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    Wow, isn’t it interesting how a 2-14 team is suddenly the TOPIC of the Season? You must have something to say and we want to hear it!
    If you were the Colts GM...
    * What would your first steps be?
    * Who would you look to draft?
    * What are your biggest concerns for the 2012 season?
    * The topics are endless!

    Blog your answer here on forums.colts.com and you'll be entered to win an autographed Reggie Wayne photo!
    You can write whatever you want, just remember to tag your blog entry with "colts gm blog". (You tag entries in the text box below "Entry Tags" up at the top of your "Add Blog Entry" page).
    DEADLINE: January 6th @ 11:59pm
    Not sure how to get started blogging? Don't worry, we have a nice introduction to it here: http://forums.colts....ld-be-blogging/
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