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  1. Love - love - love this trade!! A 22 year old beast of a running back for what maybe a 16-19 pick at the best! Great job Grigs!!!
  2. This might be the dumbest quote i have seen on here in quite some time!!! Evidently you have watched NO game tape of Dale. I've watched this kid since he was in high school. He generally always catches the ball with his hands!!! I believe his hands messured what would have been the 3rd biggest at the combine. He made all kinds of catches across the middle & deep balls. He has great hands!!! I'm a SDSU basketball season ticket holder & watched him last year on the football field too. He is a crazy good athlete!! If you you tube him you will see him doing all kinds of crazy dunk
  3. I liked what Mel Kiper said Sat morning on the Dari/Mel show on ESPN radio. He said "RG3 might become a very good QB, but would you really take someone that McShay had as a WR prospect at the beginning of the college football season over Andrew Luck?" I THINK NOT!!! Luck all the way!
  4. I'm new on the board so i can't start a topic yet, but would like to see the Colts take Dale Moss for South Dakota State in the later rounds. He is a tall & very athletic receiver with great hands!! Here are some of his stats from his pro day. Scott Smith @XAMSports SDSU WR Dale Moss Pro Day, 6'03 1/4", 213 lbs, 4.45 40-yd, 41.5" vert, 10'10" broad, 6.32 3-cone, 4.08 20 sh, 10.82 60 sh, 11 repsro day today.
  5. Thank god!!!! I don't know if i have ever seen the back of somebody's jersey as much as his, as the camera is following him & the receiver into the endzone. Definitely replaceable!!
  6. Why are we still talking about this??? Andrew Luck is going to be the next QB of the Colts. Enough said!!! Tannehill??? You don't take a guy that has been anywhere from 3rd to 6th (from what i've seen) in QB rankings when you have a guy that all the experts are raving over sitting in our lap!!!
  7. Not a chance we go defense with first pick!!!! I'm not sure why people even keep bringing it up. Andrew Luck (with or without PM on team) will be the first pick!!
  8. No way you take a RB in the Colts draft situation! I listen to ESPN radio all day in my office & the people that get paid to determine where prospects should go ALL say Luck is can't miss!! Looking at his stats last night during the game just cemented my thoughts. He threw 0 interceptions in the red zone this year. That shows how brilliant he is with his thinking & throws. Never forget D Rhodes was our dominating RB in the Super Bowl!!
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