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  1. You guys are shameless ;-) https://www.cnn.com/2011/10/21/us/suck-for-luck-could-be-best-hope-for-nfls-worst/index.html
  2. I agree (and liked your post), but few teams have built a dynasty around a mediocre QB (Bradshaw's Steelers being the obvious exception).
  3. Let's look at the prolific New England Patriots. They are a good case study because 1) they replaced the franchise QB with a sixth round draft pick and went on to win a lot of championships, and 2) they are about to replace the franchise QB with ... someone. Bill Belichick protected his 'system QB' with a defense that allowed him to win without winning. TB12 began his historic run with a controversial call on a fumble/incomplete pass. He marched the team down the field so that a kicker could win the game. That kicker won a few championships for New England. At Brady's peak, the team surrounded him with some great tools and won some more championships. Now, Coach is focusing on defense again as the team prepares to bring on a new QB. If Bill cannot win without Tom, I would have to concede that a stud QB is the foundation of a winning franchise. If Coach can continue to win with Tom's replacement, then I would reluctantly allow that these stud QBs are overrated. It's all situational, but I am hoping that the Patriots find a way to win after TB12 moves on.
  4. wizwor

    Gronk is retiring

    He's a smart kid. I remember reading that he never spent a paycheck -- living off endorsements and saving the rest. Now he can spend his life -- hopefully a long healthy life -- doing what he wants. I suspect there are more endorsements in his future. That said, the Pats will not miss a beat. They won a couple Lombardis with him on the sidelines. They will win a couple more following his retirement.
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