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  1. I watched this and thought he was being. This is the issues we are seeing in society, someone says something, others interpret it as something negative when it’s not. Take it for what it was, the young man being loose. He hasn’t even taken a pass from Andrew so how is he supposed to compare them yet. Stupid formed question by media.
  2. I wouldn’t be shocked really if we went after a LT that dropped to us because of all the other talent on defense available. See what he has and then you have the option to sign AC to an extension on team terms or allow him to walk altogether. Makes some sense really in building long term. LT is hard to find at 26 and because of all the defense and QB’s that is taken, one is likely to land in our lap that wouldn’t normally. Who that will be is the question. So my dark horse pick is LT or TE.
  3. You’re most likely correct. I thought it could be that way as well. Just thought maybe they could add a twist to the board of these are the elite guys we identified but expect to be gone. If by some chance any of these are left (Hooker for example) we switch to this board and pick. I’ll admit, 1 board with all players would be easier to just mark off players as they are picked.
  4. Win a SB or at least get into one and you climb over those guys. You get credit for building teams that make it that far. Every GM hits and misses with picks and FA guys. Those who realize and adapts and helps their team reach the SB with the right mix gets points for that. CB is on his way towards that goal. Be patient grasshopper
  5. It may be coaching over the GM aspect for the Pats but you can’t deny that team has a very high level track record of success in the nfl so yeah, he gets the nod at #1 until they start falling off the top of the hill. Quite an amazing run in a salary cap era. Much like back in the pre cap era when it was either San Fran, Dallas or??? CB is one hot draft away from moving into top 3-5 GM’s imho. Super bowl win accelerates that into top 2
  6. Maybe because for the first time in like forever, this franchise seems to have real, definable hope. That is an accenting team and for them to take the seemingly right QB with first choice, says a lot. I’d agree with Dorsey up there but I wouldn’t agree with Kevin Colbert of the Steelers being above CB.
  7. I’d assume he has a list aside that are considered no chance to get and are considered elite but if they fell, you go pull from that list and then get back on your normal board. Who knows.
  8. As in Quinnen Williams? Not .0000001% chance at all. Waaaaay to much draft capital to give up imho.
  9. I’d be willing to give our 59, not 34 or 26 if I also have to pay 20 mil/yr. I just don’t feel like he is that generational player to make 20/yr and cost us high draft picks. I honestly don’t think anyone has been worth it this offseason. They’ve all had holes in their game.
  10. If we could get this draft, holy cow!! I’d be all in on this. Just can’t imagine that TE falling to us.
  11. You can’t tell me a guy who weighs 340+ doesn’t have a mean streak in him. Maybe we have to pull it out of him a little bit by hiding his pregame meal or telling him there is cake and cookie only to find out it’s really tofu cake and cardboard cookies :)
  12. I don’t like to trade a first round pick and have to pay full price on a huge contract that Clark is demanding he receive. I’d say just stick with the process of getting your guy in the draft with the picks you have and develop them. Clark isn’t a generation type of player, he is just very good for the Seahawks at this point. I don’t like the idea.
  13. This is my stance. I see comments where others are saying but Lawrence doesn’t make sense, he doesn’t fit our scheme or the 340+ DT are fossils of the league etc... If CB says we pick Lawrence, it’s because he and his coaching staff and his scouts have discussed him and watched his film a ton. If CB and the coaches agree he isn’t a fit here, he won’t be in the BPA list because he isn’t BPA for this scheme. May this stage of the draft threads, I’m just ready to get the draft over so we can get fresh threads with new disagreements about how CB missed on _____________ and how we reached picking this or that guy lol (not saying you or your reply here).
  14. Nothing would shock me this year but I hope we get a defensive guy that plugs in right away and makes plays and builds from there, even if we trade up. We must have more pressure from our line whether it’s the players or building on the scheme, we have to move the qb.
  15. My take on this is we wouldn’t take the risk on Simmons at 26 unless maybe there was a prior run on the defensive line and he was left. What I could see though is at 34, we roll the dice with that pick if he is still on since that pick is an add on anyways. I also wouldn’t be shocked if we went Tillery too if both are there at 34. I’d like to see Ferrell and/or Wilkins at our pick come 26.
  16. If we do anything at all with JB, this would be the scenario I hope we employ, a move up in the first to get a defensive guy we prize. Our 26 + JB would be awesome in used capital to a qb needy team. The only team I can see that may have any desire to see another qb is Pitt at 20 but then what signal would that send to Ben and how would that upset the cart there? Another potential is possibly 17 with the Giants but I just am not sure our 26, JB is enough to entice them. May have to add in our 4th comp pick. Idk, I just don’t see the value for us to trade our back up and giving more picks. If it’s a swap of 1st rd picks and JB for a pick that fits us, we should absolutely do it and not look back. If not, we carry on and just hope we can showcase his talents in PS and he signs a bigger deal somewhere next season and we get a 3rd rd comp.
  17. I’d have some interest in Tell but what concerns me about him would be, if he tested so well in areas that would benefit him as a CB pick, why didn’t he play that at USC? Did USC have excellent cb’s in their system already? If so, are any of those guys coming into the draft? I would think most teams would covet a cb over a safety any day. If he can transfer the safety skill into a cb spot, and he has excellent ball tracking skills, he would certainly sound like a good candidate to try out and a value pick on day 3.
  18. I don’t believe I ever even tried to sell a seat in the Manning era, not because of money or anything but my kids were small then and didn’t quite have the many activities that I now have to schedule around. Back in those days, I Tailored my work schedule around football season and still had time to spend with my kids. Now, I have to schedule my work around my kids activities, which I highly enjoy, and something had to give and that was the Colts games, it wasn’t over the price of tickets. I’d still have them if I thought I could make 6 of the 8 home games but I doubt I’d have time to make 2 a year so the offset of not being able to put colt fans in those seats at a break even cost at minimum isn’t worth the expenditure. I hope for your sake, the team gets righted this season and the demand is there to at least get you to a break even for the games you can’t make.
  19. We held tickets from 1996 through the 2017 season. We met some lifelong friends in the dome that still exists today. Both of us decided 2017 was the final year and we made nearly 95% of all those games. We attempted to sell some for the first time in 2016 and then again in 2017 and when we couldn’t even get 50% price on the bigger draw teams, and knowing now our kids schedules are really busy and take much more time to see them, we decided to drop, as did our friends. Luck is a great draw for many but he isn’t quite the draw for some reason that Manning was for some odd reason. Back in the high days, people who worshiped manning from Tennessee have helped prop those higher priced tickets up because they could travel easy from that region. Luck is from Texas and Stanford so their isn’t a regional following in my opinion. With all that, if Luck wins a Super Bowl with the team this season or next, I think ticket desire will become elevated with the Luke warm fans and ticket prices will increase on the secondary market.
  20. Maybe that is what CB told him to do thinking our pick would likely be Lawrence. I would think CB would tell Leonard to keep weight if he didn’t think we had enough beef to cover him. Idk
  21. I am guessing, as a few have eluded to in here, that CB has spoken to Inman, explained where the team is on a contract and his place on the team and said look, if after the draft you haven’t found a suitable home, we have an offer standing for you, if nothing more than to compete with a potential new draft pick as well as the other guys. Right now, TY and likely Funchess is the only guaranteed starters here, there is room for you but both of us have to be realists here. Good luck Inman if you find a new home, I’ll put in a word if you need one but I’d also love to see you back after the draft if it doesn’t work out elsewhere for you. I could see CB being that upfront with Inman. Assure him he has a contract after the draft that will give him a chance to beat out younger guys but also make sure he is aware that he isn’t our first choice and we really want to be a younger group. I hope we see Inman back, he just clicked and caught balls. I don’t need 5 super star wr’s, or even 3, I just want a reliable chain mover.
  22. I agree with you, while I like the group of wr’s we have, I would not be upset if we got another playmaker in the draft and Cain comes in and shows he has the goods we’ve expected. We have TY and can sign him to a final 3 yr deal, have Cain step up, have another wr from this draft perform and grow for the 2020 year and then we literally have 3 horses in the stable as well as the peripheral fringe guys like Pascal etc... unless Funchess comes in and just balls out, I’m not sure he is considered as a building piece to the CB world, he is the gap for 2019 imho. I still wouldn’t be upset to see Inman back on a 2-3 yr deal.
  23. I too liked Johnson. Look for him to become a player for us but him nor Cain should prevent us from taking a talent at WR if the board falls right to us. Imho
  24. How many times did we meet with big Q? Heck even Q thought the team had no interest in him. CB is sly. Never show your cards
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