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  1. Totally agree and it seems his route running is much improved, I was quite impressed with the cuts out of routes in the Jets game I look for moncreif to be our most productive wr all year
  2. I may be missing something but my take on Randell would be a poor mans Sergio brown?? He seems like a good gunner , good speed on the blitz, a guy that wants to look like he is making a effort to tackle, but gets knocked back many yards even when he does make a tackle, the passed he has defended seem to be on speed alone, I have not seen anywhere where he read the route and jumped it. For me I am very unimpressed and wouldn't spend anything higher then our late 4th round pick on him. If we want a center field safety that can not be a liability in the box a 4th round pick on Adrian Amos would b
  3. I did my own bpa based on the consensus fan speak boards this would be a great draft if you ask me!!! And I just did this today! 29: R1P29 RB TODD GURLEY GEORGIA 61: R2P29 CB JALEN COLLINS LSU 93: R3P29 DT HENRY ANDERSON STANFORD 128: R4P29 S JAQUISKI TARTT SAMFORD 165: R5P29 OLB LYNDEN TRAIL NORFOLK STATE 205: R6P29 OT ANDREW DONNAL IOWA 207: R6P31 ILB BRYCE HAGER BAYLOR 244: R7P27 RB TERRANCE MAGEE LSU 255: R7P38 OLB FRANK CLARK MICHIGAN
  4. 1. A) Aric Armstead DE Oregon B) Andrus Peat OT Stanford C) Jordan Phillips DT Oklahoma 2. A) Quentin Rollins CB/S Miami/oh B) Xavier Cooper DT Washington St 3. A) Cedric Ogbuehi OT Texas Am B) Gerald Holliman FS Louisville 4. A) Henry Anderson DE Stanford B) Mike Davis RB South Carolina 5. A) Taiwan Jones ILB Michigan St B) Ladarius Gunther CB Miami U 6a. A) Ellis McCarthey NT UCLA B) Terry Poole OT SD St 6b. A) Jordan Richards SS Stanford B) Martel Spaight LB Arkansas 7a. A) Cam Thomas CB W Kentucky B) Stephon Diggs WR Maryland 7b. A) Kyshoen Jarrett SS Va Tech B) Justin Coleman CB Tenn
  5. I agree with a round low in those two, but really we would have enough to resign what we need, the two year contracts expire and allow us to resign the 12 class plus the 12 m carryover
  6. ok hey guys, so I have insomnia and m a huge colts fan/nerd so I have been up doing fanspeak gm and draft and this is what I came up with let me know what you think I did my best to make big signings and still fill needs with good great players in this mock I have carried over near 12 m for next season between cuts and signings and draft pick signings and filled every need as best as I could all negative and positive input would be great cuts: Thomas, Richardson, Louis, Shipley Resign: Hasselback 2/5m Retz 3/5.2 m Sergio 2/2.4m Adams 1/3.3 m Wayne 1/3.5 m restructure waldens contract Fa s
  7. Hey fellow colts fans!!! Just want to start by saying I'm tj been a long time reader of these forums and first time poster, Im very excited to be a part of this board and starting to post and share my opinions and view along with the general, knowdlgable Colts fan base here! So I can't start a forum so I thought this was the best place to post the best most impactful mock I have saw yet. Any and all opinions I would love to hear and if this is a bad place for it sorry just let me know and I'll remove it!! VIEW EACH TEAM'S DRAFT 29: R1P29 OT LA’EL COLLINS LSU 61: R2P29 DT JORDAN PHILLIPS
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