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  1. I have not heard much mention that this game is in any real danger of not being played as of lately. It would certainly suck if it gets postponed/rescheduled. Bought my game tickets long time ago and already have flight/hotel/car booked. Staying on the east coast for a week as I will also attend the Eagles game a week later
  2. I've never been a big fan of our blue yersey-white pants home uniforms; been a big fan of our all-white-blue stripe away uniform however. After watching the last game vs. Denver, I really came to like our all-blue with white stripes uniform. I would like to see that being our standard home uniform. What do you guys think, should we change our home uniforms to what we were wearing on Thursday?
  3. This time around, I think we will muster up a field goal.. 34 - 3 Cincy
  4. We can't fire the coaching staff now, that means we would start winning and lose out on a good draft pick...
  5. save the damn timeout and have a chance, albeit slim, to get a ball back with some time left. Never gonna win that challenge
  6. Well, 2 Tix per game, LA $550, Seattle $950, + airfare around $800 x 2 for two round way, hotel for each weekends around $700 x 2, so I spent 5+ g's for both games combined.... Granted these were great seats and decent hotels but a lot for two blowout games
  7. Yea usually pick two games per year, this time ended up being LA and Seattle... Bought tickets months ago. Figured out one would be a sure win, the other a tossup, then I realized we still have the same ol' pagano... smh
  8. Definitely the last time I drop a few g's to attend away games with this team.. untill Chuck departs I will stay with online streams to watch this team play. Was humiliated a few weeks ago in LA, now again in Seattle. Not spending another dime until we have competent coaching staff..
  9. Interesting stats is that we have only won one season opener in the last 7 years and that was against the then horrible Raiders in '13. Most of the openers have been a loss in a blow out. We seem to never be quite ready to play football at the start of the season, and now with a couple of key players out, I have my doubts. I am going to the game and hope for an exciting win for us, 17-14 Colts... Not surprised either if we get our tails kicked in a 42-6 loss
  10. I like this schedule, expect them to lockup the division early into the season Love that both of the games I am attending are early on too, see you in LA and Seattle!
  11. Who can I blame on that holding during the kick and roughing the passer call.. still *. I am at the game and having a good time. Hope it will last till the end and I can finally go home happy..
  12. As much as I do want to see a change made to this organization, I truly hope we can get a win in GB. I spent way too much in game tickets, plane tickets, rental car, hotel for this game (bought it all before the season started) to just witness another blowout game. I haven't witnessed a Colts Win for many years: My win/loss ratio is 1-7 Game Attended: Dec 18 2005: SD 26 - IND 17 -- LOSS Nov 11 2007: IND 21 - SD 23 -- LOSS Nov 2 2008: NE 15 - IND 18 -- WIN Nov 28 2010: SD 36 - IND 14 -- LOSS Oct 14 2013: IND 9 - SD 19 -- LOSS Dec 21 2014: IND 7 - DAL 42 -- LOSS Nov
  13. I really miss the time we did not always face 3rd down whenever the chains move. We never seem to get 1st down on a 1st/2nd down anymore.
  14. it was the year 2002 when I finally started watching this sport called Football (originally from Europe). With no ties to any city, and already not liking the San Diego Chargers; I live in SD, it was time to find a real team to root for. It must have mostly been because of the QB surgeon Manning that I came to liking the colts very much.. A smaller market team with one of the better fan bases, I made my choice and have never looked back. Each time they play the Chargers, I have gone to that game. Only once been to a home game in indy (opening year for the new stadium, sunday night game NE @ IN
  15. Probably similarly to why we constantly throw on 4th and inches
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