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  1. Doesn't really matter. Colts aren't going anywhere this year. Might as well let Hoyer take the beating.
  2. The Patriots played an undefeated Buffalo team and Cleveland was supposed to be a good team. To a certain extent, how good or bad a team is is based on who they play. I would argue that Houston is not very good. And Houston beat KC, so maybe Indy hasn't beaten anyone. Turns out all the teams have as much talent as they can acquire given the salary cap. I think the difference from worst to first is not that much. JB is a very good QB -- Parcells said so and I think he is a good talent scout. The Patriots drafted him, and I think they have a clue as well. Football is a team sport and a lot of people determine RZ efficiency, and whatever other stat you want to quote. The QB position is not measured by stats alone. JB seems to be developing as a leader. He's playing. Luck is not. I think it's great that JB has you as a fan and there is no bigger fanboy than me. Enjoy his development and don't worry about what others think. Remember the GOAT was a 6th round pick and The Legend started with a fumble an incomplete pass. I like Brian Hoyer, but your chances of winning are much better with JB on the field.
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