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  1. Have we even seen our entire first team line together yet?
  2. It’s quite possible that he gets surgery, successfully has time to rehab and is pulled off the IR after game 8. There is always going to be more injuries or lack of production from any one of the other WR’s so after 8 games, he may be one of those potential to return candidates. It’s also conceivable that he isn’t ready at that time and he gets new life in 2020 instead.
  3. We really haven’t heard much from the Johnson camp this year since a lot of it has seemed to revolve around Fountain/Cain progress. I absolutely loved the potential we seen last season in a very limited view of Johnson though and would love to see him rise from this loss. He had size and speed so I hope he steps up and fights for that 5th or maybe 6th spot. Sucks horribly for Fountain, man was he showing skills! Hope he can get back strong for next season or possibly late quarter of the year.
  4. I’d take a 3rd right now for JB and wouldn’t blink.
  5. Was he not out there? I thought I seen one play and he was in the shot? Could be mixing up my numbers, had to keep looking at the roster between plays and trying to figure out who was who lol.
  6. That’s pretty fair. I’d have to say he is down on the fringe of cut line.
  7. Next game hopefully we get to see TY, DF, Cain and Fountain together with an oline and a QB that’s accurate, whether it be JB or CK. Is this something that was said in a press conference? That is interesting if so. NH did play and the little I seen of him, it wasn’t very good at all. We see his play differently. I was thinking after seeing the little of him I did that it wouldn’t be tough on cuts if he continued that sort of play. I only got to see first half and not every play either.
  8. The one thing I seen was pressure pressure pressure and no run game. That’s not helpful to any QB but the question here is would Luck have seen anything differently under the same circumstances? The little we seen JB wasn’t stellar either way imho. Like to be able to evaluate him with full #1s Oline looked pretty bad. I didn’t notice but did AC play any snaps? As for the former statement, JB isn’t going to net us anything based on what we’ve seen in last season and so far from this game. The silver lining here is we don’t matter and aren’t privy to everything he has done in practices. As for the latter, I’m not sure what affection the team has for PW but he doesn’t appear to meet the minimum criteria for being an average QB whatsoever.
  9. Why did JB look like he was an NFL QB in there tonight? What I seen was he held too long and wasn’t accurate however, he didn’t have any real protection. I still don’t care about the preseason games but I expected just a touch better look than this so far.
  10. Says there is a live stream tonight on the Colts App.
  11. I think you may be right here, whether we go 4-0, 3-1 or 0-4 is irrelevant. I think what we will need to see is the competition of the spots we’ve been weak at in the past when we move from first team guys into the second, third and beyond. The one reason we may not win any of the games is because maybe we insert a third tier guy against the first tier guys just to see how they react and play up to those challenges. Fans want wins and great play by all these players, the coaches are looking to see if they’ve adapted to the team playbook, technique, level of competition and reactions to adversity. The win isn’t on the radar of the coaching staffs first 5 objectives. Imho of course.
  12. I’ve targeted this guy since the draft. I hope his blacking is good since that was supposed to be his knack coming in with potential as a receiving threat hidden in as a talent not utilized while at Alabama. I’d probably keep him over Travis at this point seeing we will have both Doyle and Ebron up for contracts after the season.
  13. When people have called Luck injury prone, this my friends is the list that makes a person become the label of injury prone. It’s concerning with Kelly for sure. If he has any issues with nagging little injuries this year, I’m not sure you can afford to make him your long term center. No, not at all. That shipped has sailed and is so far out to sea that it would never happen. Maybe if we get 3-4 injuries to WR’s over the preseason it could be looked at.
  14. Here is the problem I’m seeing with JB getting that starter QB spot elsewhere next year. Who really needs a starter that doesn’t already have one in place? I mean I just looked through the list of teams and most have the guy or a 1st /2nd yr guy in that spot. Places if the QB says I’ve had enough would be: new england Pitt New Orleans and then it’s possible for a space to compete at: Tennessee Vikings Raiders Jacksonville Tampa bay Cincy I think realistically, out of both these lists, only a few spaces would be open for a true opportunity for a JB type unless JB really explodes in preseason and shows the arm and the head with his talent around him. I think both NE and Pitt QB’s aren’t leaving next season without injury. I also don’t think we see changes in Raiders or Vikings and slim chance they sign a big contract guy to Tennessee or Jags to compete with their current QB unless those two really crap the bed this year. Where is Cincy with their QB back up guy? I really only see TAmpa as the strongest potential for a team that says we’ve seen enough from this starter and the new coach wants to change direction with the inconsistency of Winston, who also has a huge arm and speed. I just feel we are limited in dance partners to get a high comp pick for next year and since we really don’t know where Luck is and will it be a chronic issue now, so there is too much risk to trade him early. It would literally be a trade offer to good to pass on that we trade JB and run with Kelly. That type of offer only comes in a desperate team that drops a QB early on, without a real back up, and they believe with an above average QB, they have the shot to get to the playoffs. Small margins to work with and that’s why I think JB plays out his contract here and has a rough time getting a big starters contract next season without completely balling out in his preseason opportunity this year.
  15. The post I made about JB wasn’t really as a slight to him, rather I guess just the tempered expectations of what having to use your back up means. I don’t believe there is one person on this forum believes for a second that the talents of JB are anywhere near what Luck’s is. With Luck in and healthy, this team is loaded for a run but just on the cusp and it’s all based on paper expectations. With JB, or any back up QB, this team may only be an 8-8 team, maybe. Having Luck gets you 3-4 extra wins I believe. Heck, you wonder what this Kelly kid will bring to the table as he gains reps and stays grounded. He has a positive up chart as well as JB. Let’s just hope we don’t have to use either of the back ups all season except preseason and mop up time. It will be nice to see what JB has in him for the buffalo game with starters in.
  16. Lets hope the rehab works and the team/Luck is being honest in the nature of the injury. Not certain, many are speculating it was late April, early May perhaps.
  17. Slow healer for certain. Not sure about injury prone yet. It would be easier to detail if we had actual, true information about what the actual injury is. I just have to think this is an Achilles in some degree of injury or strain and they are going extreme conservative in resting it and just hoping it heals without surgery before opening season game.
  18. Idk, the glitter for me has worn off from how good Jacoby really is. He gave us the value of a slinger like a Harbaugh did when he came in and sling the ball all over the place and gave a tired old crappy team a thrill for 1 season. Harbaugh was average before he got here and besides the 1 magical season to get a base energized, he was really just an average guy. So is Jacoby from what we’ve seen in his last live fire experiences last season. Let’s see him in the preseason games first before I get any bit of excitement again from him.
  19. Here is the dilemma, is the defense really as good as it’s reported to be or is it because it’s playing against a back up QB? I think that’s a point several of us have pointed to as being an issue with not having Luck in during practice. Luck may school this defense and then the coaches see cracks in the system. Brissett May give artificial hope that the defense is doing what it’s should be doing because of inferior play at QB. How many years have we thought we had a pretty solid defense because they looked great against our offense in TC only to get slaughtered in the preseason and first games of the season.
  20. How was our first 5-6 games last year? We started out slow and then as the reps piled up and everyone became more adjusted to each other, the team got better and play calling improved. This is a hard game and despite your simplistic view of a few 7 on 7 drills makes everything ok is just flat out wrong. If that’s all a team needed is to let their QB toss a few balls in the preseason workouts and save a training camp injury from happening, that’s what every team would do. So it looks like our opinions differ here in this.
  21. So at that point you can come back and say man, all you complainers about Luck actually do have some insight into the issue. We are as hopeful as anyone that Luck comes back and plays week 1, right now, it smells like exactly what occurred with Manning and then again with Luck. Teams still vying for season ticket holders and individual seat buys. They have to paint the picture that all is fine and Luck is just being cautious on a simple injury. It smells like a bigger issue to me, I’m extremely hopeful my insight is completely wrong here.
  22. Fully agree. I don’t think some people can see the trickle down effect having a second string QB throwing a ball vs a pro bowler type of special QB. Is the defense looking better because we are playing against a guy who makes choices that a better QB wouldn’t make? Are receivers dropping balls because they aren’t thrown where a better QB would place them? Is the team getting a false sense of hope because we think our defense really is looking awesome only to find out week one, this back up QB can’t perform against an average defense and the defense is getting shredded because we felt we had better talent? You never know what or who you have until your best is playing full strength against your best. It distorts the truth of who you really have.
  23. I’ll tell you one thing, this has the same characteristics of the shoulder injury. I’ve said it a few times, this holding back and vague discussions of if it were a real game he would play etc... we’ve heard these lines before and then poof, Luck never played all year. My take is that it is what it is. He is in or he is out, the games go on. My thing is, this team was being put together as a competing team for a shot at a Super Bowl. Players need reps to be really superior here and if anyone thinks that Luck is so awesome that him missing some practices here or there isn’t affecting how this team will come out and play is lying to themselves. Continuity is huge at creating success and right now, how much live practice has the young kids had with the #1 QB on this team? They are all used to #2,3 QB ball coming at them. Something is up, something is wrong and whether it’s missing real games or a season or dreaded a career, something for sure is wrong. So you can sit back and enjoy the conspiracy theories but I’ve seen this same movie a couple times in the Colts PR room. Manning and now with Luck. Same motto.
  24. IR, designated to return perhaps after week 6, I suppose that’s what I meant to say. Thanks for correction
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