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  1. Yes and no. He has trumpeted that he was building a team that’s not about 1 specific person and now it’s time to show that he actually has been doing what he said or was it a politician speaking? I’d say providing he keeps the steady hand, doesn’t panic, team doesn’t desert or sloppiness creeps in, he gets to stay the course longer with this sudden change of important position swap has happened so late in the season. I don’t see CB as being in any trouble whatsoever based on his past two years already. He seems right and grounded. Griggs would have pooped his pants and went on a bender by now.
  2. Under the same levels of competition, I’d agree with you, however, Kelly hasn’t seen the same level of players that JB has so far. Remember how many kids look awesome in shorts and no pads, kind of the same thing here. JB has faced bigger competition than Kelly has. If his mental processes fire as fast as his throwing motion has shown in the lesser talent guys when he plays starting talents, I like Kelly. Never being able to see Kelly against starting talent defenses that scheme for your team, I’m going with JB until JB shows he hasn’t learned over his tenure in Indy.
  3. I’m just hopeful he has truly put 110% into this offseason and regular season so far as if Luck wouldn’t play. Little did he know this whole time, he would be the starter from the beginning this year. Valuable reps and film room as well as instruction from all those who should be in his head. I mean I think most of us are rooting for his success.
  4. I’ve watched the colts since they came to Indy, we’ve had a lot of bad football here. What I’ll have to learn to change is my expectations during the transition. Maybe we don’t have a huge drop off from being relevant in the league but if we do, we have to remember what the Browns have done and what outlook they have now and recall what we had before Harbaugh gave us just a glimmer of hope before Manning took us to such a high level of expectations. I’ll always watch and be a colts fan unless they move and alienate the base.
  5. I can’t disagree with anything you said. I think JB showed he had some talent, but has consistency issues. Now that he is the guy, he has to show he can overcome that aspect of his game. He has the arm, he can make all the throws, it appears the teammates respect and trust him (huge). I have to ask the question, does he have the football smarts that an elite QB must have? I question that he does but I’m ok to be wrong. Ive liked what I have seen Kelly so under the limits that’s he has had. Colts are going to find out what we have, one thing we need now, a replacement for PW because as a 3rd guy, he isn’t really an nfl option at all. He was an arm to use during the practice squad and preseason.
  6. I’m not sure why Luck leaving makes AC want to retire now when it’s possible to get another contract worth millions. Unless more injuries happen to AC, I see him retained. Luck leaving right now doesn’t set this team back 5 years at all imho. CB has been trying to build a complete team, not just a QB with some scrubs around. Two schools of thought for sure. Pay superstars around the average QB to make your chances better or wait till you get the star QB and then hope he is that and then start paying stars around him. I doubt any GM worries about wasting a players years when it comes to trying to build the best roster he can to compete. I also don’t think many stars worry about their years wasted if the money is given to them, we’ve seen that play out over and over when it comes to players going to a bad team but getting lots of cash to do it knowing the chance of a ring has become diminished but the bank account is maxed
  7. He might not want to come back true but if he has a season that makes him a big FA draw, why wouldn’t we want him and it’s not like we won’t have the cap space and cash to pay him. I just don’t believe you let successful players leave because you don’t have a 250 million dollar QB. He may not succeed this season with JB or CK, at that point, you let him go and let him seek money elsewhere because it didn’t work, not to save money you have on a guy who did help. The more options for a lesser talent at the QB is the right thing.
  8. You put up successful players around a QB who will be adequate until you get the QB who is the star again. You don’t tank just to hope for a superstar QB. Teams have won with average QB’s in the past and they didn’t just cut all their high paid guys because they didn’t have a Manning or Brady. You build a team around what you have
  9. You know good and well that it’s hyperbole to think he is retiring over a sore ankle. It’s an accumulation of several injuries, however, some of those injuries are from his own doing and some is because the team didn’t initially protect him and he played a bit more reckless as a young QB than he should have. He played like he was a lb’er at times. He shouldn’t have but he was playing like a kid in high school, that’s why so many people loved him. He brought enthusiasm for the game that I wished more did instead of making this their multi million dollar jobs.
  10. What a story this would turn into if Kelly, (just because it’s a Jim Kelly family member) would be capable of stepping into the starters role and succeeds with a solid team around him. All we need is a QB who doesn’t turn it over with carelessness. Kelly has shown touch and a strong arm, he needs to show mental toughness and awareness on the field and he has shown he can succeed. JB has also shown some great qualities but between the two, if what we’ve seen of Kelly against lower talents is real, id like his QB skills over JB but CB and Reich will figure this out. They know. This Indy team isn’t a bad team overall. If everything that CB said since arriving, he wasn’t building this team for one person to make or break it, it’s about overall talent from top to bottom. So far in two drafts, we’ve taken guys with some major upside. We aren’t in gutter mode like just before Manning took over. Imho No, it’s now that you keep high pieced talents around a manager type of QB. Unless the offense now can’t compliment the skill sets of either JB or CK towards the Enron’s type, you keep and pay these new stars. Luck just freed up lots of capspace.
  11. It is quite possible to hit on another QB that finds lightening in a bottle, much like Seattle did with Russell. We have a good oline, nice receivers and a potentially above average defense. Find the compliment QB to this offense and it’s probably going to still be a competitive team that if things go just right, we win it all still. It’s possible we fall into the Browns style of losing football. I sure hope we don’t just fall off the face of the earth because that team will fold up come the next contract to the city or next time another city offers Irsay lots of gold to change cities. Indy must have good football with someone that can play and have national following to survive in my mind.
  12. I just can’t see him in the ROH now. I don’t think you can quit at the beginning of a season and have no rings and expect to be recognized as a ROH type guy. Unfortunately, his legacy is going to be Bert Jones level. Sadly
  13. This is exactly the reason fans booed. It was so raw, so unprofessional in its reporting it this way and fans are an invested group to any team. I’m not upset that Luck decided to hang them up but to expect this kind of team altering news to come out during a game where he is on the sidelines and nobody be upset, that’s unreasonable. Whoever let this info out needs fired fires and possibly beaten pretty good. That’s unprofessional in the biggest sense and that person is the reason Luck will be tarnished as a Colt. In a perfect world, Luck would have played out this season and stated this info at the end of the year. I think fans could have accepted this news in a press conference at the end of a season much much better than during the end of preseason game number 3. I truly hope Luck has a great and fun life going forward, I think in the end, this will haunt him. I’m glad for anyone to get to spend more time with family and watch their kids grow up, he couldn’t do both as an NFL QB. He chose family over 58 million dollars, that’s a manly thing to do. Now he still holds millions of dollars in his banking account and that helps but still, I can give kudos to him for saying here is 58 million dollars, I’m taking my ball and heading home.
  14. Maybe and maybe not. We don’t have a stud franchise RB, we don’t have stud DE’s or a Baltimore type dominating defense like they had back in the day and we certainly don’t know if JB can handle this team in real live fire. The offense is certainly in a better place than it was when Luck went down in his first year off but we still have a question mark at RB and having a guy we can count on to just hand the ball off for a season and get us through a QB who can just manage the game. Its the defense that will make or break break this season imho. Is there enough realized talents on the defense that can allow low scoring games on teams like NE, SD, LA or NO types? We just really don’t know if this defense is going to gel and be capable of both rushing the passer or stopping the run. A lot of unknowns now. Luck had enough talent to overcome many flaws on the team, as did Manning but we aren’t talent deficient as when Manning went out.
  15. Agree, I’ve never been a huge fan of JB but he has talent in flashes and has a big arm so let’s see what he gives the team in real fire with all the toys now. He has been in the same system as luck has been under Reich so he should know everything about the program, even if he wasn’t as cerebral as Luck was, 2 years in the same system should be enough. Let’s hope he truly prepared all this time as a starter and knows this system well.
  16. I have absolutely liked what I’ve seen from him so far but it’s not been against scheming teams with their #1’s playing and that’s a big difference. Denver didn’t cut the second coming of Manning because he screwed up a few times for sure but he has talent. I’d love to think either JB shows a better presence on the team now or that Kelly can be capable of taking on these responsibilities as well. A lot of unknowns here. But I’m not against entertaining the though that Kelly could be the guy if JB falters. Well said
  17. If this team, without Luck, loses enough to get the #1 pick, CB doesn’t deserve to be retained. This team should have enough talent to muddle through and capture enough wins to be at least a .500 team. The defense has been invested heavily in and should be a positive influence this year.
  18. It’s all the stuff between the head though. If he gets it upstairs, I like Kelly’s upside, not that JB is fodder but I am not sure that JB is talented enough to be a franchise guy. We are going to see soon and if it’s JB, I’m fine with that, hope we just don’t force JB into a franchise guy if he just really isn’t.
  19. I absolutely love this Hentges kid. Showing that he can catch an nfl ball, added to his ability to be that blocking specialty TE guy, that makes him more valuable than Travis imho. I honestly see Doyle done here after next season and Hentges slide into his spot if his play continues like we seen last week and that’s not to diss Doyle at all because I absolutely love what Doyle has given this team as well but Doyle is older, more expensive and had a repaired hip. Not a good combo when it appears you have a younger clone already in place and cheaper for 4 years. You sign EE for 4 years, and he won’t be cheap so that is the offset imho to keeping Hentges with the future in mind. But I can’t see any scenario that we keep 5 TE’s sadly. We are going to lose one really good TE to someone this year. Im not sure what the Andrews and Boehm story is here except we have Howard Miss now in the mix instead of the OL coach they had last season. I know Mudd isn’t the head oline coach but he brings in a solid voice and as I recall from the Manning years, he is like 1 chance and then moves on from a guy. Glowinski has has some troubles so far but I do think we all felt of the 5 starters, Glow was the weakest of the links and perhaps with Big Q in, the center is more focused on assisting with the LG spot as opposed to the RG like we seen more last year. Also, Kelly hasn’t been in at times as well. If we have all 5 guys starting, I think Glow will be the adequate starter again and we get his replacement next year in the 2nd round draft. I am not going to be the most Shocked if the team moves on from Wilson but I’ll be pretty surprised. I see Hairston as the odd man out here and although Milton has shown to be a very solid ST player, that’s his ceiling, he has been a horrific CB. At the very least, when the games have counted, Wilson has played well enough to gamble keeping him over Milton and Hairston imho. I don’t think the team wants to risk losing Tell if they try and sneak him to the PS. I still believe we need improvement in our 3 starting cb’s for next season.
  20. Will it help to complain a lot more during the regular season on those crappy calls by the refs? JK and giving you some crap lol
  21. Might just be how Luck gets to spend his Sunday’s for a few, at home washing the car, spraying water on the neighbors that came over. Lol
  22. That’s a perfect scenario and everything lines up for the colts to afford a trade with JB and some QB needy team, which currently, there isn’t any unless the panthers just lost Cammy girl. Perhaps a team loses there starting QB in week two and Luck shows he is good to go after starting two games, that’s the only scenario that anyone is offering the colts something of significant value to cause the colts to deal JB, and I’m not even a huge fan of JB anymore, he plays too inconsistent for me to see high draft pick trade value. The only thing that would marginally push his trade value up is if someone loses a QB and they panic saying we need just a guy who has shown ability to lead a team and JB has that, he just isn’t always consistent. Is that worth a team making a panicked trade for JB or is there 10 other similar players around the league to make deals on that push the panic level down and cost a later round pick? Hell, I’d look at the kid who shredded us last week for trade value, he moved the ball better on us than JB did on them, right? Imho, I don’t see that perfect scenario hitting us during the second week where the team would get Kelly back from suspension and a needy, panicked team willing to part with a 2nd round or better pick, which in my mind is what it would take to part with JB as adequate insurance for the colts.
  23. Jdubu


    Hentges is Doyle’s replacement. Has everything Jack has plus youth and a non-injured/repaired hip. I would keep the 4 TE’s and shop Travis or see if I could shop Doyle/MAC.
  24. We have solid depth at safety, not superstars outside of Hooker and if/when Geathers is healthy. The other guys are solid depth. I’m not losing sleep on safety. I’d lose sleep on the oline depth of anything
  25. Sadly, I agree. I had such high expectations for this kid.
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