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  1. He has a down year to his standards but I look forward to him having a bounce back year this year with better cb2 play and the pass rush. I also think he will look alot healthier
  2. I seriously doubt they go Ragland in round 1 I personally think its a smokescreen but if they do they must be trading back to do so.
  3. Lets not forget Dwayne Allen won the John Mackey award coming out of college over Fleener who had Luck tossing him the ball his whole career. Also he didnt really miss any college games at Clemson so can we please stop with the injury prone crap. I wish people would stop wishing bad on him cuz I dont really see any glaring weaknesses in his game HE'S IN LINE FOR A CAREER YEAR
  4. The truth of the matter is that Allen was the superior player in college and still is the superior player now nothing has changed but Dwayne Allens OCs
  5. SMH and you guys call yourself colts fans. Dwayne Allen got what he deserved and you will see that next year without Coby Fleener in the fold. I guess everyone just somehow forgot he won the John Mackey award in college as the nations best TE even over Fleener who had Luck tossing him the ball. I mean the guy is a multi dimensional tough hard nosed football player that is a red zone threat and a chain mover. Just look at his rookie season where he clearly outshined Coby Goldilocks Fleener. And please dont bring up him being injury prone because he wasnt injury prone in college and
  6. Fleener is not that good he's average at best cant compare to Dwayne Allen end of story. Grigson made the right move
  7. Im just going to assume you are Coby Fleener fan since you cant get Dwayne Allen name right. He's been here 4yrs now. (Excuse will be spell check)
  8. Im glad thet chose Dwayne Allen and rightfully so. I am now 2for2 on guys who i thought they would let go but didnt im Chuck Pagano and Dwayne Allen
  9. I liked the Thrasher wish we would have kept him
  10. I want Geathers to start SS but i would much rather see Lowery starting with him and move Mike Adam's to a rotational role
  11. Marvin doesnt do alot of talking so when he does its you be quiet and move along
  12. You have been playing a little too much madden 16 bro. (P.S. I always moved Andre Johnson to TE and traded Fleener)
  13. Bottom line is this Dwayne may lose a few bucks for missing a few games just like Fleener should lose a few bucks for being a one trick pony. We need what Dwayne brings to the table more im sure every player has been injured a few times in their career and bounce back to have stellar careers. One thing Fleener fans dont realize and i wouldnt want to replace him but is he is very inconsistent he has a big game one week and invisible the next few weeks again i like Fleener tho.
  14. Just like Fleener fans say about his well documented below average blocking skills are a myth Dwayne Allen being injury prone is a myth. We need what Dwayne brings to the table more than what Fleener does BOTTOM LINE you Fleener/Stanford fans need to realize that.
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