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  1. Yeah, it’s easy to do since we haven’t ever really been a FB style team. I don’t know much at all about how well this Nix guy was. We certainly have shown our hand. We want to run and run hard. I think this goes well with having an older, wiser QB like Rivers. He is t the phenom he was in his prime as a charger so having the run game should compliment him well.
  2. What was the system he ran in at Wisconsin? We talk about picking guys who play one style in college and then get to the NFL and play in something different and don’t live up to the expectations. Is Wisconsin man or zone scheme blocking oline? And are we moving towards an all zone scheme here or playing both at different times? This kid looks great but a few of those highlight runs were against Kent state and FIU type colleges. Was nice to see him bust one on Ohio state U. If the kid cuts out the fumbles, is capable of pass protection and shows he can catch enough to make them account for him,
  3. Walker is going to become Gary Brackett syndromed. Really strong locker room guy, high character, decent enough on the field but if we are being honest for the on the field stuff, we can improve that spot and mitigate our cap space. Maybe he will take a colts friendly contract to stay. Idk
  4. Well to be fair, you always hear players say they want to retire a (insert team). You never hear one say I can’t wait until I hit FA so I can make the biggest bank possibly regardless of where it is. They say stuff well after there becomes a rift in the relationship (see Jacksonville). I think we keep Kelly unless he gets hurt this year and then you really have to be concerned that he has injury issues as he did to start the career. Gotta make sure Kelly can be durable and that last season wasn’t a fluke.
  5. How many backs are you willing to keep though? Mack, Taylor, Hines, Nix and then Wilkins? I realize that Nix is the FB but I can’t see carrying 5 backs. Where do you cut elsewhere to make up for his spot? I absolutely like Wilkins, was a big supporter of him last two seasons but I don’t see where he would fit into the mix now. Is he eligible for the PS? I’d be happy to get him on there in the event of just in case. I hope you are right and he gets to stay but unless we trade Mack, I just can’t see him keeping a role for the 53 anyways.
  6. I think Kelly definitely gets a new contract. If Mack gets a new contract from us, I’d be extremely shocked. It would rival the shocking day that we all heard Luck retired, I’d be about that shocked. Ok, level under that shock but ...lol I don’t see any way that Wilkins is even on the team come cutdown days unless he balls out big in camp/PS and Mack becomes a malcontent and gets traded. I think you can re-sign several players and get them structured perfectly to coincide with each other. That’s what the cap guys jobs are for. Cowboys and other teams seem to always f
  7. I had to unfollow as well. I asked a few times why would we need to inject politics into a sportswriters world, especially right now, given the world events that has shut everything down. When I said I come here to get updates on sports and others perspectives, not how awesome or stupid Trump and other policies are. Of course I got the attacks of just skip over them or you know where the unfollow button is. So I finally just deleted. Not worth arguing over just asking to keep it with sports. One thing I love about Kevin, he only talks sports and only tweets sports, that I’ve seen anyway. I kno
  8. I got to finish Kevin’s pod last night, going to listen to the 3 bring the juices pods that’s on the site. I often start them on my way to and from work. It breaks up my drive
  9. My absolute favorite is Kevin Bowen podcast. Pretty good takes and he hits a lot of areas. I’ve not seen him talk down to anyone even when you hear a question and think huh? Just good. mad for the podcast that someone mentioned with the 2 guys and one mic is normal volume and the second one is at level 1000, that’s annoying. I’ve listed to several and sometimes I just move on after a little when the content seems to be lacking. the covid lecture was ridiculous! whichever one Steven Holder is in I quit listening to as too many of his Twitter rants turn into polit
  10. From this scoreboard, it’s clear that Eason is the 4th quarter king!! That Kelly Kid couldn’t even get them 3 points in the 4th. Choker!! (Sarcasm off)
  11. I agree. He had everything in an OT you could want except the talent to use it all together. Not sure if it’s desire, lack of commitment or just not talented enough to use all the gifts he was created with. I’m hopeful we can get him to realize all those gifts he has and puts them together.
  12. Well, when GM’s are 100% of the time honest in every quote they provide, I guess at that time. You also may have missed my line at the end that said whatever they do, I’m fine. this is a message board where differences appear. Until I or others are listed as an NFL GM, nobody’s opinions matter here. What part of that statement do YOU not understand? I’ll never understand why people posting on a message board have to feel like they either know it all, can evaluate talent better than the teams, or feel 100% confident that their opinions are more fact than anyone else here so
  13. And doesn’t know how to use them very well. Trade arms lol
  14. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/braden-smith https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/danny-pinter https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/anthony-castonzo?position=OL https://www.mockdraftable.com/positions?position=OT https://www.mockdraftable.com/positions?position=OG interesting comparables.
  15. It’s true that CK isn’t under contract next year but if you wanted to hedge your bets on developing a guy further, would it be a young guy like CK or JB who you’ve seen in action extensively? The reason to restructure JB would only be if you felt like he was absolutely QB2 for this year. Look at the years prior that we’ve had Painter and others backing up PM and then what we kept to back up Luck because for the most part, they were always healthy during the season and on the field. More so for PM than with Luck but if the logic applies that Rivers isn’t going to come off the field because he h
  16. Oh wow, those are short arms as well. I was looking at a couple of the top draft picks and they were all above 34” eeeks!!
  17. I definitely agree, I was being more hopeful and if someone wanted a QB from the draft this year and they missed, maybe they could see JB as the stop gap to next years draft.
  18. I’d also go Kelly and Eason as the back up. JB, if I were GM, would have to take a pay cut to minimum salary, knowing he had already extracted big cash from us. I’d also give him incentives to allow him to make up some cash if he were to need to become the starter for injury reasons etc... But personally, I’d just cut him altogether, trust that my oline is going to keep Rivers upright all year and develop both CK and Eason for the upcoming season. I’d want to know what we have in the backup department and keeping JB in is going to inhibit time with the ball in hand for those two. JB is a detri
  19. He has all the size and weight of a really nice shaped OT. The problem he has is the short arms they have cited multiple times. In the Ball State circuit, he can get away with that, not in the NFL most likely. im not an expert on what makes OT’s valuable and not even sure where his arm length ranks vs others but it would seemingly be a concern for him to take over on the outside and protecting your QB. I’m going to go look up some arm lengths now. edit: I was mistaking O’Donnell arms for Pinter. My mistake. I can’t find info on O’Donnell’s measurables.
  20. Last year was horrific for him and that wasn’t who he was his entire career as he has won more games than he has lost for sure. No need in disparaging the man. Having said that, I would not re-sign him for this year regardless. We should move on. I believe if Vinny is healed and in shape for any part of the year, he will be able to kick for someone and get his goals set. I don’t feel it will be with us for the simple reason that we have what appears to be 2 players that can be our long term solutions to the kicking game as opposed to just the season in front of us. I’m pretty sure CB
  21. Certainly, no argument out of me on all of this. I do however think Turay has the skill set needed to become a Mathis like clone but yeah, he has to maintain his health while doing it. May be one of those guys that has all the will and drive in the world but his body won’t comply, ala Bob Sanders
  22. Agreed. I have belief in what Turay brings, I hope that in his second season, Banagu can become more consistent and give some rush. I have absolutely no hope for Lewis, he has given nothing but was he mismanaged in his spots on the team? Is he a DE or a DT or a 3-4 LB’er? I’m not sure we developed him well for what he is. I think we tried to make him what we wanted instead. Bad choice but then again, in their assessing him, maybe he just didn’t show well at either spot and forced a choice to try and make him into something.
  23. I see Sheard as just solid at his spot and we already know what he brings to the table for this team. I see Clowney as just a bit above solid and as an unknown to what he can bring our team. I’d guess we could get Sheard back closer to the 5 million mark whereas Clowney would require 10+. The question would be would Clowney have such a ceiling that would give this team that much of a competitive advantage to justify at least twice the cost? I’d guess it’s a no. Idk.
  24. If we have any real interest in Clowney and cap space was a concern, the team cuts loose of JB and poof, caps not an issue any longer. I’d still be in for a single year of right at 12-13 million and potential goal oriented perks to pay him in the 15-17 million mark but he would have to have an all-pro type season to make that kind of bank. im indifferent about him really. He has a hot motor when on the field. He makes a QB move from his space but may not get the sack. He is extremely capable of stopping the run too and if not for the offside penalties he has had and that mercenary fo
  25. I knew you were doing some write ups and appreciate it. Hope everyone in your circle is well. Always family first!!
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