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  1. Doesn't really matter. Colts aren't going anywhere this year. Might as well let Hoyer take the beating.
  2. The Patriots played an undefeated Buffalo team and Cleveland was supposed to be a good team. To a certain extent, how good or bad a team is is based on who they play. I would argue that Houston is not very good. And Houston beat KC, so maybe Indy hasn't beaten anyone. Turns out all the teams have as much talent as they can acquire given the salary cap. I think the difference from worst to first is not that much. JB is a very good QB -- Parcells said so and I think he is a good talent scout. The Patriots drafted him, and I think they have a clue as well.
  3. Who knows. There'd picks -- maybe a Brady Successor. Maybe a HC. For all we know, this was all part of a handshake deal that sent JG to the Left Coast. - BB gets to coach a guy he wanted to coach - TB gets to play in front of a 'home' crowd - Other GOAT probably around all the time for promotions - Money maker for SF, NE, the NFL, and TB12 It's just speculation -- which is supposed to be fun. I think everything depends on this season. If TB12 goes undefeated, wins the championship, and comes away with an MVP (which the NFL would LO
  4. No one knows except BB himself. My gut tells me both guys would not be on the team if that was the case. BB is developing JG in SF. When he is ready, the teams will trade QBs. Tom finishes up in front of a home crowd and JG ascends the throne.
  5. You guys are shameless ;-) https://www.cnn.com/2011/10/21/us/suck-for-luck-could-be-best-hope-for-nfls-worst/index.html
  6. I agree (and liked your post), but few teams have built a dynasty around a mediocre QB (Bradshaw's Steelers being the obvious exception).
  7. Let's look at the prolific New England Patriots. They are a good case study because 1) they replaced the franchise QB with a sixth round draft pick and went on to win a lot of championships, and 2) they are about to replace the franchise QB with ... someone. Bill Belichick protected his 'system QB' with a defense that allowed him to win without winning. TB12 began his historic run with a controversial call on a fumble/incomplete pass. He marched the team down the field so that a kicker could win the game. That kicker won a few championships for New England. At Brady's peak, th
  8. Gronk reminds me of Welker -- talented, hardworking, disrespectful, and unreliable. I feel like the Pats will not have a hard time replacing him for a lot less money. As for BB's reaction, it's typical. BUT compare his reaction to the Gronk defection to this of his DC. I've got a feeling BB would not be crushed when TB12 hangs 'e up.
  9. @ReMeDy, he has three kids in high school and college. His wife is home anticipating an empty nest while he is working around the clock in Foxboro. What could possibly go wrong? Or, he has a college HC gig. Who knows...
  10. He's a smart kid. I remember reading that he never spent a paycheck -- living off endorsements and saving the rest. Now he can spend his life -- hopefully a long healthy life -- doing what he wants. I suspect there are more endorsements in his future. That said, the Pats will not miss a beat. They won a couple Lombardis with him on the sidelines. They will win a couple more following his retirement.
  11. Which is why I heart so many of your posts. Sometimes we just want to hear other people say what we think.
  12. Well there is the RING stat. Except for championships, they have similar stats. Brady is the GOAT, let's move on.
  13. The problem with your thesis is that Manning was paid more than Brady for all of his career. In the salary cap era, that impacts the other positions. If Manning and Brady changed places, TB would not have ever started a game and Manning would have benefited from that. I do not think Manning would have been much better and would likely have enjoyed the same treatment Bledsoe got when a BB QB arrived.
  14. They played in a different era. Back when [getting away with] 'cheating' was part of the game. Who complained about Jerry Rice using stickum? Right. Pantywaist fans and media are ruining the game. It's war not checkers.
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