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  1. AFCCG. Who thought the Colts would be here? The most important game of the Luck ear(until next week ofcourse). What are your stat predictions for the Colts?
  2. What are some of yalls superstitions before colts games?
  3. Big game coming up in the divisional round and the colts are coming of an excellent all around performance. What are your stat predictions for this game?! Stat of the game: T.Y Hilton 9 for 147 and 2 TDS
  4. Luck: 36/48, 346 yards, 4 TDS no INTS, 26 Yards rushing Herron: 15 carries 72 yds Richardson: 12 carries : 33 yards 1 TD Hilton: 9 for 122 1 TD Wayne: 5 for 58 Nicks: 6 for 62 Moncrief: 4 for 39 Fleener: 5 for 51 Allen: 3 for 42 Herron: 3 for 25 Richardson: 2 for 23 Thoughts?
  5. That doesnt mean we are going to get blown out again...The past doesnt matter in the NFL. I know we have a bad history with the pats but remember the last two times we played them it was a one score game going into the the 4th quarter. same with PITT. Who knows? One play extra play and we could have been 13-3 or possible 14-2...
  6. LACK OF DEVELOPMENT?! this is literally the single dumbest thing i have EVER read in my life..
  7. What if the colts Pulled of a trip to the Superbowl...What would be your reaction? 90% of the people on this forum think that the Colts are ONE AND DONE BEFORE the playoffs even started. What if we win 3 straight games and reach the SB? Are the colts still soft? Are they still inconsistent? Honestly fans are supposed to support their team and hope for the best. Not bash the team, the players, and the coaches around like rag dolls. Smh. We have 3 straight seasons of 11 wins and 3 straight playoff appearances. APPRECIATE IT. I DONT CARE WHAT DIVISION WE ARE IN. Every team is good enough to beat the top dogs. Just sit back, STHU and watch the Colts train rolll
  8. Great win to close out the season. And all-around performance(although it would have been nice to see vinateri make that FG) NONE THE LESS. I do believe that barring further injuries and some consistent play from the Oline and Defense we could make some noise in the playoffs. What are yall thoughts?
  9. Agree with you. If offense can pick it up we will be deadly. I just dont understand why everyones acting like we went 0-16...
  10. people are acting like we just finished a 0-16 season. WE ARE PLAYOFF BOUND FOR THE 3RD STRAIGHT YEAR and in the playoffs ANYTHING CAN happen. Yes we do have a quite a few weaknesses but who says we wont right the ship. We are AFC South champions and Playoff bound. Just enjoy the moment. 20 other teams would die to get into the playoffs. Offseason wise there are few spots were we can use an upgrade and I am sure Grigson will be busy on those moves. Pagano and Hamilton have been pretty decent these season and everyone might look at this game as %-playcalling by Pep but i think he was trying to play conservative. DC CAN USE AN UPGRADE but we'll see. And please realize this: It doesnt matter when you lose in the Playoffs, you still lost. So saying we are going to be one and done is just stupid. Have hope people!
  11. II am telling you guys when the playoffs start the colts are going to be focused and sharp. I have said this all year and I am saying it again: They will reach the Championship game. Every team has weaknesses, but I believe that the colts will overcome these. Just believe.
  12. Calm the hell down guys, Colts are not focused, but they WILL STILL REACH THE AFCCG.
  13. Pagano cant go out there and catch the ball. Or tackle. OR TAUNT. Stop blaming the coaches.
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