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  1. I know that Irsay has his girls primed to take over but it would be awesome to see Manning become part owner in the Colts. He would be an excellent voice for the organization, I don’t know how well he would be at the dealings of operations but man, just hearing him talk about the Colts and expectations and experiences would be 10000X better than hearing Irsay stumble through a press conference (even though I love Jim’s passion for the team, he is tough to listen to with his um’s and all).
  2. How many did we get after the successful 2018 season? I wouldn’t bank on anything except cowboys and the Pats getting the lions share of prime time spots.
  3. At this stage in the game, Clowney will either need to accept a one year deal with incentives to make big cash because he isn’t getting 18 million + any other way or he will have to take a below avg market 3 year deal if he wanted longer term security. I have the feeling, based on the many articles out there questioning his effort and football desire, that teams are real concerned to give him the long term contract with big money with large guarantees. It’s not going to surprise me if he doesn’t get a 1 yr deal worth 12+ incentives. He carries to many flags to give a Buckner like deal imho.
  4. How many people heard about us signing a DT in the offseason? Everyone talked about us getting a DT or QB with our pick and then BOOM!!
  5. That’s a little hyperbole as this group, on paper, like every other teams paper look after the draft, is as good as most in the league. You can’t expect a team to have TY and then land Julio Jones, Mike Evans and Deandre Hopkins in the draft while also solidifying every other position on the team. It’s not the way it works. Add in having a competent QB who gets to throw them the ball this season, now you have the makings for a really great wr group. Teams aren’t playing Madden 2020 , they have restraints as to how they can construct a team.
  6. I absolutely like what I’ve read about this kid. He did have a few mentions of drops though. I tell you what, the WR room is stocked full of potential right now. We know what TY gives us, we’ve seen Pascal and his development and everyone loves the Pittman Jr pick. Add in Fountain, Dullin and Patmon. I even forgot about Campbell and then you even have Johnson. Beats the days of Sean Dawkins and Gerome Pathon, Aaron Morehead etc...
  7. I’m not sure what the realistic numbers or parameters would be but basically give him some option that causes him to at least think about staying past this season if he isn’t sought after on the open market. Maybe it’s a 1 yr deal or maybe no deal is offered. I could definitely see Mack not wanting pigeonholed into a contract that is only determined by what the team feeds him. My thought from doing this would be so he stays motivated and forced to show he is better than Taylor therefore getting the larger share of game day reps. He then also gets rewarded for that. I’d fully expect that he isn’t with us next season but if CB throws something out there that’s reasonable and team protected if he does poorly but above where he would get elsewhere if he blows up. It’s rare that players take these incentive laden types but 4 million base isn’t a bad starting spot to split carries and save the body. Perhaps it’s a 1,2 or 3 yr deal and he gets another contract out there after this one that he can get. He is pretty young still. Idk, I’m spitballing. I’m not sure what Mack’s market will be. He was able to pass catch in college, I’m not sure why he hasn’t been able to do that here?? He is a pretty good runner and he pass protects pretty well so if we could get more from the catch side, no reason another team wouldn’t offer up around the 5 million/yr type contract.
  8. Watching the film, he doesn’t look slow at all. I was expecting to see the peyton Manning speed but he is definitely faster than what they make him out to be from what I could tell. That’s just a plus. I liked this highlight reel he has put up. Of course we should, they never put up a garbage throws reel though. He had some throws in tight windows though that were WOW!! Windows are now gonna be like that all the time in the nfl so hopefully he can match that again. And he had some really nice slides as well, not half hearted, spikes in the ground, awkward looking Luck like slides. one thing is for sure, you can see plenty of reasons to like the kid for that talent. Can he translate that talent into the NFL and can he keep his head humbled in the NFL? I think that’s gonna be his challenges.
  9. So under the numbers you listed, I’d be fine in giving Mack a 3 year contract that’s say 4 million guaranteed per year with escalating salary clauses with incentives that are reasonable. let’s say he gets a base of 4 million and hits say 1000 yards (maybe a combo of pass and run) he gets a nice bonus of 1 million. Gets 10 TD’s, another 1 million. Hits 1500 yards, he gets another 1 million and 15 Td’s etc.... if he has X# of touches, he gets a bonus (basically treating him as a starter cowbell and paying him accordingly). Now, you carry over the next year and escalator from his 4 million if he has reached these goals and gives him a guaranteed pay raise in the following year that equals what his incentives hit were. It protects him from being abused and used but not paid and it incentivized him to keep playing hard and fighting for more each game. He has to make it tough to take off the field because he is showing he is a star. You could even put in if he were to hit the first two year incentive marks, his 3rd year is guaranteed to be top 5 paid avg for RB’s in the league. If he doesn’t meet the incentives along the way, he makes 4 mil/yr for 3 seasons, while being subbed in and out with Taylor. It gives him some financial security with chance to really make money while also helping the team both financially and talent. I’m sure they could work out something. but saying that, I highly doubt Mack would take a below market guarantee with potential to make above avg if he performs when he knows he has to share carries. Idk, it would be great to see more contracts structured like this but we know they don’t often structure reward contracts.
  10. Until we see the kid in a Colts uniform and playing against NFL quality players, Mack and Hines are the only ones we know. Taylor will have to prove he can do all the little things that turns kids into pros. I hope for the best but he hasn’t don’t anything yet. Tap the brakes
  11. Yeah, it’s easy to do since we haven’t ever really been a FB style team. I don’t know much at all about how well this Nix guy was. We certainly have shown our hand. We want to run and run hard. I think this goes well with having an older, wiser QB like Rivers. He is t the phenom he was in his prime as a charger so having the run game should compliment him well.
  12. What was the system he ran in at Wisconsin? We talk about picking guys who play one style in college and then get to the NFL and play in something different and don’t live up to the expectations. Is Wisconsin man or zone scheme blocking oline? And are we moving towards an all zone scheme here or playing both at different times? This kid looks great but a few of those highlight runs were against Kent state and FIU type colleges. Was nice to see him bust one on Ohio state U. If the kid cuts out the fumbles, is capable of pass protection and shows he can catch enough to make them account for him, wow!! Right now, I still like Mack.
  13. Walker is going to become Gary Brackett syndromed. Really strong locker room guy, high character, decent enough on the field but if we are being honest for the on the field stuff, we can improve that spot and mitigate our cap space. Maybe he will take a colts friendly contract to stay. Idk
  14. Well to be fair, you always hear players say they want to retire a (insert team). You never hear one say I can’t wait until I hit FA so I can make the biggest bank possibly regardless of where it is. They say stuff well after there becomes a rift in the relationship (see Jacksonville). I think we keep Kelly unless he gets hurt this year and then you really have to be concerned that he has injury issues as he did to start the career. Gotta make sure Kelly can be durable and that last season wasn’t a fluke.
  15. How many backs are you willing to keep though? Mack, Taylor, Hines, Nix and then Wilkins? I realize that Nix is the FB but I can’t see carrying 5 backs. Where do you cut elsewhere to make up for his spot? I absolutely like Wilkins, was a big supporter of him last two seasons but I don’t see where he would fit into the mix now. Is he eligible for the PS? I’d be happy to get him on there in the event of just in case. I hope you are right and he gets to stay but unless we trade Mack, I just can’t see him keeping a role for the 53 anyways.
  16. I think Kelly definitely gets a new contract. If Mack gets a new contract from us, I’d be extremely shocked. It would rival the shocking day that we all heard Luck retired, I’d be about that shocked. Ok, level under that shock but ...lol I don’t see any way that Wilkins is even on the team come cutdown days unless he balls out big in camp/PS and Mack becomes a malcontent and gets traded. I think you can re-sign several players and get them structured perfectly to coincide with each other. That’s what the cap guys jobs are for. Cowboys and other teams seem to always find ways to sign multiple high priced guys. I’d trust we could too somehow. We have to look good and be in the hunt for a title though to do it but I think we have the talent to do that. as for letting talent walk like a few other successful teams, it’s possible. TY is one of those types. Kelly could potentially be one if we have a solid RG to flank the newer center. Could Pinter be one of those 2 position players to swap out? Idk but they will definitely have to construct and choose where they are putting the monies. if only we could have a glimpse into the decision making rooms to see exactly how they are thinking they could construct the team while sacrificing a few of our big talent and fan favorite guys. Big Q will retire here I believe 100%. walker, 50/50 chance he gets another contract but if it comes between keeping Walker or Leonard or even our RT Smith, I believe Smith gets that money here.
  17. I had to unfollow as well. I asked a few times why would we need to inject politics into a sportswriters world, especially right now, given the world events that has shut everything down. When I said I come here to get updates on sports and others perspectives, not how awesome or stupid Trump and other policies are. Of course I got the attacks of just skip over them or you know where the unfollow button is. So I finally just deleted. Not worth arguing over just asking to keep it with sports. One thing I love about Kevin, he only talks sports and only tweets sports, that I’ve seen anyway. I know a few other indy beat writers have injected their political views into their twitter accounts too so my main go to is Bowen.
  18. I got to finish Kevin’s pod last night, going to listen to the 3 bring the juices pods that’s on the site. I often start them on my way to and from work. It breaks up my drive
  19. My absolute favorite is Kevin Bowen podcast. Pretty good takes and he hits a lot of areas. I’ve not seen him talk down to anyone even when you hear a question and think huh? Just good. mad for the podcast that someone mentioned with the 2 guys and one mic is normal volume and the second one is at level 1000, that’s annoying. I’ve listed to several and sometimes I just move on after a little when the content seems to be lacking. the covid lecture was ridiculous! whichever one Steven Holder is in I quit listening to as too many of his Twitter rants turn into politics and hatred of the president so I turn him off. Just stick to the sports reporting is my thoughts.
  20. From this scoreboard, it’s clear that Eason is the 4th quarter king!! That Kelly Kid couldn’t even get them 3 points in the 4th. Choker!! (Sarcasm off)
  21. I agree. He had everything in an OT you could want except the talent to use it all together. Not sure if it’s desire, lack of commitment or just not talented enough to use all the gifts he was created with. I’m hopeful we can get him to realize all those gifts he has and puts them together.
  22. Well, when GM’s are 100% of the time honest in every quote they provide, I guess at that time. You also may have missed my line at the end that said whatever they do, I’m fine. this is a message board where differences appear. Until I or others are listed as an NFL GM, nobody’s opinions matter here. What part of that statement do YOU not understand? I’ll never understand why people posting on a message board have to feel like they either know it all, can evaluate talent better than the teams, or feel 100% confident that their opinions are more fact than anyone else here so they try and belittle any other poster that has a different viewpoint. Dear god!
  23. And doesn’t know how to use them very well. Trade arms lol
  24. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/braden-smith https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/danny-pinter https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/anthony-castonzo?position=OL https://www.mockdraftable.com/positions?position=OT https://www.mockdraftable.com/positions?position=OG interesting comparables.
  25. It’s true that CK isn’t under contract next year but if you wanted to hedge your bets on developing a guy further, would it be a young guy like CK or JB who you’ve seen in action extensively? The reason to restructure JB would only be if you felt like he was absolutely QB2 for this year. Look at the years prior that we’ve had Painter and others backing up PM and then what we kept to back up Luck because for the most part, they were always healthy during the season and on the field. More so for PM than with Luck but if the logic applies that Rivers isn’t going to come off the field because he has been an Ironman, you go with youth and see if either has potential as the starter next year. It’s always possible that CK signs an extension if he stays on. It’s quite possible he doesn’t either. Idk, whatever they decide to do, I’ll be fine with.
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