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  1. lol. I am not saying he is going to morph into Geno Smith but what he saw the last 8 games vs the first 8 games will be more the norm and he could potentially drop off drastically. He is not getting better that is for sure at age 39 and a half.
  2. Compared to the first 8 games? No. He was not nearly the same and Denver then committed to the run.
  3. Injury was Dec. 14. He was playing poorly long before that ...
  4. Why would you ever expect anything from sports radio?
  5. I did not say he would like that because of an injury.
  6. Are you kidding? Did you even look at the NFL General section? There are 1,2,3,4...6 threads at least on Peyton Manning and/or the Broncos. This is the only Brady thread I could find on page one ...
  7. Ha! Christian is the bomb. Love how he faked getting mad at spygate at the end. And the fake Boston accent. LOL. LOL. He is hilarious. Colts fans - he does this routine all the time on Boston radio to get a rise out of opposing radio hosts.
  8. So you want a Pats thread in the NFL general section? I think that was already tried twice with the Brady threads and failed miserably with the MOD shutting the second thread and saying not to start those type of threads as people are free to post what they want. So perhaps you should try to keep up bud.
  9. So you feel good about Flacco being better than Ryan and Dalton?
  10. The Steelers were expected to beat the Ravens who they have never lost to in the post season ...
  11. Tight game in the first half then the Hawks pull away. Could be ugly for Rodgers like the last time as he has already said he is going to challenge Sherman ...
  12. Is this question for real? The niners would not take Manning if Denver offered them a draft pick for him ... they will roll with Kaep for the foreseeable future.
  13. No. He just knows that even a lousy Manning is still better than Brock. Denver is in a deep pile of manure right now - ownership is in a trust, No HC, Manning coming back up in the air, and a GM who wants the next coach to step in and win the SB in 2015 ..
  14. What football section? This is the NFL General section.
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