Kerry Collins is a good QB. He's got quite an arm. I have faith in him leading this time, but am really really really holding out hope that Peyton comes back in a few weeks. I just can't imagine him not playing an entire season. I guess we've been spoiled, the guy just doesn't not play.
  10. I got the same feeling. I've believed (and hoped) all along he'd be starting week 1, and I feel more confident about it now. I guess we'll know for sure in a couple weeks, but I do feel a bit better about it..
  11. I'm no expert, but I've been pregnant 3 times, and I was always under the impression a pregnancy is 9 months. Unless it's changed in the past 5 years since I last had a child? Doubt it tho.. ;) Anyways.. Congrats to Reggie!
  12. I don't see any issue with this, sounds good to me!
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