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  1. Each draft requires you draft for need to a point because every team has a need. What you must do is to choose with need and value being in the ballpark. I mean you don’t pick a TE at 5 because you rank him at a top 5 position when you already have 2 top performing talents on the team when you need a WR who is ranked 8 on your board. You take the WR and strengthen the team overall. You don’t pick a QB who falls to 22nd when you have Peyton Manning on the team, even when you rank that QB a 10 on your board but need a safety who is ranked 24 on your board, you take the S and solve a gap on your
  2. Without knowing the medicals on some of these guys, it’s really hard to say for sure. But I’ll assume the medicals are fine and we aren’t in reach of Burrows, Young or Okudah, my choices would be 1. Kinlaw 2. Wirfs 3. Love, Hebert or Tua 4. Brown (if his private workouts go way better than his combine went and it would have to be waaaaay better) 5. Trade down assuming Kinlaws knee isn’t a chronic condition, he is hands down my first choice. I think our need for a dominate DT is such a great need that he trumps the risks we know of the second tier Q
  3. Man, Simmons is certainly intriguing but is a definite luxury pick. Can his Superman college skills translate into the nfl package? We have Leonard, where do these two line up at the same snap? Is his skill set really made to cover the elite TE’s of the league? Could he ever live up in the mold of a Robert Mathis role? I can’t see a guy that’s fast enough to be a slot cb and be a lb’er. Maybe he is that good, idk. I don’t think this guy is covering T. Hill. Maybe the TE’s but wouldn’t that limit this guy to 2 downs? Maybe 3 if you are saying move him into the safety spot at times. I m
  4. That’s not completely true imho. CB tried to address a complete tree of wr’s last year so Luck would have plenty of options and then he quit and every got broken in a hurry. Funchess isn’t fast, he was big and slower. TY is speed and great hands, Cain was supposed to be speed and size, Fountain the same, Ebron was supposed to repeat 2018 but had JB overthrowing or just flat out missing him and Doyle did his normal thing, steady Eddie. So yes they like speed guys but also value size guys too, those 2 guys just broke early and the speed guy broke too.
  5. At this point, I’d absolutely let him go for 2 first round picks. Him sitting on the shelf doing nothing nets us nothing and if he were honestly wanting to play but only on the west coast, yep, I’d trade him. I don’t think I’d ever be able to trust he wouldn’t play for 2 seasons and decide to quit again.
  6. I could see 7-8 at best. If he wants 10+, you let him go. I guess we will see what he gets.
  7. I just seen this report. Mack may get a bit more but Eckler did run and pass catch adequately this year. Made their other star RB obsolete really. Mack may run better, maybe but he doesn’t catch anywhere near Eckler has so the offset tells me, this is a fair comparison for a contract. If Mack thinks he is worth 10/yr, I guess he will get to test the waters idk.
  8. Well now I’m dug in, he will beat all Jerry Rice records and play for the minimum because he loves it in Indy lol. Honestly, Reggie wasn’t a 4.45 guy in his pads, we became good because his hands, routes and football smarts over his speed. Reggie played 2nd receiver because he was drafted 1st rd and they forced that and he finally answered the bell. He also had a HOF guy throwing him the ball, a HOF wr and RB with him too early. We agree often on things but I can just see some similarities with Reggie/Pascal that it’s possible we get to see even better growth this season even with a avg QB
  9. I pretty much agree with all your other assessments of the players but I’m curious as to where you see limitations of Pascal vs what Reggie was? Reggie was never fast. Reggie didn’t really show much until year 3 as well and most thought of him as a busted 1st rd pick until he just boom, showed up. Reggie developed great route running and his hands were solid but again, all that happened mostly in and after the third year. I just see all the same things with Pascal hopefully. He may not be anything but a 3 and that’s ok too but sure hopeful he builds even more off of last year with a poor pass
  10. Count me as one who thought Apple’s Siri had input on what Brissett was up to lol. Siri may say that Brissett needs to get this ball out faster and that he knew where to go with the ball but JB also needs to get 1000% better with throwing his guys open. If JB doesn’t improve on his ball placement, it absolutely doesn’t matter at all how fast he gets it out. I hope that’s all JB has worked on this off-season is hitting moving targets instead of trying to hit open holes in a wooden board stuck in the ground.
  11. I’m one who thinks we have adequate assets in the wr department. Some need another season of development. I’m a bit concerned about TY and his past two seasons of injuries and depending on this season, it may be time to move on from him if he has another season of injury riddled time. My list will look something like this though for the 2020 season. 1. TY-obviously #1 2. Pascal-Can he be what happened with Reggie Wayne after his 3rd season? Not speedy but reliable and a very good route runner? 3. Campbell- The possible heir to TY??? All he needs to do is show he can be health
  12. These athletes turning down 20 million are either a ploy to squeeze every last penny they can or plain stupid. I’d rather the owners collude and agree never to pay over xxxx for any specific position, regardless of the player. Let them sit out if they want and put in the next guy who wants to play. I’m absolutely sick of seeing a rich player say 10, 15, 20, 30, 35 million isn’t enough per year in compensation to play a rough game of football. Just stop the insanity already.
  13. Oh, I assumed you meant in Indy. I’ve not heard of the franchise until this post. May have to make it a motorcycle ride this summer.
  14. If you can’t three puff, you shouldn’t be hitting it lmao!!
  15. You obviously didn’t hear CB talk about the need to get better at the 3 tech. Says that 3 tech is what makes the defense go. We definitely need to find a dominant 3 tech to significantly improve our defense. DT/QB resolution is 1A/B imho. With AC saying he is coming back, we have time to groom a 2-4 round OT now. WR, we still have options on the team providing we get a competent QB. TE is a need but not first round need. RB is above avg on the team. first pick is either the QB of the future or a DT. I say DT from this group if I’m choosing.
  16. I have no doubt his pro day will be great. I am more worried about the knee, the knee he missed the senior bowl for. It’s one thing for it to show up after 4-5 years in the league, now you have to wonder, does he fulfill a 4 year contract due to a chronic knee condition? I think it’s very fair to be real concerned with it. Depending on the medical reports, I’d take him off my board from the first round anyway.
  17. Tua gives me great concern with his injury history but I would take him at 13. The OP asked a great question here assuming the top 2 guys are taken. The issue for me is now that the combine has exposed a few guys I would have easily moved up for (Brown and Kinlaw) they all seem to have flaws and concerns. I do like what Whirf has done but with AC coming back, can you afford to add him? We either need a starting QB and a dominant 3 tech DT. There is not a dominant DE we can get past Young that’s worth moving up for. The very best WR can get schemed out to force others to beat you so I’m not mov
  18. Please requote what you said that I apparently repeated in my initial post. Nothing I posted in my post was seen from anything you posted. There was no cherry picking dude. I’m not following your logic. Maybe you’re just trolling, idk.
  19. If it makes you feel better that you feel that statement is interpreted as the items I posted, awesome. However, you really didn’t. I’m not into free passes.
  20. I think that’s fair to have concerns. I certainly didn’t see that exotic creativity we seen in philly, was that because of scheme creation or talent? Time is going to tell
  21. You said what from my post? it was a building of trust for Kelly by CB. The season was lost and CB has to know that in adversity, and sitting the bench believing you could have helped, that is adversity. He didn’t bark, he didn’t go off and get trashed, he didn’t speak negatively at all. He proved he could be a team guy, he proved he can stay clean and the team already knows he possesses as much talent and potential as any of the QB’s this team will have a shot at in this draft. our team could have easily decided to cut him in any of the last 4-6 games as they had injurie
  22. They definitely have a plan for him and I’ve been banging the drum since before the end of the season,. Kelly will be the starter for 2020, I honestly think that’s been the plan providing he stays clean all 2019 (he did) and in the offseason up to the draft (he has so far) If you honestly believe that Irsay and CB has kept this kid on their roster as a favor to get him straightened out, I’ve got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. You state it’s “obvious” that the front office doesn’t see Kelly as a good QB right now. What gives you anything close to that opinion? What statement or article
  23. That would certainly be a lot of capital and quality on that Dline. I like it too. Yep, the only reason this trade is offered and taken would be to get draft capital. You aren’t taking Files as your future for sure. Is Foles a teacher though or would he be malcontent to go to another team to mentor their future guy? I’d literally probably take the trade and cut him. Yep, this!! If I’m going to help a team inside my division, they will pay handsomely for it or suck it. I’d press them for their 9th outright and swap them our 34 maybe. That would be my starting point. I’m also s
  24. Since I quoted you, I believe you said that he was only good in 2018 because of his surrounding cast more so. If I tagged you incorrectly, I apologize. I was just pointing out while he may have had some good guys on his team, and they may have left that following season, none of his supporting cast appeared to make it in the nfl so how good was the 2018 talent that helped make him good that season? the question is why didn’t he adapt to the new system, coaching, scheme and was his new teammates so poor that he couldn’t overcome such a dip in talent on the 2019 team? Idk.
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