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  1. We didn’t take Sweat because of the heart concern and teams passed up Simmons too because of injury. Both turned out ok. Never know about injuries and reoccurrence. I think the uncertainty about being able to really give him the check up would not make me have him on my first round board but I’d sure have to have him as a 34 pick and certainly with 44 based on the information that we’ve been fed. Teams definitely have more and there may still be uncertainty just based off not having hands on time but he has still been cleared with a physician that teams have signed off with. I see h
  2. I definitely don’t think we would trade up for a pick that nobody has really been able to closely examine and work out. If he fell into the 2nd round, yeah, you might take your gamble there. I’d think if teams are willing to risk talent transfer into the nfl from Herbert or Love in the top 10, someone is going to risk his injury history, given his definite talent level, in the first round. I’d think. I wouldn’t be that guy to risk my first pick, nor trade draft capital to get up to get this injury riddled guy.
  3. I’d wonder if San Fran wouldn’t offer that #44 for next years 1st and would it be enough given it would likely be in the mid to late 20’s at best as they have a very good team. Might only be at the best a 12 spot advance a year away, assuming they were to win the SB. I’d sure like it if one of those teams that think they are close and want a certain player that’s there at 44, offer the trade of a first next year and then it turn into a top 10 somehow or low teens. Like say the Jets maybe Atlanta or even Philly. Idk, anything is possible.
  4. It would not take both 2nds to move from 34 to 31 and if they even asked for that, I’d hang up on them and block their number.
  5. I’d take Tua 100 times out of 100 if he fell to the 4th rd. Unless there is something in the files that show he can’t be 100% because of his injuries, I’d definitely take a flier on him. Heck, people are willing to risk a top 10 and possibly 5 on a guy that is extremely mixed on his path to success in both Herbert and Love. To say you take him off the board completely because of injury concerns might be a bit overkill. I can see being cautious in first round picks but after that, idk.
  6. Are you saying if Tua fell to the 4th round, you wouldn’t take a risk?
  7. I’d be ok with using a 5th rounder on a guy who was once valued that high. The knee is one thing and I feel that is pretty recoverable. The disc though does provide a level of concern that he could have limits in strength and durability over the years. Giving him a year to develop and gain strength wouldn’t upset me though and a 5th round pick is where you take on gambles anyway. Could he be any worse than Clark? If he poses as much potential as what Clark has provided to date, I’d see it as a positive risk.
  8. What were his injuries? NM, it was in the article eek
  9. I think way too many people don’t understand this aspect of picking players. A guy on the Super Bowl winning Chiefs team may not work out equally as well on the Dolphins team that lacks supporting cast members or operating in a similar style playbook. That is why football is known more of a team sport and really requires the harmony of all 11 players more than it does having one superstar, like you see in basketball. I think that’s one reason we’ve seen the Pats succeed for so long. They’ve let so many seemingly great stars leave and then flop or at least not produce like they did in NE. They
  10. I think it’s a valid question. Under different circumstances I’d probably be more willing to look at what a trade could bring but this team just said we are going all in this season with the signing of Rivers. If we already had Luck still in place for several more years, I could see the advantage but having Rivers for 1-2, I see the game plan of Denver with Manning. Load up on proven talent right now and let the chips fall later. I don’t hate the idea of trying to get some value nearing the end but I’d think this is the wrong time.
  11. Would you be willing to trade 44 for a #1 next year? I think I’d be willing to do that only if CB was thinking he wants in on the QB class next year instead of this years group. Ammo for moving up with two 1’s is much easier than without.
  12. It’s always all about shaping the narratives not logical information. That’s what the “not true” likes to do. some reporters just like to feel relevant so they put up shockers and clickbait type topics. Sometimes, good or bad press, it’s still attention. Disgraceful what we’ve accepted over time.
  13. My big question here would be, say we give him the 5th year option and he plays really well, is it him shining or is it the improvement up front with all the money we’ve invested in the line? Secondly to that question, if it’s because of the improved line, can we get similar production from a new draft pick after this year or do we go ahead and pay for a new high level contract on a guy who only showed that production with a new dline? I say by placing all that money in the Dline, you have a product that makes the backend always look better and can be replaced with cheaper, younger players ins
  14. Maybe CB is on the phone with TB at pick 44 if KMet is their to take, we offer a 5th round. If they say no, we take KMet and move on. If yes, we have other options now. I’d go for a 5th rounder but no more. This is his last year on that contract so I’m not giving up anything higher if I’m CB. This kid isn’t a make or break the team and it’s still possible to get a slightly equal talent, that’s younger, in the 4th.
  15. If Hebert were to slide into the 20’s I’d wonder if CB would take a look at trading up to get him? The for sure thing that will happen, players will be picked earlier than we thought and that will push others down that we were certain would be gone. Could be a QB or a CB or a WR, nobody knows until it happens. I think the team is in a great position though to get a really solid 1-3 players in this draft for sure. An All-pro like we got with Leonard, idk but I’d take a team of 11 solid players on one side playing together over 1 all-pro with 10 others playing meh.
  16. I’m more hopeful we see a WR, TE and OLine with our first 3 picks. The plot will certainly thicken if Love is available at 34 though and I’m not sure you could not take him. WR, TE and Oline is top 3 imho. Cb could also be a distant 3rd as well. I could honestly see this. You could insert multiple different QB names for Eason, from Love down to Morgan or Gordon etc... The plan has to be for PR to be a 2 year option OR for one of those other QB’s to absolutely shine in the preseason (if we have one) or during practices showing he knows what’s happening and capable of implement
  17. Doug, you can’t argue with mr superiority complex guy, he is to great, after all, he has 8 years of credibility here. He is all knowing and all being. I’m not sure that even the good lord himself is in the same class as this guy claims he is. His overconfident arrogance Cracks me up. “I’ve covered this professionally for 30 years” blah blah blah. Sounds like Brian Williams from NBC, bet he was there when the first moon landing happened too. some people claim they know it all yet here he is, posting on a message board (probably from his grandmothers basement). I’ve blocked him a few w
  18. I’d probably take the risk of a contract like that with him unless there are issues the public isn’t aware of that’s causing him to stay on the market. The guy has a high motor most of the time and even though he doesn’t hit 15 sacks every year, he is often flushing that QB off his spot and we have others that can capitalize on that pursuit. So if you treat the defense as the whole and not on the individual, we would get pretty good results from a Houston, Buckner, Turray and Clowney and at a base of 12.5/year, I’d like that action. I’d say it’s fair pricing and if he does blow up, he earns mo
  19. Rosey’s power came from the vision, nobody could tell where he was looking to run lol
  20. I liked Moncreif so much that I bought his jersey when it came out. Wasted fabric grrrrrr
  21. This is what I’m thinking. We’ve just closed the world to business with no end date known yet and we are thinking the cap number couldn’t drastically go up? It is also just as conceivable that cap stays flat or goes down for a period of time in an unknown financial world. It’s one thing to get players back on the field, it’s another to say getting the financial world back up and running again. Time will tell.
  22. Jdubu


    I won’t jump on the OP, it’s his opinion and idea. What I would say, I would rather take a risk on Jamison Winston or Newton than with this guy. I’m not a fan of Haskins for sure. If someone offers us a 5th or 6th, we had better jump on that. JB is worth the equivalent of a Canadian Nickel in Mexico currently.
  23. I think if the team likes him, he would definitely be rotational piece for now. You have Buckner and Grover as the starter with Day and this kid as rotation pieces. Still not sure where Lewis fits in with this team currently though. if the kid is a option for our 3rd rd, I wonder what it would take to jump up to the first pick of the third rd to ensure we can get a difference maker to groom. Will he be there with our original 3rd?? Idk, what’s his flaws?
  24. I’d be close to seeing if he would take a 2 yr deal. 30 million, 17 guaranteed. I don’t want another 1 year deal unless they are fringe player. JC is certainly not a fringe guy, he has super talent. He does bring baggage and for the money, I’m not sure I’d want committed to him longer term. He has too many games missed in his career so far.
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