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  1. One of the worst owners in the NFL. It * me off to no end that he essentially laid the blame on Luck for getting hurt when his offensive line has been crap.
  2. aww poor golden boy is frustrated he can't run up the score anymore.
  3. "He said Caldwell did a better job coaching last season than he did the year we went to the Super Bowl and pretty much gave Caldwell credit for the team making the playoffs last year." ..say what now? It's quite obvious who was responsible for getting this team to the SB that season and the playoffs last year. This guy is delusional.
  4. Dungy was great at half time adjustments if we came out flat in the first half he would make changes and more often than not the team would come out strong in the 2nd half. I just don't see that with this coaching staff they keep trying the same things over and over with no success. That isn't the way to coach, IMO the whole staff should be replaced in the off season.
  5. Wow what an embarrassment in front of a nation wide audience :whiteflag:
  6. 73 by the Chicago Bears in the 1940 NFL Championship game. The Bears beat the Redskins 73-0.
  7. Hate to tell you but the D still sucks and we lost
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