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  1. I have been trying to sort through the DF deal and seeing what his actual cap hits are for this season. What I have found was that he pretty much has a 7 million dollar roster bonus plus his yearly salary. My question is, lets say that DF really does not do well in the camp and through the preseason but someone like Fountain really shines through. Knowing we are keeping TY, Cain (most likely), Campbell, and they seem extremely set on Rogers. That makes 4. I know they have hinted to maybe only keeping 4 this year but I can't see that, it has to be at least 5 if not 6. Under the scenario that we only keep 4 or even 5 and Rogers is a definite guy for the special teams play primarily, slot back up secondarily, and Fountain is clearly outplaying Funch, what is the cap hit if we cut him prior to making the 53 after preseason is complete? I know it is far fetched and certainly not happening if that 7 million is his cap hit but I was looking for clarity on that part. Thanks, and this would certainly be a huuuuuge shocker if it did go down like this.
  2. CLearly that little kid did not study the play book as he walked the wrong route. Cut that kid now!! Luck looked very strong and tossed that ball on a frozen rope.
  3. This may be it and yes it could be considered a really good deal in 2 years IF, and it’s huge, if he continues to play like he did the 1 standout season that he did play in. We are gambling on the bet of he is going to be the guy we seen last season, not the guy who was cut from the Pats.
  4. I think we have all the potential talent to make some trades for a few conditional picks at both CB and at WR. Of course we have to get through trading camp and preseason to see what we have against live bullets and what we have not injured. We do have talent in more areas now than in a long time. Hopefully it all gels together for the start of opening day.
  5. That wingspan of 78” and arm length is pretty incredible for such a short guy. Maybe that’s why he plays above his size.
  6. It will depend on the actual contract and structure of it to say if it makes sense. I agree it’s a bit odd to see these contracts get restructured with more than 1 year remaining of a teams control. Not saying he doesn’t deserve the bump up in pay for what he showed last year so time will tell whether the right choices are being made. Is CB just trying to get a bit ahead of the next new players/owners nfl contract? Idk I’m glad we kept Kenny though and hope his play continues as he did last year.
  7. Looks like we are getting some of our guys signed and paid. Said it is a deal that makes him highest paid slot corner. Haven’t seen the details yet.
  8. Well Mahomes is an outlier for sure but the kid did just blow up the league last year and he has an MVP already on his resumé so it’s a legit option. Again, I think the order of the 4 top guys on the list could be argued but based on last year and his youth gives you optimism that his trajectory is pointed up. Based on that, yep, I’d go above Rogers right now.
  9. The first 4 I would agree with, order could slightly be adjusted maybe but certainly the top 4 in the league. It would be an honest argument as to whether Luck should be 5,6 or 7 though. I would agree that Watson doesn’t belong above anyone else on this list right now. It’s going to be interesting to see how Luck can benefit from 1. Second season of a solid oline. 2. Another season in Reich’s offense. 3. Consistent offensive scheme over time. 4. An actual legit defense to allow Luck to play the game without dire urgency every possession. 5. Running game threat. 6. Multiple offensive weapons outside of TY.
  10. Can you imagine, Mack, Ebron, Doyle, Funchess, TY on the field at the same time? Who gets left uncovered? Heck, take out Doyle and insert Campbell and wow!! It’s gonna be a great offensive campaign this season. I don’t see 1% of a chance that Cain doesn’t make this roster unless he just loafs it in every chance he sees this preseason. Cain only dropped so far because of “issue” but by all accounts, hasn’t had one hiccup so far.
  11. I’m going Fountain since he only played in 1 game right? Had 1 pass attempt and dropped it so if he catches 2 balls this year, he is already 200% above his stats last season lol. If Fountain makes it through to final roster, I think he has that chance to show what CB said needed to get unlocked from him over time. Id make the other option Turay based on his offseason workouts. Sounds like this kid has stayed behind to 100% work on his craft and hone the skill set he has already. Hines seems to have already had one heck of a output in his first year and the fact that they added in all the new offensive infusions, I can’t see them isolating as much with Hines as the single outlet player. I see Funch, Campbell, Doyle, Cain and others being equally as opportunistic in outlet options. Add in that CB and Reich want to increase the running abilities, and that just screams Hines role gets diminished a bit.
  12. If we keep a 6th wr, I’d suspect it’s going to be either Rogers or Marcus Johnson well before the chance of Pascal gets it (all based on last year and future potential). Anything can happen and every player has the potential to ball out or get injured, but based on last year, Pascal had one or two really descent games that opened a few eyes but we know that the team likes Rogers since they gave him a 2nd round tender. I just won’t be shocked to see the team have the chance to trade a really talented guy to a wr needy team near the end of camp. It’s just going to be a tough bunch of decisions for this team at the end of camp for a few guys that several of us like and hope to keep in some way. Let’s just hope we keep the right guys and if we have to part ways, hope we can get someone to give a draft pick up for them.
  13. I agree, at some point you have to gamble a bit with your potential vs the now and Fountain vs Rogers May play out this preseason. If Fountain is truly able to show on film against other teams what is being reported in no pads play, Fountain will trump Rogers UNLESS Rogers also shows some significant increase in his previous abilities. It’s not like Rogers is garbage, it’s just Fountain has the measurements that Ballard likes, CB drafted Fountain and he has more team control than does Rogers. Heck, it’s not a given either make it, there are tons of wr talent fighting for this last spot. I think it’s a very good chance that this team makes a trade with a solid talent. I’d rather get a 5th or 6th round in trade as opposed to a cut and hope we can recover to the PS. I think us keeping 6 wr’s is dependent on do we keep 4 TE’s and do we keep 6 CB’s. One thing that can be said this year (on paper) is we can say we have some solid talent fighting for positions.
  14. Jdubu

    Week 3 OTAs

    I’m not going to lose sleep over it either way, it affects my life in no way at all. I just find it odd that we haven’t seen him throwing at camp from what info I’ve read but that he has been throwing on his own? Doesn’t it at least seem strange that all this base went through last 2-3 years with the shoulder issues being glossed over and then boom, all of a sudden he had surgery and even though the team kept saying he was just about ready and then he never threw a ball that whole season. Maybe it’s something maybe it’s nothing, only the team knows I guess. Still not losing any sleep if Brissett is day one opening starter. Just disappointed is all I’ll be.
  15. Jdubu

    Week 3 OTAs

    I agree, it’s very irritating that Luck is missing this time. Conspiracies aside, it’s very odd that Luck was reported to not throw all offseason and now he has a “calf injury” that is keeping him from throwing the ball to the new kids. It just makes a guy wonder if he didn’t have a scope of that shoulder taking a look at it’s structure and they are just waiting for that healing period to be good before letting him throw, but don’t want the circus from a fan base hearing Luck and Shoulder in the same sentence. Idk
  16. I also recall them talking about third rounders being the most difficult to sign of them all, this being on GMFB a few weeks ago. It’s weird but apparently that’s where money is the most “negotiated” in the details and way a contract gets written. Sounds like there is just wiggle room to squeeze out as much as you can based on how it gets written. Just odd quirks inside the system. Won’t matter as it sounds like the nfl will be planning a strike for the new contract negotiations anyway. All this current stuff will change.
  17. Well Hines was a relief valve last year and look what he caught. I don’t see us overloaded on any one guy this season. I’d bet everyone across the board is down because everyone is gonna be a target and nobody is going to be the outlet valance this season imho. Of course all this is on paper as we haven’t seen our guys catch a ball in pads from Luck yet so while I’m super excited about each new possibility this season, I’m staying tempered to expectations. 13-3
  18. Yep I agree with that as well. I am hoping to see that potential get unlocked with Collins this spring. Hairston, can he put his game altogether as well? Hopefully. The really good thing about all these position battles is that we really have some talented kids that are going to make other rosters because we just couldn’t get them all on the squad. Going to be a fun year. Injuries will also dictate how some get stashed on IR. Until next year though.
  19. I don’t see how Goode stays either, especially knowing that he isn’t even on the team any longer lol.
  20. I too was a huge fan of Johnson. Speed and height is unteachable traits.
  21. Swoope wasn’t a problem of talent, his was health. Couldn’t stay on the field multiple games. Sure liked what he showed for us though. Wish him success
  22. Yes we did pay a lot for a guy that is older but is a well known player for CB. My contention is really, do we see CB adding 2 high priced older players on that line while maybe being forced to dump a younger budding player in his place? He preaches youth and speed and high character mainly. I just don’t see him adding 2 30 y/o + high valued contracts on the line while we have guys right now who could potentially match this older players game by mid to later year. 5,6 years older on players in this sport will wear you down in a hurry.
  23. I call nonsense on it being 10 teams in at 10+ yr. it’s to get someone panicked to jump in with that offer to get the prize. Agents aren’t always honest about stuff lol.
  24. I agree. I think he is better than the other guys on the team but is he 6+ million a year better than the next UT that we have currently? I say if it’s 11-12/yr, we just stay with who we came with and move on.
  25. Well now that the Bucs are apparently signing Suh, what does that say about their feeling on McCoy? Plot thickens.
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