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  1. Gronk reminds me of Welker -- talented, hardworking, disrespectful, and unreliable. I feel like the Pats will not have a hard time replacing him for a lot less money. As for BB's reaction, it's typical. BUT compare his reaction to the Gronk defection to this of his DC. I've got a feeling BB would not be crushed when TB12 hangs 'e up.
  2. @ReMeDy, he has three kids in high school and college. His wife is home anticipating an empty nest while he is working around the clock in Foxboro. What could possibly go wrong? Or, he has a college HC gig. Who knows...
  3. wizwor

    Gronk is retiring

    He's a smart kid. I remember reading that he never spent a paycheck -- living off endorsements and saving the rest. Now he can spend his life -- hopefully a long healthy life -- doing what he wants. I suspect there are more endorsements in his future. That said, the Pats will not miss a beat. They won a couple Lombardis with him on the sidelines. They will win a couple more following his retirement.
  4. Which is why I heart so many of your posts. Sometimes we just want to hear other people say what we think.
  5. Well there is the RING stat. Except for championships, they have similar stats. Brady is the GOAT, let's move on.
  6. The problem with your thesis is that Manning was paid more than Brady for all of his career. In the salary cap era, that impacts the other positions. If Manning and Brady changed places, TB would not have ever started a game and Manning would have benefited from that. I do not think Manning would have been much better and would likely have enjoyed the same treatment Bledsoe got when a BB QB arrived.
  7. They played in a different era. Back when [getting away with] 'cheating' was part of the game. Who complained about Jerry Rice using stickum? Right. Pantywaist fans and media are ruining the game. It's war not checkers.
  8. Part of this is wishful thinking. Brady is a year older, coaches are off to other teams, and FAs will be snatched up by other teams. Were I a better with no favorite team, the Pats would be a good bet EVERY YEAR. Let's just chock this up to #FAKENEWS!
  9. I never remember not watching the Pats. My father and I used to go in to Schaefer Stadium. Pats never won much. Still a great day. When I started driving, the local sports media was a lot less cynical. You would probably call them Fanboys. Great seasons didn't always end in a championship...in fact, they never did back then. I don't listen to sports radio much these days. I will go to my sister's house for the Big Game. We do every year. There will be twenty or more people there. Maybe three of four will be watching the game. More will flock to the television to watch the commercials. I don't get that. I don't live and die by any entertainment. Not since 1986, anyway. I'll watch the game, for the most part, eating, drinking, and socializing. Unless the game is close, I'll head home at halftime. Tomorrow, it's off to work. Probably will not hear one word about the game, the ads, or the Patriots.
  10. https://www.google.com/search?q=Dee+Ford+saved+a+Brady+choke&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS767US767&oq=Dee+Ford+saved+a+Brady+choke&aqs=chrome..69i57.1755020j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 167,000 hits on Google
  11. Pats vs Chiefs got highest ratings since last Superbowl. I think a lot of people tune in to see the Pats lose.
  12. Hard to believe anyone really believes this. Are the gambling houses (legit and not-so-legit) complicit or victims? With most betting against a 'spread', even calls that do not assure a particular outcome cost people money. That is why the NFL has so many people watching the games from New York. Let's go back to the cheating meme.
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