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  1. I thought I heard Mort report 11 of the 12 athletes have denied taking PEDS.. and it fluctuates naturally???? Has the NFL asked for the phone yet??!??!?!!??!
  2. Shipped to his house in his wifes name? LOL. What some ppl will say to get their 15 minutes of fame.....I gotta call nonsense for now. On the other hand, that could explain the huge forehead muscles...
  3. He should of used one hand, and pressed it against his helmet
  4. Halloween... oh wait..you mean your coach....
  5. Funny..I remember when the Pats sucked....the ironic part is, Indy was pretty much in the basement with us . The good ol' AFC east!!
  6. I thought you were the stalker....not me????
  7. I dont see the pats being as much a powerhouse, but that the other traditional strong teams have taken a step back. All the teams mentioned in this thread from the AFC can on any given day, beat the pats (or any other AFC team for that matter). The pats, to date, just have been more consistent then the Colts or the Bronco's and Ravens, and healthier then the Steelers.
  8. They hope its just a sprain. Mediots are reporting 4 weeks. Hope he' good to go asap.
  9. When you are down by 25 some points, and try a fake punt inside your own 40..
  10. Luck may be the last of a dying breed. Of all the highly touted QB's to come out of college lately, I dont see the Bradys, Mannings, Roethlisberger out there anymore. I'm not talking talent per se, but emotional maturity combined with talent. Luck may or may not stay with Indy for a career, but him and Wilson may be one of the last true "franchise" QB's.
  11. Maybe if he didnt suck for 3/4 of the game, he wouldnt have to mount the comebacks.....
  12. My take of the judge asking that question is different then yours and others I think. I dont think the judge was saying they were different. In the NFL's brief, they compared the two. I see the judge looking at that, and as judges to, play devils advocate. He asked the NFL defend their position that it was. If they could (I dont know if they did or not), then he may accept that argument. If they could not, then he would have to consider that in his decision also.
  13. After seeing the circus that has become Deflategate...its because The Commissioner is a clueless clown and has no idea what he is doing. Conspiracy theorists will say it was to protect the patriots. At one time, I may of listened to that argument, as it was a possibility that could be at least debated. Now I think it was just absolute incompetence.
  14. The appeal is based mostly on technicalities of the process the NFL employed in upholding the suspension. It probably wont touch on if Brady did or did not "do it". I dont suspect it will change anyones minds. They are pretty much made up at this point.
  15. Do I dare wade in? IMHO, I would love for the judge to put the whole thing on hold. Order the NFL to use a court appointed service to record PSI levels before/halftime/after each game, then reconvene after the season. If the data then shows that the measurements from the AFCCG were still abnormal, uphold the suspension and fine. If after a season of data, its within the dataset collected, allow the NFL to graciously reconsider its position. Bradys not retiring next year. He'd still pay if the data does not support him.
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