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  1. Armstead was productive in a contract year...garbage before, and mostly garbage since. His one strong stat last year was his sack total, but he proved to be a big liability against mobile QBs, because he often took gambles in trying to apply pressure, only to leave wide open running lanes. Teams exploited him. Buckner was much better at controlling the LOS and collapsing the pocket. In hindsight, they could have (and should have) kept Buckner. He's been consistently good since day one in the NFL...just took awhile for people to appreciate him.
  2. How often is it that a team goes out and acquires a defensive tackle, only to have that player make 1st team all pro? Buckner was a great signing. 49ers were dense to let Buckner go, and choose Armstead at a small discount.
  3. Well, if you don't understand the difference between fast and quick, and that the 40 measures quickness more than pure speed, I don't know how to help you. You're just misinformed. I have friends who ran D1 track and in multiple Olympics who were maybe 4.5 40 guys, but on the track were among the fastest runners in the world. They were fast, not necessarily quick. But they always beat the "quick" guys who got out of the blocks fast, but had lower top speed. That said, your entire argument is based on a straw man. I said he's as fast as the DBs on the field, which is fast enough for a RB that has skills. In fact, there are plenty of 4.5 40 guys who get long TD runs every year. Speed is not the issue, as much as you want to make it that. My point, which you ignored, is that speed without RB skills is fairly useless, Taiwan Jones being a prime example. Taiwan Jones crushed the competition in college, but he's done nothing in the NFL despite being measurably faster (and quicker) than Hines. Constantly referring to long runs Hines may have had in college doesn't bolster your argument any more. the talent at the NFL level is a huge jump...runs that might go for big yards in college get shut down in the pros. So, back at ya..terrible analysis friend.
  4. Fast? The 40 time is more about quick, not fast... . I don't think Hines is that fast. If you watch college highlights, he wasn't outrunning defenders in the way Jahvid Best, or CJ Spiller did. As fast as most DBs? I would agree with that. That said, being a RB is more than just speed. Look at what Taiwan Jones has done in his career. Spoiler alert: Nothing. He's far faster than Hines (and quicker) but just not much of a RB. Speed without shiftiness or the ability to read and use blocks really doesn't get a RB very far.
  5. The fallacy of picking up great backs in mid-rounds. The truth is that when a difference maker at RB comes along, he gets taken in the 1st round. When a difference maker is not available, mid to late round picks are used to pick up flawed RBs....that doesn't mean that those RBs cannot have an impact, but they have to overcome their flaws and the likelihood is that they don't pan out. Mack for example needs to stay healthy and learn to run between the tackles consistently. IN terms of using a high pick for a RB...my mantra is that the game is won in the trenches. A great offensive line makes an avg running game and passing game look better. A great defensive line makes the LBs and DBs look like all pros. Those 3-4th round RBs are more than serviceable when running behind a great offensive line in a well balanced offense. Build the lines first.
  6. I stated my view on Hines in the "Is he our Dion Lewis" thread and that hasn't changed. That said, Hines' one strength is his speed, and so far we haven't seen him used in a way that we can see his speed. I predicted he wouldn't be shifty enough in the backfield to create open space for himself, but if the O-line gels or Luck gets him the ball in open space, he can still be a weapon. Deep breaths everyone....this is still pre-season.
  7. Of course...that's what my post said...it IS just one game. No need to repeat it. I'm not harping on the mistakes he made or using that to conclude he has no future. I'm just asking whether there are any revised views on how explosive he is/will be based on seeing him play at the NFL level. This was, after all, the first chance to see him at game speed against NFL or near NFL player talent.
  8. Yep...as I said, it's only one game. He'll have lots more chances to prove himself. Thoughts on Mack?
  9. So, now that we've seen Hines play with actual/fringe NFL caliber players, any revised views on him? It is only one game, but it certainly was a chance to see his speed and athleticism compared to the NFL--a huge jump from college. Everyone still think he is explosive? I continue to believe that Mack shows a speed or quickness, which if not actually faster than other players on the field is somehow deceptive to defenders. He just looks like he's moving faster than everyone else. Hope he can stay healthy.
  10. True, but ... here are the difference(s): (1) Neither Sanders nor Payton had world class speed; and yet, (2) both Sanders and Payton continued to break off huge runs throughout their careers. CJ was pretty much the undisputed fastest man in the NFL for 5-6 years. Only a handful of guys were ever considered in his realm of speed--and most of those, i.e., DeSean Jackson, played on offense. Though fast, neither Sanders nor Payton were considered the fastest guys when they played....they were just great running backs. Both were breaking off big runs throughout the 10 core years of their careers.
  11. Some more accomplished than others. ;) Let's revisit this thread in December. I don't think Hines will suck, but if he had even Tavon Austin's level of success, I would be surprised. People are just putting way too high of expectations on him.
  12. I guess fans aren't supposed to post opinions on message boards?
  13. Sorry...I sort of dropped off as well...offseason, vacations, etc. J ust go to nfl.com. They show broader statistics. And, if you know how to use pro-football-reference filters, you can get lots of detail.
  14. totally agree. that is just one of many attributes of a great back. Marcus Allen was great at minor adjustments at speed that kept defenders from getting solid hits on him.
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