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  1. Well it hasn’t happened so far. CB doesn’t seem to be a big splash guy even though there were some fits that could have filled needs. I’m still good with that approach though and realize it’s only day 2 now of the legal tampering. Hopefully another year happens where the stars line up in players and the right price.
  2. Yes agree. Insurance for Cain in case he flops and Fuenches balls out, just reward and you still have time for Cain to show something in year 3. TY would be on his final year as well. And if we do end up drafting a second day WR, or first day , then you have that guy in the mix as well. The team certainly has lots of options.
  3. I would say we sign the guy, he balls out, he moves on to a team next year with a big contract and we get a comp pick in the 4th maybe 3rd if big enough. Same with Ebron too? I feel like this is an overinflated contract for a WR who hasn’t wowed anyone yet but I still believe CB has a solid plan.
  4. If you get a guard that is the top stud either in FA or draft, that single guard may actually improve not only his spot but it will by proxy improve the QB spot, the RB spot and the receivers spot because, he opens holes better for the backs and he can hold blocks longer for the QB to find a receiver that has finally shook loose from his defenders. I honestly believe if you build that oline, you absolutely make 6 positions better (1 oline = 5 players that = 1 in total 3 receivers + RB+ QB). Weve seen over the years, a bad oline can’t help any of those other positions really break out and shine. I say stay focused on the oline build.
  5. I really like what Inman gave this team when he had the opportunity to play and be targeted. What I would guess a contract to look like is a 3 yr 21 million contract and make 7 of it guaranteed. 7,6,8 million structure. Allows you to pay him and if he produces like you hope he showed he could, he gets rewarded. If he plays poorly, he is cut after the year and it’s no cap hit. During these years, you will have to either pay TY again, move on from him and hope another receiver stepped up or draft one this year high in anticipation of TY being done in 2 seasons here. If we were willing to pay 5 million to our FA WR last year, I would think a known quantity to CB would be acceptable in this range. Idk
  6. And we really couldn’t have blamed them for picking us at 4-12 last year. AL had yet to really throw yet and we had a debacle at getting a new coach plus a defense that looked terrible prior season and an oline that was Swiss cheese. Everything we did above 4-12 was an absolute gift under all those assumptions.
  7. Agree, it would have to be far under what he has asked for. I don’t believe his ego could allow him to drop his price that far down.
  8. What’s the right price for a position that is not a top 3 need? Do we pay 8 million a year with incentives? Do we sacrifice getting a RB at a huge price tag instead of getting a DE, DT, WR or safety, which are all much greater needs than a premadona RB? So what’s the “right” price going to look like to everyone?
  9. I think your argument here was kind of mine. I pretty much said, grow our own guys we’ve taken and Re-sign Inman and the team would do well enough. In fact, I think I said this draft would likely be defense heavy.
  10. I absolutely think Turay has several of the same traits that Mathis had at an early stage. I am not sure if he has the ability yet to get double digits this year without another partner to help split up the concerns but he has high upside imho. Needs strength and reps.
  11. I mean it’s possible but now you’ve just tossed those young kids out and replaced them with higher cost players, either the FA or the draftee. So now, who sits during the year of these guys? TY is playing, Cain (based on his performance last fall) is playing, Inman is likely playing. Now you have the new FA and the new high draft pick. All I’m saying is that’s a lot of high assets to put into the position knowing only 3 of them are going to be on the field at a time. Maybe you rotate them but remember, we also have 2 TE’s that we also use a lot. This imho is why we can’t afford to have this many high cost assets in one position slot, you have to add in the Pascals, Rogers, Fountains, Johnson’s etc... and have at least 2 top level assets as your 1-2 guys. If we didn’t use the TE so much in our offense, I could say yeah, invest in a 3rd top asset in the receiver group. All i know is it’s going to be fun watching them put this team together and I can’t wait to see how they improve in year two of Reichs offense and Eberflus defense. CB has a lot of really delicate and tough choices to make. I’m glad we aren’t required to do it
  12. And Inman isn’t going to cost 10 million/yr, we already know what he brings us, he knows our team and offense now and Luck trusts him. It’s a great transition until we get a couple more seasons of a defensive build up. I won’t be mad if we get him, he can certainly help improve our team, I just feel it’s a bit overkill to have 4 potential wr’s that are #2’s on the team at that price. Now if Inman is looking for 8-10/yr, maybe we do go for the kid.
  13. Well you can only carry so many wr’s. We have TY, Cain, Inman* Fountain, Rogers*, Johnson*, Ishmael* and if we take a high pick that’s just too many guys. We know TY, Cain and Inman, If signed, would be on the team, as well as that #26 or 34 pick. The team sounded very high on Johnson and his potential and at some point, you have to figure out whether you can coach up and develop your guys you brought in at the lower rounds and get them into a 2 or 3 receiver at the least. Are you of the belief the team would spend that much cap into another receiver that while pretty good, isn’t heart stopping. I’d tend to grow what we have and go after defense. All this is just my opinion and the team could surprise me. I’ll be fine with whatever they do though.
  14. I’d rather bring back Inman and draft a top guy at 26 or 34 than pay this one. His target and catch rate concern me. I’d love to know how many of those drops were bad throws vs true drops. Stats like these on paper are always tough to look at without understanding the drop. 10 million/yr, maybe but I’m not going any higher than that when we have options.
  15. I think this forum would go nuclear if CB took a TE and 3 WR’s in the first 3 rounds. I’d say it’s extremely more likely that the team takes a top wr that’s left in the 1-3 rounds than it would be to expect we target 4 offensive picks during those rounds. 1 offensive guy and 3 defensive guys would be my guess. Actually, I’d go so far as to say before we pick up 3 wr’s in this draft, we have another OL player in rounds 1-3 before the chances of having 3 wr’s in an entire draft, let alone in the first 3 rounds.
  16. Ansah would be fine as a rotational type of player that we planned on for 1-2 seasons but at 13+ million a season, no. I would rather take that money and spend on someone with pass rush ability that’s younger and more long term, fulltime type guy, even if that’s a 17 million a year guy, at least we would have a young guy that has time to grow with the team. I’m not sure what a situational pass rush guy is worth but I’d think nowhere close to 13/yr.
  17. Did Willis participate in the combine? If so, how did his numbers compare? I’m gonna go search and see if I find it.
  18. I wanted to get in before someone steals my thunder!! trade Brissett for Dee Ford
  19. That is what I’ve seen as well, 2 seasons to play then he is a FA at age 32
  20. He may be close but he is certainly not a slam dunk to the HOF. There are a lot of really talented players in his playing years that’s gonna push him. Depends on what year he goes out I suspect. How many all-pro selections has he had and how many pro bowls has he been selected to without others dropping out allowing him to play? I honestly don’t know those numbers but assume someone who is diehard into these things know.
  21. Maybe and maybe not. If we have guys we start to pay and we then have to decide on paying TY a third contract with big numbers or having to let a break out Star his second contract that’s gonna be big money, CB at some point has to make choices on who he can or can’t keep. That’s how the world of capology has worked. Do you take a chance of keeping TY for 3 more years while he reaches 35-36 or lose your younger star who is at his 2nd contract? I’m going to go with the odds and take the younger guy and know I’ve built in TY’s replacement into my working 2-4 year team attrition plan. That’s what great GM’s do and they do it without cap killing your team during transitions to new players.
  22. You are probably correct. What I hope will happen is both sides can reach an agreement that we will give you a fair deal but we aren’t going to cap strap the team for more years than needed if your wheels fall off. If CB can relay that message in a way that isn’t offensive to the player, they can more than likely get something fair done. The player makes market money but the team has an out for a following season if the player shows decline not equal to the market rated contract. I’d love to see TY retire a Colt but it’s got to be about team first, not nostalgic player preference.
  23. No, he isn't a slam dunk player, nor is he highly consistent enough for me. The high cost of the contract is questionable to me let alone adding 2 draft picks. Hard no from me
  24. I think we see what he does this season and pay accordingly. When the wheels come off TY, its gonna look ugly. When that time will be is the question. He will be 32 near the start of his next contract, I am not sure 4 years at that price is wise. I am almost in the camp of play out the contract and then move on while the iron is still hot. Maybe a 3 year extension you can get away from with little to no cap hit after 2. IDK
  25. You are going to be lucky to take one of those let alone all 3 of them. I am not sure I want to spend my one big cap dollar in FA on a safety unless he is tops at coverage and the run, is he both of those things?
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