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  1. I really liked what I seen in the short time from Turay. My fear though, if he had to be motivated to work, what will happen if he explodes for the next few years, gets the big contract and then relaxes? It has to be a desired trait to want to be the best at all costs, not told to do it. My best hope is that he was such a stud at his previous level that he just thought he could half butt it and he got the message and goes on to have an outstanding career here. I’m excited to see what he does this year regardless. He could be better than Mathis.
  2. I say overachieved because of what you posted here, most everyone had us with a loosing record but still liked where we were heading. I feel we overachieved and we just hit a nice stride 6 game on. That KC game was just a poorly played/game planned game. Ty broken too was a huge factor.
  3. My take 1. We overachieved last season. Period 2. We played at KC 3. TY limited the offense because he was so injured. 4. We played a very very good coach with time to prepare and his guys got some rest too and time to scout the team. Remember, Reich is well known to Reid as well by now. 5. Not having Hooker really mattered 6. Play calling was a bit blah 7. How does Vinny automatic miss those kicks? 8. A strip sack for us turns into a strip sack for them a few plays later, that hurt. 9. A young team who wasn’t supposed to be in the playoffs, let alone a second game in the playoffs had some factor here. 10. KC had a pretty good team my concern from that game would be how poorly our run game was going forward. Kelly better play better than he did this season or I don’t see a 15 million/yr contract coming his way in Indy. I think with a healthy TY, the additions of DF and Cain and Paris and others should really boost that offense. An offense with TY, Paris, Doyle, EE and Mack, now that’s gonna be a tough group to match up with and defend. Run or pass, heck coach, idk what they are doing lol. Gonna be fun to see this team evolve and have better back ups coming off the bench. I just hope we have enough beef in the middle to stop the run and I just hope that Kelly was hobbled in that KC game because it was one of his worst games that year.
  4. Mike Hart would have gained 4200 yards, 68 TD’s and cured cancer behind this oline all while completing his doctorate in engineering, in an online course, during the games. All in a season
  5. Very true. Can’t predict injuries or underperforming players. That’s why everything on this forum is in opinion only and not one of us has any better insight than the other. It’s the paper tiger right now, it’s looking great but we mostly all know that this team will only become shaped in the way they play and who is capable of playing because of health status at the time. I can’t imagine too many team pages who don’t have similar views to what we do about their teams. Passionate enthusiasm about how their team improved on paper. Hype is everything until the team actual plays a real game in the real season.
  6. One thing is for certain this year (on paper so far) we are going to either lose a talent on WR, RB or TE depending on what direction they lean on. If we keep only 5 wr’s thinking that Hines is interchangeable, we lose out on either Fountain, Pascal, Johnson or Rogers. If we think keep 6 WR’s, we sacrifice that by going 3 rb’s and give up on Ware, Williams or Wilkins. And at TE, you risk a cut to either Cox, Travis or Hetges. Now some of these guys could make it to the PS but not all of them. Highly unlikely we would run with 2 TE’s but if they view DF in a split type WR/TE role, anything is possible. Could either Williams or Wilkins make it to our PS, idk. Every time Wilkins runs the ball, he gets 5 yards it seems, you would have to think another teams seriously takes a look at that option and we all know how much praise CB has poured out on Williams RB abilities. As for the WR’s no way around it, we are going to lose a talent from this pool. Johnson, Pascal, Ishmail, Fountain, Hogan or Rogers, all of these have a talent ability to make several teams rosters and be an upgrade to several teams. DF better ball out at a 13 million product for us risking losing one of these young talents or some fans will never like DF regardless of what he does if he is just average and then off the team after this season. He would essentially become the teams flogging project if he isn’t a star imho.
  7. Agreed! He is top notch.
  8. Man, edge was as smooth as hot butter running. Had that injury not occurred, wonder what his end stats would have been. He was my favorite player. Wayne being second.
  9. Johnson was the worst wr pick up, doesn’t matter which GM did it. We haven’t seen DF play a snap for us yet, he could be a bomb or a bust. Nobody knows what we are getting yet.
  10. Lol. That’s probably all true. Let’s hope for our sake, he balls out, his drops aren’t an issue and he plays to his size.
  11. And if we had that same line when Jeff George was here, we would have it had the chance to get Faulk.
  12. Lol well what else we going to discuss for 2 months if we don’t discuss some what if’s and some actual reports from someone? I’m not losing sleep over any of it.
  13. Well, there was an article and I’m pretty sure it was something said by Reich that we may only keep 4 wr’s. Maybe it was the writers opinion, I don’t recall but it was stated with in the past few weeks. I too would think 5-6 but just going off what I recall. Step back from your high and mighty ledge buddy, it’s offseason and it’s a scenario that is for discussion. It’s possible the speculation part but it was from an article read within past few weeks and if iirc, it was with Reich interview. Again, maybe it was post interview and that was what the interviewee took away from it. Idk. I’m not specifically worried about cap hit. I’m just wondering how the contracts get made if it’s a hit only if they make the 53 roster. Like I said, if it’s a 7 million hit either way, it’s zero chance he goes. My dilemma and wonder comes in the way of what if one of these young guys really break out and it’s down to them or A floundering DF who plays like he did in Carolina? It’s just my thoughts, no big deal.
  14. I have been trying to sort through the DF deal and seeing what his actual cap hits are for this season. What I have found was that he pretty much has a 7 million dollar roster bonus plus his yearly salary. My question is, lets say that DF really does not do well in the camp and through the preseason but someone like Fountain really shines through. Knowing we are keeping TY, Cain (most likely), Campbell, and they seem extremely set on Rogers. That makes 4. I know they have hinted to maybe only keeping 4 this year but I can't see that, it has to be at least 5 if not 6. Under the scenario that we only keep 4 or even 5 and Rogers is a definite guy for the special teams play primarily, slot back up secondarily, and Fountain is clearly outplaying Funch, what is the cap hit if we cut him prior to making the 53 after preseason is complete? I know it is far fetched and certainly not happening if that 7 million is his cap hit but I was looking for clarity on that part. Thanks, and this would certainly be a huuuuuge shocker if it did go down like this.
  15. CLearly that little kid did not study the play book as he walked the wrong route. Cut that kid now!! Luck looked very strong and tossed that ball on a frozen rope.
  16. This may be it and yes it could be considered a really good deal in 2 years IF, and it’s huge, if he continues to play like he did the 1 standout season that he did play in. We are gambling on the bet of he is going to be the guy we seen last season, not the guy who was cut from the Pats.
  17. I think we have all the potential talent to make some trades for a few conditional picks at both CB and at WR. Of course we have to get through trading camp and preseason to see what we have against live bullets and what we have not injured. We do have talent in more areas now than in a long time. Hopefully it all gels together for the start of opening day.
  18. That wingspan of 78” and arm length is pretty incredible for such a short guy. Maybe that’s why he plays above his size.
  19. It will depend on the actual contract and structure of it to say if it makes sense. I agree it’s a bit odd to see these contracts get restructured with more than 1 year remaining of a teams control. Not saying he doesn’t deserve the bump up in pay for what he showed last year so time will tell whether the right choices are being made. Is CB just trying to get a bit ahead of the next new players/owners nfl contract? Idk I’m glad we kept Kenny though and hope his play continues as he did last year.
  20. Looks like we are getting some of our guys signed and paid. Said it is a deal that makes him highest paid slot corner. Haven’t seen the details yet.
  21. Well Mahomes is an outlier for sure but the kid did just blow up the league last year and he has an MVP already on his resumé so it’s a legit option. Again, I think the order of the 4 top guys on the list could be argued but based on last year and his youth gives you optimism that his trajectory is pointed up. Based on that, yep, I’d go above Rogers right now.
  22. The first 4 I would agree with, order could slightly be adjusted maybe but certainly the top 4 in the league. It would be an honest argument as to whether Luck should be 5,6 or 7 though. I would agree that Watson doesn’t belong above anyone else on this list right now. It’s going to be interesting to see how Luck can benefit from 1. Second season of a solid oline. 2. Another season in Reich’s offense. 3. Consistent offensive scheme over time. 4. An actual legit defense to allow Luck to play the game without dire urgency every possession. 5. Running game threat. 6. Multiple offensive weapons outside of TY.
  23. Can you imagine, Mack, Ebron, Doyle, Funchess, TY on the field at the same time? Who gets left uncovered? Heck, take out Doyle and insert Campbell and wow!! It’s gonna be a great offensive campaign this season. I don’t see 1% of a chance that Cain doesn’t make this roster unless he just loafs it in every chance he sees this preseason. Cain only dropped so far because of “issue” but by all accounts, hasn’t had one hiccup so far.
  24. I’m going Fountain since he only played in 1 game right? Had 1 pass attempt and dropped it so if he catches 2 balls this year, he is already 200% above his stats last season lol. If Fountain makes it through to final roster, I think he has that chance to show what CB said needed to get unlocked from him over time. Id make the other option Turay based on his offseason workouts. Sounds like this kid has stayed behind to 100% work on his craft and hone the skill set he has already. Hines seems to have already had one heck of a output in his first year and the fact that they added in all the new offensive infusions, I can’t see them isolating as much with Hines as the single outlet player. I see Funch, Campbell, Doyle, Cain and others being equally as opportunistic in outlet options. Add in that CB and Reich want to increase the running abilities, and that just screams Hines role gets diminished a bit.
  25. If we keep a 6th wr, I’d suspect it’s going to be either Rogers or Marcus Johnson well before the chance of Pascal gets it (all based on last year and future potential). Anything can happen and every player has the potential to ball out or get injured, but based on last year, Pascal had one or two really descent games that opened a few eyes but we know that the team likes Rogers since they gave him a 2nd round tender. I just won’t be shocked to see the team have the chance to trade a really talented guy to a wr needy team near the end of camp. It’s just going to be a tough bunch of decisions for this team at the end of camp for a few guys that several of us like and hope to keep in some way. Let’s just hope we keep the right guys and if we have to part ways, hope we can get someone to give a draft pick up for them.
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