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  1. Bill Belichick, Cowher, Gruden, Coughlin, Vermeil.
  2. There's zero reason for him to start this season.
  3. I don't want nor expect the team to stop playing. They're pros. That said, are you seriously comparing this team to the likes of Manning, Harrison, Wayne, Freeny, Sanders, Mathis?
  4. Shouldn't the goal be a SB? Why does winning a garbage division excite anyone? We all know they'd get steamrolled in January.
  5. What would fans rather have: A) Team wins division only to be pumbled by a better team in the postseason. Chuck returns OR B) Lose as many games as possible and bring in a new coach. It may be a ling shot but I'd contact NE to see if Belichick is available.
  6. I'd be more impressed if he guaranteed a win against the likes of Pittsburgh, Seattle, Denver, or Baltimore. Quite frankly, any wins vs the Browns should be meaningless.
  7. Tough to say. Let's be honest here though: The Colts had no business losing to Pittsburgh in 05 & SD in 07. Those teams really under achieved. They won in 06. That said , Brady was the only decent QB they faced. They were also very lucky to get Rex Grossman in the one SB they did win.
  8. Sorry. Meant to ask if he comes back with a playoff appearance next season.
  9. Any chance Pagano gets extended with a playoff appearance?
  10. If this team doesn't win soon.....well fsns won't show up. This isn't Cleveland or Green Bay. I expect a division title at minimum next season.
  11. We were one and done 7 times during the Manning era. Three ( 99,05,07) of those times after a first round bye. That's most disappointing to me more than anything else. The 05 and 07 losses were inexcusable. Got out coached and the other team was mentally sharper.
  12. Rappaport said the new GM will want full autonomy without having to go through Irsay.
  13. Whose to say the next coach won't be worse than Chucky? Man is definitely underrated.
  14. OT a bit here. Why was a 6 time SB, hof, class act like Polian fired in 2011? I never truly understood that. Not asking sarcastically by any means.
  15. Kyle Shanahan is likely taking the Niners job. Why stick with Pagano, lose Shanahan, and risk getting a mediocer coach after Chuck is gassed next year?
  16. It's disrespectful and unethical to try and interview someone for an already filled position. Don't want Grigano as GM coach? Fire them.
  17. Continuity is key. We can't Change coaches every few years. Chuck needs a chance.
  18. Make Saban head of all football operations. McDaniels as coach.
  19. Well what if Irsay wants to talk with potential candidates who are in the playoffs? Maybe he is waiting to talk with some. If it doesn't work out...bring Pagigson back.
  20. Irsay prefers stability. Can't be changing GM and coach every few years.
  21. This isn't Green Bay, Pittsburgh, or Cleveland. Fans arent loyal.This is a bandwagon town. After one lousy season in 11, fans bailed and we were facing blackouts. It's harsh but true.
  22. This isn't a great sports town. Fans show up depending on record. It's embarrassing but it is what it is.
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