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  1. You are assuming his failure to continue his level of play in the first half, there is the other concern of him, the league had tape and time to address and attack all his weak spots. So was his play bad solely due to that injury? Only CB and Reich know that for sure as I’m sure they know what % he was injured. I personally think the league got him figured out more so than his injury caused his second half slide. Having no receivers to throw to also was a factor but I’d guess that Rivers will be more capable of making avg receivers look better because he has accuracy and quick release. JB does
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but JB isn’t a fast guy, a notch above manning speed maybe. I think this is all a poorly maintained smoke screen hoping someone bites and calls for a trade at some point. I can’t see JB being on this roster to start our season unless something happens to Rivers or he flat out looks god awful when preseason gets played. JB isn’t a future in Indy
  3. The one thing JB is has been a great teammate and a good citizen for sure. His QB’ing skills lag behind those assets though. I’m content with Rivers and Kelly, assuming that the team has a future purpose for Kelly. CB knows what Kelly can or can’t do in practices and stuff. He has stayed clean and had zero distractions. He definitely has the QB talent, can he lead a team with his new found choir boy status? Time will tell. it would be tough to go from highly propped up starter with a raise and tons of praise into a back up spot. Except that money could help. I hope we move on from hi
  4. That’s incredibly low, although he does have some incentives built in to make it around the 6.5 million mark iirc. I’d rather have a deal structured like this as opposed to what we gave him last year on the prove it deal and then he got injured. I also wonder if the collar bone is heard right. He took the entire season and never came back at all. You would think if DF wanted to come back that CB would have given him this sort of deal as well to stay if the bone structure is 100%. By all accounts, DF was a good guy in the locker room. Maybe he just didn’t want to come back here, idk.
  5. The question becomes, was the decline of JB because of the injury or because the league had tape and time now to figure out his areas of weakness? If it were injury related, I don’t think CB would have moved away from JB because he would know more of the behind the scenes issues. Imho, it was JB’s limitations and skill set more than injury and that’s what forced the move to another QB. as for anyone on here, including my original post, nobody has said he is a horrible GM, he has made quite a few moves I’ve really liked. Making the move to get big Q was an awesome move when so many ot
  6. I’ve been very high on what he showed us along with his draft profile. The head is his downfall. He has stayed clear of any issues since arriving to Indy. 100% agree. Skill level was NOT in question as to his draft pick status, it was all his behavior. His childish behaviors were so bad that all his positives were negated. So far at colts headquarters, he has seemingly been a Boy Scout and he flashed plenty in the preseason that we saw. I honestly believe he has a legit shot to take the reigns. Maybe he gets another season under A true NFL professional like Rivers and then he
  7. Maybe his additions will give the locker room that “friction” he felt was needed and ready for now.
  8. What would be an intriguing set of draft picks would be get Kmet and then taking Claypool. Two bigger bodies at different positions but could be one heck of a matchup in the redzone packages. I’d like to take a prospect to work into the LT spot in 2 seasons or be capable to hold the spot for a game or two if the injury bug catches us. After the 3rd round, just fill in with potential depth and hopeful starters a few seasons from now at any spot.
  9. Welcome to the board Chris. Don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back. I definitely don’t dislike you, I think it’s fair to question some of your moves though. Nobody is perfect. Event the great BB. It’s all good though
  10. I’m not sure if any team would do it or would we do it but if a team drafting in the lower 50’s came knocking, would you swap #34 for their #2 and next years 1? We still net our starting 3tech and we have pick 44 so it’s not like we would starve our draft picks. It makes it interesting for draft capital next season just in case our QB goes really sideways and we need to try to move up for one of those top QB’s. I just don’t know if another team would give up that much to move up to the top of round 2?
  11. Listen oh superior one, get over yourself and move on. There was plenty, I mean plenty of posters that felt at the beginning of the 2019 season when we had Cain returning, we had TY, we signed Funch, we had Fountain who was getting tons of praise and we had Ebron to pair up with Luck. There were lots that had much enthusiasm, it could be YOU didn’t think that way and YOUR memory is clouded. god people like you disgust me. I’ll add you to the blocked list so that I don’t get banned by ripping into your belittling posts.
  12. I think that is inaccurate. I think CB said this kid was as talented as any 1st rd kid but needed much more polishing. If he was able to reach that potential, he was a high ceiling kid. That doesn’t sound like an expected 4 or 5 guy to me. Inman can probably be had about at any time. He seems to be either a Charger or a Colt option. He was steady and reliable, not taking over any games but I like him for just a “do your job” kind of guy and everyone thought we had a top 5 WR stable before the season started last year too. Not all things are as they seem in the nfl.
  13. Unfortunately, CB is the GM and gets the credit and the criticism. He made a wrong calculation based on having tons more info and evaluation effort than everyone here. His criticism of this is real and it is valid. He doesn’t get a pass just because some of the internet GM’s agreed with it. To be fair, I liked JB and thought he had potential but I also think the deal wasn’t needed at the time, especially how it’s structured. He gave up way more than he needed to for this deal.
  14. They may draft, get another UDFA and keep Rivers, JB and CK but only 2 of these are making it the 53. I’d be extremely surprised if they carry 3 QB’s into the regular season this year. Imho, if they have any considerations to having Kelly possibly becoming a future starter here, it would seem very likely that Kelly would make the roster over JB as he has more upside than JB and he is equal in talent to any of the guys not ranked 1-2 and maybe #3 guy at best. Again, Kelly’s issues were off field and behavior. There is no reason to believe that Kelly can’t move beyond those issues and develop as
  15. You can absolutely say this very same thing about a first round draft pick QB this year as well. Until the draft pick were to get any NFL playing time, Kelly has already done more than a pick at this point. He has been in the system of nfl camp time and through a couple seasons. He knows exactly what to expect and how to prepare. So Kelly is every bit in play at this point until the team decides to part ways with him. nobody here knows what CB has up his sleeve for QB. JB could be in play for back up (at 21 million yikes) or he could be trade bait up till the season starts or even af
  16. No distain whatsoever. So if you and some others took it that way, sorry. I’ll be sure to point out that CB has cured the corona virus in my next posts so everyone can feel that it’s a more positive post. It’s clear here by the more softer kids on the forum that pointing out issues that are negative about CB, that isn’t tolerated here. last post in this thread for me. Maybe that will help others sleep better.
  17. I thought I made it clear in the contrast of how each GM had their area of failure. It missed its intended mark, my bad. as for CB, I’ve not been a basher at all of him. I am currently questioning his handling of the QB situation since he arrived, that included his year 1 with Tolzein and then the rush to get JB, which was about all you could do at that point of the season. I then again have criticized his move to the 2 year deal but I’ve also pointed out along the thread that it hasn’t broken the back of the team but I felt it was highly unnecessary at that time to make it a 2 year
  18. It would buy them 1 year, 1! Could have done the exact same thing under your theory and just tagged him and paid the same over the 2 seasons. He took risk, gambled and lost that bet. Again, didn’t cripple the team, just has not managed the QB spot well since arriving. Luck threw the curve ball and CB whiffed on that challenge. He has certainly hit homers on other aspects, it’s just this has been his area of concern(QB), just like it was Grigsons flaw (one of many) Is that he didn’t fix the oline ( and for those lacking comprehension skills, CB’s issues aren’t the oline).
  19. If he played as well as you hoped in giving him the nice contract, wouldn’t you want him signed into a new 5 year contract? It was an early offering of two years, didn’t need to do it but it wasn’t crippling to the team, it was just unnecessary
  20. Exactly!! Just because I’ve pointed out where I’ve seen flaws, it is posted nowhere in my post that says he is awful, he should be fired or I wished we had Grigson back. I’m not a rah rah guy and dont paint with rainbow colors. I know it was a long post but to the couple of posters who read the post and then felt it stated he didn’t fix the oline or that he sucks, can’t comprehend what they read. They’ve predetermined that it’s not fair to say anything negative about CB or they don’t care for this posters style so it’s automatically a post they won’t like. I’m broad shouldered. I’ll survive t
  21. Not sure what leverage the team had here by signing him to a top 10 level QB type small contract? He played on his prior contract, we resign him into a contract extension based on his play that one season fair market real or we tag him. CB has shown he will pay you fair market. If he failed, as he did, we walk away from him without harm and he played for what he earned that season. It would also leave you room to sign him again as a back up for this season at back up money, not starters cash. Now, we either are way overpaying to keep him because he is so well liked on the team or we could try
  22. I’ll stand firm on the virus take still. I won’t rehash that. you still seem to have the comprehension of a 2nd grader at best as well. So please take your little high horse, elitist self absorbed fandom and remove my stupidity from your notifications list. Spare yourself the drivel I spew out.
  23. Learn comprehension skills before criticizing my post or move on. It’s contrasting how Grigson had in fixing the line and how CB is now having difficulties finding the right QB. And if I can’t criticize CB for making poor choices so far on his QB selection process, what good is a forum where fans get to state their views? Don’t be so sensitive on CB criticism.
  24. So the QB spot is still a mess and CB appears to have either poorly judged JB or panicked into a high signing price. Now he signed to Hoyer to a ridiculous signing last year to mentor and help JB in the film room now neither of them are the answer. Did he panic and bring Rivers here too under a 1 yr deal with what follow up plan? No option for if Rivers does well, we keep him. Was Rivers that highly sought after that we couldn’t do a deal that gave either team control of next year or lower money this season? I’m seriously questioning his talent for this QB search at this point. Add into this h
  25. I’m actually thinking CB isn’t very good at assessing QB’s idk. Missed with paying big on Brissett when he didn’t have to. Way overpaid on Hoyer and now we get to see what Rivers has left in the tank. If he keeps JB, he has a cap hit of 50 million in the QB room this year? Damn!!
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