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    Josh Rosen

    Conditional 7th round pick in the 2021 draft. If he isn’t a starter for the colts in 1/4 of the season, they get nothing.
  2. We have some talent to choose from. I’d use 34 and 44 and if there was some way to get either Wilson or Hooker and obtain another 2nd, I’d be getting another 2nd. Go for quality over quantity.
  3. Best as I can understand, these guys are really boom to bust and probably more avg types. We already have those guys.
  4. Probably because judge mental reasonable people can accept that people can and do grow up at different rates. Get over your hatred of the kid. If he fails, he fails. We are no further out than taking Love and having him flop. It’s all risk. God the people who are judging these kids for stupid actions that seemed related to maturity have little clue of how youth grow. He was an *, has been a model citizen since coming to Indy. It’s really all you can ask of a flawed candidate. None of the candidates left, including Love, have anymore talent than Kelly has and none of them are guaranteed anythin
  5. I would also sign up for that. Lots of player combinations that I’d be happy with. No QB or DE and I’d be fine.
  6. I’m in the same camp. CB has said trenches first. However, there looks to be some absolute fantastic WR’s left, Delpit still on the board and the TE’s. We definitely have options that in most drafts, would be first rounders. For certain!
  7. Rogers becomes trade bait in a year or two?
  8. Maybe the colts will get him in his free agency year
  9. Seems they lack something on defense, right?
  10. Hard but not impossible. However, it won’t shock me if he stays and does well. He isn’t the weakest link on the team, he isn’t the player we hoped for though.
  11. My thought is based off the trade of Hooker though. If we keep Hooker, I’d say CB or TE.
  12. I wouldn’t be upset with both guys. Claypool and Pittman has grown on me over time and the others in here who have talked them up, more so for Pittman than Claypool but I’d like both. It’s just that two is a luxury to me and I really think we need that OT who can step in a game or a few plays if needed and then transition into next year or year after as a mainstay.
  13. I went OT, X and FS. I would definitely be happy with your combination of players as well.
  14. Also a good question. I still hope that Rivers is here to help mentor and develop Kelly and that he could be part of the future, idk. But if the question is that Gordon presents no upgrade from Kelly, avoid it. If the feeling is he does offer at least the level of Kelly or better, take him and let’s move Kelly where the kid can get a chance. I still don’t see JB being here at the start of the season.
  15. It’s a good question and I was just trying to find more info on him before I came back here and seen this thread. Besides him not being 6’4” he sounds like he has a weaker arm than many of the others. It’s was either Kevin’s Bowen pod cast or stampede blue podcast that talked him up. Said a weakness was the arm strength. My problem with that, that’s what was said about Manning and he turned out fine as well. Not all QB’s have the Geoff George or Brett Farve Cannon but having a Cannon didn’t help Ryan Leaf at all. If it’s simply an arm strength issue that has him knocked down, I’d think you cou
  16. Agree. His name alone selected will get season tix holders excited and new ones added. Will he play right away remains to be seen as well and if so, does he stay healthy? If he plays and does enough, you will get those extended ST holders and new ones added for 2 years in a row. Always a crap shoot.
  17. Tua will sell tickets for at least a couple seasons over Herbert imho.
  18. So the RB situation is a valid thought imho. Let’s say that Mack has told the team his low bid $$$ is too high, the team seemingly just stopped in negotiations early when it was rumored there was discussions. Maybe CB said we aren’t going a dime over this and he said go fly a kite, CB says no problem. Tells his scouts, let’s plan on getting our next RB because I’m not investing 8 million plus on a RB that doesn’t catch. It has merit to thinking this way. I could also very well see the move up for a OT that falls to replace AC after 2 seasons. A CB is also an out of the mainstream
  19. I almost think we could go for a CB if a top one falls or an OT. I don’t see us going up for a QB, unless, no, I just can’t imagine we do a trade up for a QB. Just don’t.
  20. Jags oline would ruin any QB they ever get anyway.
  21. Always a possibility. Even the new, shiny DT we picked up this offseason can do the same thing. All a GM can do is hope he has identified hard workers who will put hard work and team ahead of just making lots of money. He has to pick the ones who will choose both of these things mutually and not just exclusive. For every Reggie Wayne type, you get Landry types. I trust CB’s assessment of them for the most part.
  22. Exactly!! It’s a cheap way to add picks. Doesn’t often work out but even if 2 hit, that’s a positive gain. It’s quite possible that TB wanted more than a 4th or CB wasn’t willing to part with a 4th? We don’t know. It’s quite possible, CB didn’t like all of Howard’s game too. I tell you what, I’d take a Pittman jr and Claypool back to back picks if an OT if worth isn’t there at 34. If we had to grab one of these two and hope the other guy falls to 3rd round pick, which player stands the best chance of being there for our 3rd round spot? I absolutely hope this is what
  23. I’d say that this signing has absolutely zero bearing on what CB does with the TE position in the draft. He has guys now he is good with and if Moss were to fall to him late, or any of the TE’s we like fall, he can pick them up and it’s a camp duel, nothing lost. If they still choose a KMet at say 44, now they have the option to take him there or Claypool or whatever receiving type kid that’s available, no need to trade up for anyone imho. Good flexibility for this draft and this years offense if we miss out on a targeted player.
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