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  1. Lol...I don't blame you, I'll start making my suggestions for bannable offensives to :). First suggestion is renaming the forums to The People's Republic of Colts Forum Where We Ban If We Don't Like (TPRCFWWBIWDL for short) -very evil dictator like, no? hahaha.
  2. Or you could just not read the post, it's pretty simple. I don't like a lot of negative posts here and if so I just stop reading them, it's really not rocket science. If forum members want to talk about a topic or player, they have the ability to do that whether we like it or not.
  3. Why not just skip over a thread when you see tebow in the title? The entire forum should conform just because your opinion is that whitehurst is better?
  4. I wasn't saying Tebow should be brought in now, but was simply asking should he have when we knew our 40 yr old back up would be playing a stretch of games with a high potential of being hurt behind our line. Im not a tebow fan, but i was just asking thoughts on if he could have been a better option to get us through a game if needed. No one on this forum is an NFL GM, but as fans we can chat about the game and what ifs, so I don't think the question is unreasonable to ask. I saw others poking at it asking if I had seen Tebow play, and yes I have. He is not an NFL starter or 2nd stringer e
  5. I think it has crashed and burned, but seriously, MH is 40 and pretty banged up, I just don't see personally how Whitehurst is a better option. The front office had to think, hey Matt is 40 and going to be playing several games we seriously need to think about the best back up option.
  6. I know this has been talked about, but don't you think Tebow would have been a better 3rd option? At least he can keep plays alive with his legs. Just wondering if he would have been a better choice to fill in for MH. He does have playoff experience
  7. Lol, water conservation! I could see him being the guy that showers there to save money on his water bill hahahaha. Side note I'm a big Luck fan, it just really made me laugh.
  8. So let's get serious here for a second guys...why would Luck need to shower after the game?? Lol, too funny him standing in a towel with a big bearded grin on his face
  9. I'd assume he is trying his hardest. Even if he isn't here next year, he wants to increase his worth to potential suitors. More wins = more money, either here or another team.
  10. I agree. To me, it appears this defense was assembled with the thought that the offense would be lights out, thus lessing the load for the D. It's seems the idea was almost unstoppable O, and a solid D that can make plays.
  11. My sources tell me they alternate between bingo and shuffleboard.
  12. It reminded me of that commercial where the refs huddle up and say the didn't see it and do all the hand motions, and the guy says your mic is on. Lol, that was that call to a tee!
  13. I thought the same thing heading into sunday. I didn't think we would win, but thought it would be respectable. But I also think things really start to click over the next couple of games, and if that happens watch out!!
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