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  1. Agreed. I have belief in what Turay brings, I hope that in his second season, Banagu can become more consistent and give some rush. I have absolutely no hope for Lewis, he has given nothing but was he mismanaged in his spots on the team? Is he a DE or a DT or a 3-4 LB’er? I’m not sure we developed him well for what he is. I think we tried to make him what we wanted instead. Bad choice but then again, in their assessing him, maybe he just didn’t show well at either spot and forced a choice to try and make him into something.
  2. I see Sheard as just solid at his spot and we already know what he brings to the table for this team. I see Clowney as just a bit above solid and as an unknown to what he can bring our team. I’d guess we could get Sheard back closer to the 5 million mark whereas Clowney would require 10+. The question would be would Clowney have such a ceiling that would give this team that much of a competitive advantage to justify at least twice the cost? I’d guess it’s a no. Idk.
  3. If we have any real interest in Clowney and cap space was a concern, the team cuts loose of JB and poof, caps not an issue any longer. I’d still be in for a single year of right at 12-13 million and potential goal oriented perks to pay him in the 15-17 million mark but he would have to have an all-pro type season to make that kind of bank. im indifferent about him really. He has a hot motor when on the field. He makes a QB move from his space but may not get the sack. He is extremely capable of stopping the run too and if not for the offside penalties he has had and that mercenary fo
  4. I knew you were doing some write ups and appreciate it. Hope everyone in your circle is well. Always family first!!
  5. They may actually take BPA every time, however, their BPA on the board is likely different than many. Also, is BPA is used and there is a guy that’s just close enough in a position of need, that will no doubt take precedent. Everything is always relevant to the situation.
  6. Didn’t Carter also go play in the CFL and then come back to the NFL but didn’t make it or was it vice versa? didn’t Cam Wake come from the CFL? I know we though Chick was going to end up being our Cam Wake but washed out hard.
  7. I’ve also seen this thread you linked to but not a lot of discussion specifically about him. Maybe there isn’t much out there known about him since he is Canadian. Idk
  8. I did see those two clips.
  9. Has there been any write up or discussion on this kid? I’ve searched this forum and didn’t see any threads about him. 1. what’s his strengths and weaknesses 2. what’s the chance he sticks? anyone watch film and break him down at all @EastStreet ? he certainly has the prototype frame for an OT. Just curious as to what the board draft junkies think about him.
  10. I liked that kid too. If only he didn’t drop those last couple while in tryouts when he was with us, I think he would still have been here. Can’t have multi fumbles when you’re small, perform one task and nobody ever heard of you before the preseason started. Glad he found work, he was fun to watch though.
  11. Great point with Neon and lack of tackling skills. He had none. But even Deion was 6’1” and almost 200 pounds.
  12. If the kid values his life, he will just fall down and hope Henry trips over him lol. if the return game is truly this kids destiny, wouldn’t he be a lot like JJ Natson we had a few years ago? Very tiny guy with heart but had a fumbling issue? Seems he was a receiver position though when he was in our camp. Seems like a comparable body style maybe? Hope the kid gets a shot and can put on weight and muscle without losing his speed and twitch.
  13. Don’t sleep on Ashton Dulin either. He had some really nice traits, just needed nfl coaching and strength and conditioning along with more experience. Cuts will be tough again this year, hope we cut correctly.
  14. We could call them the pitter -patter boom duo someday hopefully.
  15. Nice write up and predictions. I’d agree with most this too. OT concerns me a lot, huge gap here with zero room for an injury. I absolutely can’t believe that CB will go into the season with a Canadian OT that nobody ever heard of until UDFA started. It is almost as bad as going into a season knowing Luck just retired and you have no back up currently on your roster worth starting. He has to be hoping for a vet cut or trade that has starters experience. TE, I’m not as concerned with this year as I think those 3 will suffice since we now have our big WR and MAC should be able to take
  16. I think we have coaching that has been more loyal to their vets over a younger player than other coaches in this league. Reich seems to have followed the Same path as Pagano and to some degree, Dungy. Don’t know if that’s a product of Irsay making sure we treat the vets more respectful and then move them after the season or that’s just the types of coaches we look for. We all know that BB would cut his own mother to win in this league, he is ruthless. Some others are as well but that’s not Reich. Steady hand is one thing, playing other guys with more experience but haven’t produced lately isn’
  17. I initially didn’t like the trade for our 13th pick but hey, if he solidified that spot and makes the backend stronger because of his push and getting after the QB, it is well worth it. As for wanting more Dline help, I think we have more than adequate help there compared to the Oline, which I would have liked to see an OT taken in the 3rd instead of a S that has injury related concerns. Right now, there is nobody we have on the team to be the swing OT guy and if AC misses any time for anything this year, who will take the reps? Clark
  18. Normally, you are better than this Coffee, your sarcastic tone isn’t really like you from most posts made but perhaps you haven’t had your coffee today yet idk. im starting to see the trend of two camps, if you like him, you’ll defend the kid. If you don’t like him, you’ll attack others and tell them what *s they are for their opinions. It’s become a can’t see the Forrest for the trees mentality. i have zero input from sources inside the team as anyone else posting on an Internet forum. My opinion is based off of what I’ve seen and feel and what I’ve interpreted the team th
  19. I’ve seen what I need to see as a fan and I liked his potential. All this is based off of more than just seeing him play in a few meaningless preseason games. What I see is a team who has taken a college talent on par with a higher draft pick but his off field antics really killed his status. I’ve seen a team who paid this kid way more than the minimum to play on the PS for them. I’ve seen a team that elevated him to the 53 man when they didn’t have to if they didn’t have some faith in him and then I seen a team keep him on the 5e when they easily could have justified cutting him last year for
  20. Henry Ruggs has 2 first baseman’s mitts for hands. 10 1/8”. With all his speed and he should be able to corral everything near him, I’ll go with him. Not sure of the routes but this size of hands. Dang
  21. That all makes sense and if Polian is also thinking that way, I’ll submit I’m wrong. I just always think of the box safeties as much bigger than 187. Thanks for killing all my theories in the one thread lol
  22. Dang, and I thought I liked Kelly. I felt like I seen enough good from Kelly to give him the shot at leading the team this year, or at the very least, the opportunity to try. You win the dedicated fanship though I believe. What I would say is for Kelly to make sure he has buckled down all offseason and make sure he knows that playbook so that come time to play in TC or PS, if we have either, he will stand out to everyone. I don’t mind true competition and may the best of the best stay. I could still see JB cut and them rolling with Rivers, Kelly and Eason. Of course one or both could absolutel
  23. My bad, that was another poster who said that about Buckner. Lol, I was like why in the world are you bringing up Eason lol.
  24. I still would say that on paper, Eason is the steal for us. He may need at least 1 full season and another offseason but if he puts in the work and if he takes to instruction like a sponge, he could be at least a top 10 QB in the league and I will take that and a solid defense and a solid running game everyday. As I’ve said in another post, I’d really like for Manning to get a hold of him and kind of walk him through the paces he recalls as a rookie. I don’t expect another QB who eats, sleeps and breathes 24/7 football like Peyton did, but I’d like to see a legend work with Eason a
  25. I still don’t see it, not a steal. You said Buckner with our 13th pick was a steal and that’s not what I’d call a steal at all. He is going to be a very good player for us I’d believe but we paid top money and a high finders fee with the 13th over pick. That’s a steep price in my eyes.
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