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  1. The only way we see what Quincy can really do is just to let him play. Green, was getting burnt by Kupp all game. Im sorry to say but TJ isnt the answer at Corner just yet.
  2. This would upset me more if we played better last year. But, we haven't played well and that alone is reason enough not to give us any recognition. Not to mention going 8-8 in a weak division doesn't help any.
  3. Great stories and thanks for sharing. My story isnt quite as exciting as some of the others, but ill share it anyway. I think it was about in 98 or 99 I went to a Pacers game as a kid and was standing in the bleachers where the players run out from the locker room. I was standing there when Austin Croshere handed me a size 18 shoe! I had some lady try to rip it from my hands when he said NO, its for the kid. Such a great guy.
  4. I really like the Howard and Lane signings. I think with a little bit of work and PT they could fit in pretty well.
  5. If Foster is gone I think we should draft offense. We need another playmaker terribly. If we go defense in the first rd then hopefully in rd 2 we get another RB.
  6. Hankins and Turbin. I think Turbin should have a bigger role in the offense. I was really impressed with him last year and think he was a solid signing. As far as Hankins, its about time we got a true DT. Im excited to see how much this defense improves, hopefully significantly!
  7. Its sad a well respected player such as Eli is involved in a scam like this.
  8. Depends on which Anderson we get. Hopefully he can come back to the player he was before his injury!
  9. I agree but even if hes not practicing Wednesday and isnt 100% by Sunday thats good for us.
  10. Hopefully we dont wait until the 2nd half to finally get things going!
  11. Hoyer scares me more than Cutler does for some reason. Hoyer will tuck the ball and run if he has to which is definitely one of our weaknesses.
  12. I hope they use the the Hurry Up offense since thats how we finally got things going against Jax.
  13. We are in dire need of a pass rush. So far Walden IMO has been our best rusher which isnt saying much. The QB has way to much time to pass and can just pick us apart. I think so far Ive seen only a few coverage sacks this year.
  14. I agree, just like the 4th and 1 against Jax and we pass the ball. We have a QB that would be able to get it with a sneak right up the middle and not to mention we have Gore/Turbin that could of probably got it. That is just bad play calling at its best.
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