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    A Day Later

    Dang, and I thought I liked Kelly. I felt like I seen enough good from Kelly to give him the shot at leading the team this year, or at the very least, the opportunity to try. You win the dedicated fanship though I believe. What I would say is for Kelly to make sure he has buckled down all offseason and make sure he knows that playbook so that come time to play in TC or PS, if we have either, he will stand out to everyone. I don’t mind true competition and may the best of the best stay. I could still see JB cut and them rolling with Rivers, Kelly and Eason. Of course one or both could absolutely look like poo at the same time and then we are all going crap, now what. Lol Some of us Kelly fans see talent. Others see a past of the kid screwing up and not letting his current part of life dictate how you view him. I’ll be fine with whatever happens during the competition of who to keep.
  2. My bad, that was another poster who said that about Buckner. Lol, I was like why in the world are you bringing up Eason lol.
  3. I still would say that on paper, Eason is the steal for us. He may need at least 1 full season and another offseason but if he puts in the work and if he takes to instruction like a sponge, he could be at least a top 10 QB in the league and I will take that and a solid defense and a solid running game everyday. As I’ve said in another post, I’d really like for Manning to get a hold of him and kind of walk him through the paces he recalls as a rookie. I don’t expect another QB who eats, sleeps and breathes 24/7 football like Peyton did, but I’d like to see a legend work with Eason a bit to hep kick start him into what a legend of a QB worked like. Could be good or it could be overwhelming, idk but I think it would be worth it to try.
  4. I still don’t see it, not a steal. You said Buckner with our 13th pick was a steal and that’s not what I’d call a steal at all. He is going to be a very good player for us I’d believe but we paid top money and a high finders fee with the 13th over pick. That’s a steep price in my eyes.
  5. Yeah, I don’t see a steal in a player you traded away a 13th pick for and then turned around and paid a max money contract on. That’s not a steal at all, that’s just doing business while improving your team. Had we either got him on a rookie contract for that pick trade or traded a 3rd rounder, you could maybe claim it’s a steal.
  6. Same could be said for every draft pick. If you get Peyton Manning in the 6th round and he ended up busting, it’s not a steal. Danny Pinter could turn into a real bargain if he does well.
  7. Player was taken but in the 4th, what’s your level of distain or pleasure currently? nice call @Chloe6124
  8. My grades 1. Buckner- A+ definite day 1 stud starter, makes the entire defense better 2. Pittman-A Our true X WR who can wall off and stab a ball in the air. He will make teams pay one way or the other by choosing to double him or TY. He should be what Funchess was supposed to be but cheaper and for at least 4 years. He makes this offense become “wide open” imho. 3. Taylor-A- many experts call him the best of the RB group. If nothing else, he sounds like a consensus 1-2 top RB in this draft. To get that value in the 2nd rd, I’ll take it and it does give this team options to handle a potentially large contract ask for Mack next year. There is the concern of having all those miles but honestly, if he balls out for 4 years, franchise him for the 5th and then move on, you’ve got good value from that spot if he plays like predictions. 4. Blackmon- C So this appears to be a succession planning here. A great looking young talent at the FS spot. Is he going to play this year or not, that’s the question and does CB even care? If he plans accurately, Hooker balls out this season, he leaves for bigger money, we get a comp and his replacement steps right in. I give a C because it could go either way on this kid. 5. Eason- B+ A QB of this level at the 4th rd who was mocked at the late first or into the 2nd rd by almost every major mock there is, that is just great value for a QB. He really could be a franchise guy. He could also bust out and be gone in a year or two if he doesn’t put real, full effort into his craft. This is where you would like to see Peyton Manning come into play as a gold jacket holding Colts icon. Get a hold of this guy and show him how you poured yourself into the game to become a GOAT!! Don’t allow him to start off guessing how to start preparing as an NFL guy, give him a blueprint and who better to do that from? The nice thing here with Eason, you aren’t pinning your franchise hope on this kid. He is a 4th round, low expectations guy who you have ultra high expectations for, if that makes sense. I think they know the high potential he could bring but also doesn’t have the extreme weight of being a #13 pick. He has room and space to breathe while learning, failing and succeeding...or failing and moving on. Perfectly placed spot for this kid imho. 6. Pinter-C+ I don’t know him. Short arms concern me but we aren’t asking him to be the LT. Most of what I read here about him are mostly positive and stuff he can improve with nfl level teaching and training. He could turn into a starter in a couple seasons or be gone. Coin flip. Most of these kids past this point have little expectations from me. I’m more of a 1-4 rounds thinker. Anything from anyone past 4th is just gravy and good luck. 7. Windsor- C don’t know a thing about him. 8. Rodgers-B From what little I’ve read and seen on him, he has very solid value at this point of the draft. ST player while he learns and sounds like a player who will always have a chip on his shoulder. Wished he was 6’ 2” lol 9. Patmon- B Another very good value and with the right attitude and ability to absorb NFL quality training, this guy could be another big body player we’ve looked for. Has great potential to become a player. Question will be, can he stick on the 53? can he get to and stay on the PS if he doesn’t make the 53? Is this kid going to be our next internet/fan obsession like Cain/Fountain had been (full disclosure, I was on the Cain train and am really pulling for Fountain lol) because of his size? It would be awesome to have 2 quality X style wr’s on the team. 10. Glasgow- C Meh, at this area of the draft, throw a dart and select the player. ST guy and maybe lucky lightening in the bottle types. Likely will never see a role on this team. overall, I’ll give this draft a Solid B. Had we gotten a potential next year starting quality LT in the draft somewhere, I’d have given it an A. I hope to god AC can stay healthy 100% of the season because who would step into that spot if we had to fill in for 1 play or 1 game? Clark? Yikes!!
  9. I’d think that Blackmon is going to be more of the FS not the strong safety. Unless I’m thinking about this wrong, the SS is the guy usually more up towards the line and helps support the run more. The FS is the guy over the middle to deep part of the field and is more of a coverage guy for the pass? Just wondering why you think he would be lined up in a SS instead of a FS? I see this kid taking over for Hooker and Willis taking over for Geathers. I really fully expected us to get a OT in the 2nd, in fact, I assumed instead of WR, we would take the best OT left on the board. Maybe Pinter replaces our valuable swing type Swiss Army knife guy but can he or will he ever be able to take over for the RG spot and be better than the current guy? as you, I’m really pretty surprised we didn’t take a TE anywhere in the draft at all. I don’t know what CB seen in the DT he took vs any of the TE’s that were still present but that is a spot that makes me scratch my head.
  10. Oh I’m pretty sure that Eason will get a fair evaluation. If anything, Reich has shown that.
  11. We all have assumed that BB wants him back, has there been a credible report or a BB quote that says he would like to have JB back? I think we all just want JB gone so bad we’ve injected the pats into taking him off our hands. They may look like they need a QB but everyone knows that BB isn’t conventional. While I honestly just want to move on, They could literally tell him if he still wants to be here, restructure to minimum salary or we cut you. In that situation, JB has to determine whether he would want to be a Colt or whether more money somewhere else is possible. I’d just cut bait. CK also knows the playbook. So Eason would be at the disadvantage here but gets the most rope because he is the prospect draft pick. The same could be true if either Eason or CK or for that matter, JB is retained and shows what the team hoped for. I’d really like to see CK and Eason battle for 2&3 spots, moving on from JB altogether.
  12. I too wouldn’t mind seeing what this Gordon kid could bring. Competition between 5 QB’s (really 3). PR and JB aren’t really in the mix of competition as PR is no doubt the starter and JB, regardless of what CB says, isn’t long for this team imho.
  13. Was he even any good or was he just a last name recognition? I didn’t even know Randy had a kid until near the end of this season.
  14. What is the advantage in allowing 2 more guys play and having 2 guys coming from the PS? I wished they would just allow all them to dress and play. All 53 or 55.
  15. This draft went exactly as I predicted. In fact, all my picks were taken...just not by the colts nor in the order I expected lol. I never expected a RB, let alone in the 2nd but that value. Wow i never expected a QB although, in the 4th, I think it was very good value. I absolutely did not see GB as the team taking Love, or any QB in the first 4-5 rounds. Astonishing
  16. I’d still take a 5th round pick for next season or this draft. Just get that contract off our books and let’s move on from JB experience
  17. I’d be curious to see what many people know about this Washington team. What type of receivers or running game did he have to compliment his skills? Was his oline any good? Did his defense give him the ball back or force the team into being one dimensional as a passing team to catch up? I’ve never watched that team. I’m certain the Pats never picked Brady and said some day, this skinny kid is going to be a goat candidate. Sometimes, a team and a player just match up and click, often times they don’t. Eason will definitely have an opportunity to learn and then succeed if he wants it bad enough. Great structure in place for his success. I recall Jamarcus Russell and that cannon arm. It amounted to nothing because his head didn’t match the arm. Let’s hope Eason’s head matches the arm better. What was his wonderlick score?
  18. I agree here, from the little I recall, Fromm has most all skills except a strong arm but it’s not a noodle arm. Brains over Braun for me. I trust that our team really dug deep into every aspect of these guys and felt they had a better chance of going with who they picked. Fromm is still available. Rivers is safe, none of the others should be buying a house in Indy or signing a long lease.
  19. Hopefully being a 4th round pick and understanding that everyone around him is working hard or going home to pick up a 9-5 job making much less than a minimum contract football paycheck will. Is he a humbled guy that thinking he was a lock as a first rounder and 2nd at best, does that motivate him? We are going to at least see. We already know that CB will cut anyone.
  20. I’m really indifferent about this group of QB’s that were left. He definitely looks every bit the part of a QB in regardless to size and arm strength. Everything else concerns me but something hopefully the team can teach and build on over the next two years. I’d doubt he would make it to the PS if we ended up making him a last cut because of his position and his traits. I fully agree, if there were any chances that we carry 3 guys at QB again, I’d say let CK and Eason battle it out for the back up spot and potential replacement for Rivers in 1-2 years. JB I could see getting traded for a 2021 pick while we go through TC this year and PS and some team loses a QB to injury. I say JB. He isn’t a future here and his salary could be used elsewhere.
  21. I can get behind this Wr but I think it would give the team too many developmental guys at the same spot. I say we develop the ones we have and look to next year if we need more. That’s my thought. I do think this is an area we could look at taking the QB to develop with From and season and Gordon and Morgan sitting there. It would be a great place to get one and see if they are capable of beating out Kelly or not as that is the starting floor in my opinion. I’d love to be able to make a trade with someone for JB and their 4th round today or a 3rd for next season. Doubtful but a guy can dream. A rush end wouldn’t be a bad way to go either but if I am picking my best Ballard choice, we are going TE here.
  22. My shocker is that we trade up and take the best TE on the board that likes to catch the ball. FAU player maybe?
  23. So Pittman is now our true X receiver, correct? If so, would that set up Paris Campbell to potentially replace TY if we either don’t resign him because of further injuries or because he asks for a moon sized contract? Possibly Fountain on the other side? Just wondering what our 2021 outlook of Wr’s will start to look like.
  24. At 187 pounds, I hope he isn’t our SS for the future, that’s about 20-30 light in the pants for life in the NFL imho. At FS though, it’s within reasonable range. I like the pick. And, let’s say he shows enough during camp, preseason or in a game or two as a sub, and suppose Hookers just balls out hard this season, we would seemingly get a nice draft comp pick for Hooker as he departs and we use a cheaper draft pick as a replacement. It’s stuff like these picks, when successfully mapped out, that keep the team relevant for years on end. Cap management 101 At this point, I’ll be happy to see any games this season, good or bad because there is serious doubt that the season gets played as we know it. Freaking crappy Chinese virus garbage!!
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