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  1. Heck, I’m looking at the QB who is tossing those deep balls in stride and mostly on the money. Dang!!
  2. We shall see how the team leans this season if they keep the Hentges kid and let go of Mo Allie-Cox. Imho, that will signal to me they like him and are willing to part with Doyle regardless of his cost and get younger for cheaper in the process. The nice thing about all this is the team gets a PS of testing and decide that plus they get a whole season (baring injuries) to see what they have in DF. Im looking at the probability of future signings based on upcoming contracts outside of Doyle and Ebron though. I hope we get a few guys signed this year so we can front load a couple and allow for Lucks contract to be tolerable for the team cap space. The team has had to try and fit in Doyle Ebron Funchess AC Moore TY Mack kelly Wilson not to mention the 2022 season guys (Luck and Leonard). These years will be in play a little just with contract structures. CB will have to figure out his plan. Not saying we can’t sign all the guys we want but he may have to forgo a DF or and EE for a smaller contract Doyle type guy. We can all only guess and EE does have that leadership quality and TD production so he likely gets the nod but I just can’t see us keeping EE and DF because they will both cost a lot if DF shows production in his prove it deal.
  3. I’m not sure Polian ever valued defensive guys much anyway. He loved that offense though.
  4. Much of this post I agree with. What I would add is the distinction between Doyle and Ebron is Doyle catches almost all the balls Luck throws to him and while they aren’t 20 yard touch down passes, they are critical 3rd down passes that he catches where as Ebron seemed to lack focus several times if it wasn’t a 20 yard fade in the corner of the end zone. Imho, if the team likes what they see out of Funchess and Doyle performs as well as he did before the injury, I bet Ebron is the guy left out and it’s going to come down to a money and cap management item. Love to have them all but at some point you have to manage the cap for down the road. As for the lb’er spot, while the system may be built for making them more expendable, if DL keeps playing at 2018 pace, you won’t let him walk like we did for guys like Mike Peterson types. Remember, Polian said something about not paying superstar money for a very good player, well Leonard is a superstar player and will no doubt get superstar money on this team unless we change systems or his play falls off. Losing Eberflus is a certainty after this season if he gets this defense playing at a top 5 defense, his time here is limited and I would expect us to have a back up plan in place for the exit.
  5. How much do you think a top 3 guard may cost in 4 years from now? Look at the stupid money the teams spent this past FA season, you think it’s gonna get cheaper? I’d bet by the time we have to pay Big Q, he will command 15-18 Yr. and what did Mack just make for his contract, 2 firsts in the trade and tons of cash. If Leonard continues to play at his high level of 2018, he will easily be over 20 a year, easy.
  6. I agree, I just can’t see all 3 of these guys getting resigned, especially if they are for high production contract money if they all 3 blow up. I do agree about picking the player who not only produces but also shows leadership. All these contracts will take care of themselves and I have faith that CB will choose the right guys based on the system he runs here. AC will be a 2-3 year 36 million range type of contract though I’d bet unless he shows a drop off this season. Kelly will make a lot and then TY is next in line to get his 3rd contract and he gets that UNLESS both Cain and Campbell really come out blazing then the TY contract, which will cost plenty, wouldn’t be a certain lock. Gonna be hard to keep everyone for sure.
  7. I’m not sure we are going to be able to extend everyone of these guys. I’d bet that either Doyle or Ebron doesn’t make another contract, can’t afford both contracts and I’d guess it’s Ebron who gets passed IF we decide to sign DF to a wr contract because he showed he can perform here and he also would fill a similar role to what Ebron brings.
  8. Got it. That’s what working nights does to a guys brain. Unable to clearly read and comprehend stuff lol.
  9. Williams? I see only 4 RB’s making the team. Mack,Hines, Wilkins and Ware probably unless he isn’t the same player he was in KC and one of those kids beat him out.
  10. I like having Hines as an outlet player on the field. Defense has to account for him as a runner or a pass Cather and the OC building plays has to be giddy with all the potential options and formations with all these guys. I wonder what signing Ware means for Wilkins on the team. No way do we keep 5. Decide after PS games I suppose.
  11. Yeah because god forbid we over work a punter/kicker
  12. The writers and fans alike, they grade these based on what they’ve seen so far in college, their measurables, how they assume they can translate their skills into the nfl and as you said, what else do they have to write about until training camps start. What never really ally gets written about well is how a player actually should grade out inside a certain system. For instance, many QB’s get dinged for playing in a spread offense and of course now are expected to play in a pro set offense behind center. You can grade that kid based on his college skills, his measurables, his leadership qualities but adjusting for college play and what he is walking into is tough to do. Like does this new QB that ranks top of the QB list of the writers but comes in with a 32 ranked oline, bad receivers and new coaching systems. Vs a number 4 ranked QB by the same writers yet they actually have some pieces to succeed with already in place. Ive always felt too many teams pick players with these traits that are hot for the nfl but your scheme isn’t quite built for that type of player and the player fails. Sometimes it’s because he just doesn’t fit and lb’ers seem to really fit that problem. Are they a 3-4 or 4-3 guy, those tweeners just ughhh. Crazy skills and stats and athletes but just hard to fit in. So so let’s write about that. Let’s project a grade on a scheme fit guy more than the 168th pick spot of the draft. Idk
  13. That’s what I said to my wife. Uh oh, I bet the board has went bananas
  14. I would like to get some quality picks now to get up to speed. My one concern of trading for the next years 1st round pick is that every year we delay, Luck ages. If Luck was year 3-4, yes, in a heart beat because we have plenty of time but he is year 7 now and he may have 7-8 years left but will they all be elite level years or does he start to diminish in year 5 from here? If there are no quality guys up at 34 worth that pick that we can benefit from, fine, trade away but lets not get so cute here that we outsmart ourselves in the search for stockpiling of picks. I still trust whatever CB will do because he hasn't called to ask my opinion yet lol
  15. It’s possible he could trade down a few spots and grab another 2nd next year or just stay put. Always disappointing not be be able to open any new gifts on Christmas Day though I still trust 100% in CB.
  16. If it’s his agent, it won’t matter because every team who was looking at him has had experts look very close at all his tests and likely retested him again. The experts will know the issues regardless of what a floated report says, only the fans will be forced to think everything is good because of it.
  17. I’m not so quick to write Clark off. Motivation, learning curve or just not quite talented enough to become a starting LT in this league are all possibilities but overcoming the Texas Tech scheme into an NFL scheme just might be a lot of overcoming. He has played some and at times he looked like the part and at other times looked very slow but reps and confidence are needed for success. If Mudd can build him up and likes him, he will succeed, here or somewhere next year. It would be nice if we could get a solid enough back up behind AC and Smith if needed for this season if not beyond. If Mudd doesn’t like him, he won’t be here to start the season.
  18. How many GM’s have that type of longevity? I’d say a 3 yr sample is what you get judged off of. If you can’t make 3 years, you never deserved a shot at top half GM anyways
  19. Probably awhile. And when you are always in the SB or AFC championship games, you are gonna be #1 because whatever you’re doing is working, be it great coaching or great GM work, as the GM, you get credit for building the team and blame for failure.
  20. In terms of ranking the GM’s, we are looking at the here and now, not past history of 2-5 years back really. Everything is what have you done for me currently for the top GM spots. Hell, Grigson was GM of year once, let that sink in. It’s quite possible that CB follows the same path as well but his actions so far wouldn’t indicate he is an egomaniac like Grigs was.
  21. Just for the record, I only want top tier , elite staring athletes. Big drop off in the tier two guys who can stare for any length of time. Injury prone too. We don’t need someone with prior history or tear duct strain or tear. Tearing the tear duct could be career threatening
  22. We could have the future HOF, all-pro staring GOAT in round 1. His stats may never be beat lol
  23. I used to be able to stare at a pro bowl level, maybe there is still a chance I can get in the NFL if I work at it and dedicate my staring abilities lol
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