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  1. Juz a heads up ~ Lucky Indy fans can venture out Friday night for a live tweet-up with PK ... All for a good cause too . Event DetailsDo you have burning questions about the upcoming draft, your team, or other hot topics around the NFL? Do you love Fresh•Local•Beer? Then make plans to attend the 7th Annual NFL Combine Tweetup with Sports Illustrated columnist and the MMQB's Peter King. Peter and other members of football media will be available to chat and answer your questions in a casual setting. Pints of Sun King will be available for purchase. Tickets for the event are $10 and all pr
  2. Or better yet ...' Why didn't the NFL just confront the Pats and inform them that specific concerns have been raised ? Why not just tell them that "If you're breaking rules ...knock it off or suffer the consequences ." ( Just like what the NFL did to the Vikings when they were using sideline heaters to warm footballs during games ) Doesn't this seem to be what any normal operation would do ? Squash controversy b4 it happens...NOT LOOK FOR TROUBLE ? Conducting what appears to be a witch-hunt ( or a justifiable sting - depending on your allegencies ) seems to be the LAST THING Roge
  3. Actually there is precident for one teams draft picks being awarded to another - usually it involves some type of player tampering . If either team is ultimately found to have tampered with a football ... my guess is though highly doubtful -the league might take the drastic step of exchanging picks . At this point though I'm pretty sure we all know this will likely end without any conclusive findings ...just too muddled .
  4. That's an EZ one Hooshie MOON + JUPITER PATRIOTS 45 --------------------------- = ------------------------ CAR + HAIRBRUSH COLTS 7
  5. Don't be so naive ... The NFL didnt protect the Pats "last time " ...The NFL protected "The Shield " ( just like it always does ) When the Pats turned over ALL their tapes back in 2007 - they also turned over footage of OPPOSING teams video taping the Pats. Part of the arranged "plea -deal " was a gag order that BB has held strong to ( with the exception of a pre-SB presser where he became annoyed by a media pion's cloying , ill-informed questions and let down the curtain for a moment - stating the "secret sideline video taping " was done in front of 80k fans . I don't blame COLTS
  6. If it's ultimately discovered that the COLTS were tipped off that the Pats deflate their footballs and subsequently lowered the PSI of their INT ball ( to show a clearly under-inflated feel ) before turning it in to officials ... WHAT SHOULD THE PUNISHMENT BE ? A) Monetary fine B) Fine / Loss of 1st round pick C) Fine / Loss of 1st round pick / Suspensions for Coach and all involved . D) All of the above - plus Pats get Colts 1st rounder .
  7. If it's ultimately determined that the Pats took their footballs into an area and purposedly deflated them to their preferred specs ... WHAT SHOULD THE PUNISHMENT BE ? A) Monetary fine B) Fine / Loss of 1st round pick C) Fine / Loss of 1st round pick / Suspensions for Coach and all involved .
  8. Bingo Bango Bongo ....nail meet head . This episode in the peyton manning saga ...Mr. Super-Mod & Company ...is about MUN-NEE . Kept waiting for someone to chime in with the answer ...WTG baba . PS - I'm biased of course - but taking your foot off the greed -pedal as your career's idles down is one more reason why Brady > Manning .
  9. Grigson is slowly being exposed for what he is . Sadly , it'll be die-hard Colts fans that 'll be the last to know .
  10. U CALL THE SHOTS FOR THE COLTS ( daddy left you the team ) circa 2011 If you could choose between the following scenarios ... Which would you honestly choose ? A) 1) Legitamately allow Polian to build a competitive team ( resist the urge to throw the season and aquire the #1 pick ) 2) Treat the man who built Lucas Oil with the respect he deserves by honoring his contract and allowing him to finish his career as a Colt . 3) Win the franchises 2nd Indy SB in 2014 and currently be the reigning Champs . OR B ) 1) Suck for Luck / Kick #18 to the curb 2) Watch Denver build a te
  11. Not meant to be insulting ( just calling it as I honestly see it ...hard for me to sugarcoat what went down in 2011) The off topic point is duely noted tho ...Fair enough ...you're right -this GM thread is very solid ( and my post leads away from the focus ) Can't see any way to delete it ( I'll re-post it under it's own thread )
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