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  1. Rivers isn't the answer.


    What about trying to get Darnold from the Jets? Or Stidham off New England? 


    We aren't that far away from being a legit SB contender.


    No it's not easy to find a franchise QB.


    But I trust Ballard.


    Reich? Not so much.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Mr.Debonair said:

    We signed an aging QB with nothing to show for it but a first round loss.


    This year was a weird one. Great to make the playoffs but we are pretty much in the same spot as last offseason 


    If the Packers lose the SB (Or anyone), they are technically no better than the Jags.


    Look we have alot of areas to improve upon. But if we get the QB, we are a legit threat.

  3. 9 minutes ago, sonyab1974 said:

    I’m a bills fan. I’m sorry the colts lost. :( I gotta say though Colts are strong! One colt likes to jump over! What’s his name? Taylor? 

    Good game indeed.


    I have to be honest though.


    The Bills aren't getting by KC.


    Assuming they win next week. Which is a 50/50 proposition if they play Pittsburgh.

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  4. I honestly thought they would get to the divisional playoff round at best. Their offense was stinking it up. Defense was mediocer. Tight end looked like he was done. Deep threat receiver got suspended. I think the Texans handing them the #2 seed was huge. That afforded them a bye. They looked like an entirely different team in the postseason. And ultimately that's when it matters most.

  5. 1 minute ago, CR91 said:


    Ravens have the tie breaker over us so they would be in. Also ravens play the browns week 17. Steelers play the bengals

    If Baltimore loses tonight, and then we beat the Giants, wouldn't Baltimore automatically be out? Because either us or the Titans would be assured of getting to 10-6. Thus, the winner of us and Tennessee gets the final WC.

  6. 2 hours ago, MPStack said:

    Please, please elaborate more... You think a first year HC (Reich) is going to get roasted the end of the year for a decision to try and beat a division rival instead of take the tie?  That’s the decision the other guy (Pagano) would have made, because he was too conservative and constantly out coached by the opposing coach.  Reich isn’t going anywhere for one failed 4th down. His arrow is trending nothing, but up!

    Not once did I say he'd get fired. I said he'd get roasted.

  7. Pagano wasn't fired after two straight non playoff seasons. Yet Jim got the boot after a disastrous 2011 season when Manning didn't start one game.


    Anyone else think Jim was fired too quickly? Especially considering he led them to a SB & WC berth.

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