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  1. My shocker is that we trade up and take the best TE on the board that likes to catch the ball. FAU player maybe?
  2. So Pittman is now our true X receiver, correct? If so, would that set up Paris Campbell to potentially replace TY if we either don’t resign him because of further injuries or because he asks for a moon sized contract? Possibly Fountain on the other side? Just wondering what our 2021 outlook of Wr’s will start to look like.
  3. At 187 pounds, I hope he isn’t our SS for the future, that’s about 20-30 light in the pants for life in the NFL imho. At FS though, it’s within reasonable range. I like the pick. And, let’s say he shows enough during camp, preseason or in a game or two as a sub, and suppose Hookers just balls out hard this season, we would seemingly get a nice draft comp pick for Hooker as he departs and we use a cheaper draft pick as a replacement. It’s stuff like these picks, when successfully mapped out, that keep the team relevant for years on end. Cap management 101 At this point, I’ll be happy to see any games this season, good or bad because there is serious doubt that the season gets played as we know it. Freaking crappy Chinese virus garbage!!
  4. When GM’s start to worry they’ve upset their fanbase during the draft for staying up late for nothing, that’s when you know it’s over for that GM.
  5. I am pounding the table for an OT.....but we also have a need for long term TE, CB and I’m not gonna be upset to see another DT/DE guy. But oline is a definite need to back up guys.
  6. Chad Kelly. Just say it. It will be fine.
  7. I came around to it over the past few weeks. Originally, I wanted a DT (#13), an OT and a TE then a WR. I’m happy so far.
  8. I’d think about it if they were adding the 3rd but still, we are just at the tail end of an almost 1st rounder now. Again, maybe for 44 or if we traded down a few with someone to collect another pick but if they were in the SB, that trade wouldn’t be very good imho.
  9. Doesn’t make much sense for me. We give 34 and it’s possible they get high 20’s or 30-32 this year. They have a solid team still. I’d have to get more than a #1 next year for an almost 1 this year. Maybe their 2 this year and their 1 next. Or #44 for their 2021 #1
  10. Jdubu

    Josh Rosen

    Conditional 7th round pick in the 2021 draft. If he isn’t a starter for the colts in 1/4 of the season, they get nothing.
  11. We have some talent to choose from. I’d use 34 and 44 and if there was some way to get either Wilson or Hooker and obtain another 2nd, I’d be getting another 2nd. Go for quality over quantity.
  12. Best as I can understand, these guys are really boom to bust and probably more avg types. We already have those guys.
  13. Probably because judge mental reasonable people can accept that people can and do grow up at different rates. Get over your hatred of the kid. If he fails, he fails. We are no further out than taking Love and having him flop. It’s all risk. God the people who are judging these kids for stupid actions that seemed related to maturity have little clue of how youth grow. He was an *, has been a model citizen since coming to Indy. It’s really all you can ask of a flawed candidate. None of the candidates left, including Love, have anymore talent than Kelly has and none of them are guaranteed anything. If we have to offer Kelly a 200 million dollar contract, then we really have to look at things. Some of you have been so ridiculous and judgmental that’s its embarrassing.
  14. I would also sign up for that. Lots of player combinations that I’d be happy with. No QB or DE and I’d be fine.
  15. I’m in the same camp. CB has said trenches first. However, there looks to be some absolute fantastic WR’s left, Delpit still on the board and the TE’s. We definitely have options that in most drafts, would be first rounders. For certain!
  16. Rogers becomes trade bait in a year or two?
  17. Maybe the colts will get him in his free agency year
  18. Seems they lack something on defense, right?
  19. Hard but not impossible. However, it won’t shock me if he stays and does well. He isn’t the weakest link on the team, he isn’t the player we hoped for though.
  20. My thought is based off the trade of Hooker though. If we keep Hooker, I’d say CB or TE.
  21. I wouldn’t be upset with both guys. Claypool and Pittman has grown on me over time and the others in here who have talked them up, more so for Pittman than Claypool but I’d like both. It’s just that two is a luxury to me and I really think we need that OT who can step in a game or a few plays if needed and then transition into next year or year after as a mainstay.
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