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  1. A key here is the tremendous opportunity that #6 pick still gives to the Colts. If Chubb or Nelson is not there, but the last of the four QB's is, you can extort multiple picks from Buffalo. It's Coltsmas!
  2. Perhaps even worse, reports are coming in that Gisele is packing her bags....
  3. It's actually a combo package: selective amnesia X photographic memory.
  4. In regards to the charge of 'unregistered gun and ammunition', I shall quote the ultimate authority on this matter - the guy they named their city after: "A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." - George Washington, 1793.
  5. With the addition of Cherilus and Thomas to our O-line, Luck should have at least a half-second more to throw. That more than counters what our opponents do.
  6. I would retain Ryan Grigson as Executive General Manager, with no change in his duties other than the Building Philosophy. I am very impressed with his dedication to excellence and his ability to find players where no one else is looking. However, the philosophy was an emph
  7. Born in Indy. Saw the Colts on TV fourty-eight years ago. Was fascinated by Unitas and thought they had the best symbol of any sports team. No pro team in Indianapolis, so I chose the Colts. Moved to Chicago fourteen years before the Colts moved to Indy, but never wavered in my support for the Shoes. Now I root for the Shoes in the land of the Flaming Thumb Titans. I am a Colts fan of the third kind ( doesn't matter very much to me what city they represent, but I feel sympathy for Baltimore fans ). My favorite Colts are Bert Jones, Mike Curtis, Art Donovan and Secretariat.
  8. Well here you go: The greatest personality in the history of the Colts, if not all of football, was defensive lineman Artie Donovan. He played with the Colts in the 50s and 60s. He had a million stories to tell, but my favorite was a game the Colts played in San Francisco at Kezar Stadium in 1957. It was a Sunday afternoon game, but the night before the Barnum & Bailey circus had performed on the field. In those days, the defensive linemen were allowed to use the head slap, and when Artie trotted out onto the field, he found something left on the field by the elephants he could use with th
  9. In 1965, the Colts should have been the first NFL team to win the World championship without a quarterback. ( Historical note: After the game, Tom Matte took the victory cake that had been prepared in advance for the Colts, and delivered it to the Packers locker room, with one adjustment: the little goal post was bent to the right ).
  10. Everyone wonders what might have happened if they had brought Unitas in earlier in that game, and benched Morrall. I don't think anyone could have had a worse game than Morrall did in that game against the Jets. I don't believe at any time in NFL history has any player other than Morrall fallen from regular season MVP to complete Super Bowl goat ( 4 turnovers inside the Jets 20 in the first half !!! ). I've always been a little suspicious of this collapse, since the two leagues ( NFL, AFL ) were desperate for the financial reward that parity would bring. Shula didn't bench Morrall until it w
  11. This whole discussion is silly, the Colts won 2 superbowls. Might as well throw more monkeywrenches into the gears of this 'silly' discussion: As an older fan, I do not value a Super Bowl championship any different than an NFL championship from 1921 to 1966, when there was no Super Bowl, just the Championship Game. Either one was in reality the World Championship of professional football. Certainly the level of competition is much higher today, but the accomplishment means the same thing in history as it did in the beginning. Is the 1966 Packers NFL championship not equal to the Packers
  12. A small historical fact for younger Colts fans: The D-Line for the Colts in the mid-70's ( Joe Ehrmann, John Dutton, Mike Barnes and Fred Cook ) were named the 'Sack Pack' in a contest by the fans. The players didn't really like that name; they called themselves the 'Looney Tunes'.
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