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  1. If Wayne comes back next year this would give the Colts. #1 - Wayne #2 - Fitzgerald #3 - Hilton TE - Fleener Plus they would get Allen back Cut - DHB Amazing core of receivers Let them battle for position in the offseason.
  2. As much as I like Hilton he is at best a number 2 receiver. DHB should have been the number 3 receiver until he proved he was a number 2 (which has not happened). We will need a number 1 receiver to compete in the playoffs. Think about it...Denver is loaded, Seahawks just got number 1 back in Harvin, San Francisco get there number 1 before the playoffs (Crabtree), New England just got there number 1 back (Gronk) and the Saints are loaded. The Colts and Chiefs are the odd man out with questionable #1 WR. Then you add the Colts questionable running game and that puts the Colts behind the Chief
  3. The Colts page shows him questionable. ESPN does not show him at all. Just wondering since he is huge since likely covering welker.
  4. Our defense needs to bump the receivers of the Broncos (everyone remembers the Patriots....that is what they did to Peyton). This will cause Peyton to throw 2 interceptions and the Colts win.
  5. Broncos by 40. That's with them sitting Manning and just letting Moreno run the ball on every down. Colts are amazing at letting the worst RB's look like Barry Sanders.
  6. In my opinion the Colts only played on the last two drives for both the offense and defense. There was an obvious difference of a sense of urgency and desire on those drives. The rest of the drives were a complete joke. It kills me the heart that Jacksonville had in a no win situation against Denver and then to watch Indy have zero heart against the Chargers. Simple fundamentals lost the game...tackling, penalties and catch the freaking ball. I hope I never see another NFL game again with such a lack of effort. The Chargers played well but very beatable. I think the front office needs to t
  7. It's time for a change: Hilton - # 2 DHB - # 3
  8. Indy defense wins the game with one Wilson int and one Wilson fumble (depleted offensive line for hawks). Mathis has 2 sacks and one strip fumble. Monday at the water cooler everyone is talking about Indy's defense and Indy against Broncos in AFC championship. Indy 21 Hawks 10
  9. Interesting how similar these teams match up. http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/nflpreview?gameId=331006011 Hawks have played: San Francisco, Jacksonville, Carolina and Houston Colts have played: San Francisco, Jacksonville, Miami and Raiders The already played schedule is very similar on talent except I see Houston to be better than the Raiders. This game is so close might come down to play calling, turnovers and special teams. TEAM OFFENSE TEAM PER GAME AVERAGE TEAM DEFENSE TEAM PER GAME AVERAGE Total Yards SEA 352 IND
  10. emac


    We take the division beginning next week. Colts vs. Jacksonville - Win for Colts Houston vs. Seahawks - Loss for Houston Tenn vs. Jets - Loss for Tenn
  11. I don't think the Colts are as out matched as everyone thinks in the 49ers game. Double cover Boldin if Davis doesn't play and focus all LB on Colin and Gore. QB - Advantage Colts RB - Advantage Colts (Gore is slowing down and we now have (2) 1,000 rushers) WR - Advantage Colts (after Boldin what do the 49ers have?) TE - Advantage Colts (If Davis doesn't play - questionable) Oline - Advantage 49ers (the colts did look better last week) LB - Advantage 49ers Dline - Advantage 49ers (they have a lot of injuries in this area right now) CB - Even S - Even (if Bethea plays since the 49ers safety i
  12. Typo: Jerry "the *" Jones world.
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