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  1. Unappreciated? I’d say over valued. He is being paid like a starter and when 31 of the 32 teams would have already cut him by now, for some reason, CB refuses to let him leave. He is being paid about 3-4 times what the next back up is making and 10X what most back ups are making. That’s not unappreciated to me. I call it cap/cash madness. we tried him, we paid him well for that attempt. He failed bad enough that the team went out and paid a 38 y/o 25 million and drafted a potential replacement QB this year. It’s time to let his arm go somewhere else.
  2. I’d be willing to take that bet. I don’t think there is any way he is suited for the left side. I may end up being wrong but if I’m wagering a beverage on it, I’d feel good about getting a free drink
  3. I’d agree with that. Once we were catching up, the fan base definitely came back to life in full fashion. That Pats game was the pinnacle of our Indy team and meant a ton to the success and mainstay to relevance to Indy football. God that game was heart wrenching and exhilarating at the same time. Loved it!! Yeah, I wasn’t able to talk normal for a bit either. I miss that stuff
  4. I was a season ticket holder since 1996 season and gave them up 2 seasons ago. I’d disagree on that pats game not being the loudest game ever played but each of us have different opinions on that and it’s pretty subjective so we can just call it both games were very loud. Today’s fans are pretty watered down. although a funny story. In the dome, before Manning made it popular to attend, we were on the probably 10-20 yard lines in the bottom bowl. Always plenty of empty seats around us every game, I mean like 10-15 empty seats in between people. I always am up screaming for the defense. I had a guy once ask that we sit down because they couldn’t see. I said stand up and cheer the defense because that’s what I’ll be doing the whole game. He gave me some grumbling and then tapped on me once and I just glared back at him. He tapped on me once more and I said if you touch me one more time like that, we are going to have problems. Then he complained without touching me and I just simply stated if my standing was bothering him so much, he could move down 2-10 seats in either way and have no issues with vision but I wasn’t sitting down. I literally thought that day was going to end up in a brawl. Fortunately, he eventually moved down and everything was fine.
  5. No game in the dome has ever been louder than that pats game in our Super Bowl chase year. I was unable to hear myself screaming it was so loud. Waaaaay awesome!! I would welcome a crowd noise being pumped in during home games that are equal to what normal games sound like. Some tech person would have figure that out, set a decibel range for the teams and adjust it accordingly during the games. At LOS, fans tend to be quiet on first down, start to stir on 2nd down and then come to life early in the games or if the score is in reach. As the games go along, LOS tends to die off unless the score is close, a big play just occurred or there appears to be hope. I suspect most fan bases have similar issues and should be treated as they routinely act. Not just say wel the high decibel in LOS is 65 so just play crowd noise at that level all game. Same may be true at Seahawks stadium where the decibel levels are highs of 75 but not The whole game. Adjust to norms throughout imho.
  6. I think the difference between Doyle and Ebron is, EE was blessed with god given talents where as Doyle was more blessed with workmanship like qualities. EE has taken his job and talent for granted and just expects he will win all matchups, doesn’t need to work on his craft to be the greatest at his position , ala Peyton Manning style or the creeper that is now in Tampa Bay LoL. Doyle wants to be the beat at his craft but doesn’t have the talent to be that, he does have the will and drive to keep working at 100% ala a Manning/Brady to be the best player he possibly can be. He is getting every ounce of talent out of his body that he possibly can because he absolutely puts effort in working on it whereas I don’t think EE gave more than 75% effort in trying to achieve that pinnacle of being the best of the best. Just always gave just what his talents would allow him with minimal effort. that’s what I feel like separates the two.
  7. He had an avg year in the terms of a wr in the nfl, he maybe stood out for a guy who hasn’t had much attention in his 4 years on the team. I’d hardly call what Zach did as eye popping for the league, he just made nice showings for this team, this season. I’ll give Zach the credit he deserves for stepping his game up and making the catches he could but again, I stand behind the statement that JB did no favors for this team with his play.
  8. To be quite fair, JB didn’t make anyone look good last year throwing them the ball.
  9. And at this point, you use what you have. We have jails, we aren’t seemingly in the mood to build mental facilities.
  10. It’s always a two way street with any treatment. Perhaps he has refused treatment? I would be one to side on caution knowing his display of issues, that are definitely reflective of true mental health, and court order his mental evaluation from an independent physician and go from there. He does not sound like he needs firearms based on the snipets We have here, and I too am a firm believer in the right to carry. The mother poster certainly made his point that he poses a risk on the street to others and if filed and convicted, mental health issue or not, he needs to be locked down, ordered to undergo mental health treatment and see where that takes him. But if this guy refuses treatment for his documented issues, he needs to be removed from “normal” society
  11. No, they aren’t 100% immune either. You can certainly mitigate, and it appears the colts have but at the end of the day, everyone has a skeleton in their closet and everyone has a side of them that others don’t always know about. All it takes is that one influence and that one risk to become a headline. Nobody is immune. Could our team see these types of issues and removed them from their board, we will usually never know.
  12. This is definitely an ignorant act by these two for sure. I’m not sure what can enter a persons mindset to do something like this. Everyone knows who you are at the table. At the very least, the organizer of the event knows you. You are going to get called out and named and go to jail. It’s insane. I just can’t even begin to think of how they thought this action wasn’t going to end very badly for them. as for wanting this Baker kid on the team, I think many did want him, he was a top talent at his position. I’m not sure any team evaluations can reveal potential lunacy like this out of a guy with no apparent actions like this in his history. It’s an unfortunate case of pure stupidity it appears.
  13. The league is making some progress there but unlike the MLB with having all those feeder leagues and developing guys for the big show, the NFL has nothing to really develop a guy who just isn’t ready to shine right out of college and because of the numbers, they just get kicked out and we never see if anyone has the ability to shine 2-3 seasons in competition and quality coaching, S&C and nutrition programs that are found in the NFL. I’m still baffled how the NFL has never been able or willing to get a developmental league up and running. I know that baseball bodies take way less of a physical pounding but you would think with determination and the NFL backing, they could get a 8-12 team minor league football team going.
  14. Jdubu

    Marlon Mack

    Is there discussion that the league is considering having to reduce the salary scale due to the current economic crisis in the country? It makes sense but seeing it’s money and there is a Union for the players, I can’t imagine they are going to allow the NFL owners to get a reduction in payments break, no matter the financial crisis that’s here. With Rivers here now, he is more decisive, faster thrower, smarter player than JB has shown to be. It’s quite possible, Hines turns into Eckler II. So much of this teams success will all hinge on how much high level football Rivers has left in him. If it’s still a high level play, he is going to help turn Mack into a success and therefore a nice contract somewhere next year. A 4th comp at worst and possibly into a 3rd comp. can’t wait to see what this team looks like once in pads against competition. Everyone currently is a paper tiger to their fan base. Only 1 will be the real tiger.
  15. I agree as well as it sits on paper and potential. I think Johnson has a great skill set with size and speed and he seems like he is on the edge of being a capable starter or at least a valuable back up player. He isn’t “jump of the chart” measurables though like Patmon shows right now though. I hope one of the bottom roster guys has a showing this offseason to make the decisions easier. I would love for teams to be able to carry more players on their team for depth and development than what they do now for cases like this. Hate to see teams getting players with questions and need to development almost there and then having to choose do we cut bait now and draft a new development or stick with him as it looks like he is on the right path? I’d like to see the 53 go to 60 with a protected 10 PS players and an additional 10 unprotected players.
  16. Yeah, I definitely agree with all of this.
  17. Did you even read and comprehend the post? It doesn’t appear so. As to comparing him to those two players, have you attacked everyone else in the thread who referenced Mack or others? It didn’t appear so. my reference to these two were simply for the effect of game planning around guys. I don’t care if Leonard is on or off ball lb’er, his pay would be expected higher if DC’s were building their game plans around what he does, and that is currently not what they need to do. He is just really good at what he does and the team will have to see where he and his agents see their market vs CB. this forum is starting to become a nit and pick/attack others if their opinions don’t fall right in line with their own. It’s getting frustrating.
  18. I like Patmon from what’s been put out there about him but man, the numbers are definitely against him making it this season. TY, Campbell and Pittman are guaranteed. Pascal is almost a certainty too. Fountain, Dullin and Johnson will all have familiarity in the system already and the coaches know where they are at in the development zone. Patmon will have such a short window to come in and impress in order to move one of those guys, if not 2, out of the way to make the team. what may, I say may, happen is that the team gets him on the PS for the season and sees how this current make up works out. Can anyone step up to replace TY in order to let him move on and spend the cap elsewhere? Then, the following year you have Campbell, Pittman, Fountain, Dullin and Patmon and if need be, you could either draft another guy or resign TY or Pascal/Johnson, whichever guy shines and still be good to go. all of this is just my random thoughts not a prediction.
  19. Lol, I was thinking the same thing as the Doug. I was thinking man, that dude must be a very wide guy whereas Evans must be a very thin thorax with long arms lol. Glad you got that corrected lol. Thanks for posting it btw
  20. Eason is going to be a case study going forward if he pans out. Let’s say the evaluations were largely based on his performances from his Georgia season where he was able to run enough, throw on the run, throw with pressure in the face and hit long with solid accuracy. If most teams only focused largely on what they seen at Washington and ignored his early success, it will spotlight how good of a talent evaluations group Ballard has assembled and how information is dissected. If he flops, they can point to players are who they were later in their career, not what they achieved prior to. Evaluators has to look at 2 players. The first was a guy in a pro system with NFL talent around him who succeeded. The second was a guy who moved to a lessor talented team with no super stars around and had modest success. So, is it the player, the system or the players around a guy who made him? we won’t see this answer for probably 4 years unless he is a complete failure right away. He definitely has a chance to succeed here though.
  21. This makes more sense. We will just have to see, does Leonard and his agent push the narrative that he is more on par with K. Mack status or with the guys you list as a high water mark? I hope he is reasonable and not pushing the big dollar narrative only.
  22. If I’m re-signing just one, it will be Nelson. Protecting the QB is always priority and Q certainly solidified that job. Q will get the 5th year option and then contract dealt with. It’s quite possible the team initiated contract proposals after the season to see where the Leonard camp sits in terms of parameters and then makes a decision on how to move forward. While Leonard is definitely the best guy we’ve seen at his position for god knows how long, he isn’t K. Mack game changing level yet. DC don’t have to game plan around DL like they used to have to game plan around a Dwight Freeney. He is gonna make his money but I don’t see him getting that top LB paid money. Would it be possible that CB feels out the camp and if it’s miles apart or unrealistic, would he come up to trade for that 4th season or he gets tagged and traded for a haul? Spitballing here, not looking get rid of a great player.
  23. I don’t want to see Irsay out of majority ownership of the Colts, the man has been a great owner. He is very passionate about his team, he has spent plenty of money on it and involves the fans in a lot of ways. He is quirky and just an eccentric man. Manning could absolutely be an asset to not only the team, but to Jim and the Colts brand. you are correct, as a fan, it would be fantastic if we could get Peyton involved in an ownership partner to Irsay, wow, how much more recognition would this team get just with that bump alone. I would love to have Peyton as a minimum, to have a role with the team. Billy Brooks has done a phenomenal job but do you think the bump with Peyton involved wouldn’t be real? I do and so do many others. as for Peyton having the capital or resources to buy a team outright, that remains to be seen. I’m sure he would have to have some others with deeper pockets to help but a team outright. I don’t believe Jim would sell any part of the team to anyone right now because he has his girls ready to take over. Unless there was some discord or an unwillingness for them to have a complete and competent takeover, I just don’t see Manning as a part of the ownership in Indy. It’s ok though.
  24. We are definitely going to have to risk putting a talented kid with potential starter material down the road, on the PS squad wire. In a perfect world, we get our guys on the roster (6) and then we get that 7th kid on the PS to develop. Now, they all get the year of playing time and experience and hopefully free of injury and we see what we have. It guides needing to Re-sign TY or not imho. Hines and Dulin are excellent return plans. Patmon and Fountain are fighting the “needs plenty of development “ issues. Both have lots of talent but have many areas of redefinement needed. Pittman has issues but they are much less glaring, that’s the difference in the two. Both may have the same projections in the future, one just is seen more refined now in all those areas. Same with Dulin and with Patmon and Fountain. Pascal finally has mostly come together but it’s taken him 4 seasons to do so. I would think that the HC lets his OC know what his vision of the team’s offense should be like, after all, that’s how your GM drafts for, the vision. Can’t just ad lib an offense and I wouldn’t think a successful team is just given a blank card to the offense and say go score us a bunch of points so we can win!! I would say the HC told FR back in SD to score lots of points in the offense and that to me means high octane and that’s using the passing game more. If he said our defense is going to dictate how this team wins, I just need you to control the clock, keep my defense rested and score enough to overcome a 14 point game. That would indicate a run controlled game. It would be great to have a defense who is dominating to keep teams from scoring more than 14 avg, and an offense who can easily score 27 avg, it’s not the norm.
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