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  1. great updates Htown... really appreciate it... hoping I can make it back next year for TC
  2. better fit than RI all the way around
  3. add the Blue Muamba and were much better than last year with our LB... safety's jury's out.... if the old Landry shows up it would help
  4. I'd like to see Rainey shine here.. Coach said he has that burst he used to have... hope he maj=kes the team and can be our PR/KR save TY for WR...
  5. here is the NFL draft profile... looks like PS @ best for now.. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2014/profiles/aaron-burks?id=2549899
  6. great post Stephen... thanks.. makes me want the season to start today.... can't hardly wait... 8 more Sundays
  7. now we need to replace Wells as our reporter on espn.
  8. The Proof is In the Puddin ... Grigson and our Last 2 years Drafts 1. Can we protect Luck and open wholes for the running game.. ? 2. Will last years 1st rnd pick Step Up and show us what The FO Saw... get pressure and sacks on the QB ? 3. Will our 5th this year (Newsome) show us what (only) our FO saw and pressure the QB and gets sacks .. and the potential Mathis replacement ????? time will tell
  9. found this off of Yahoo Sports. Swoope, a power forward on the University of Miami's basketball team the past four years, signed with the Indianapolis Colts as an undrafted free agent Saturday night and is considered a candidate to make the team's practice squad as a developmental prospect at tight end. The 6-foot-5 California native has never played so much as a snap of organized football at any level before.
  10. so what do you guys think/ feel ? me I'm loosing Faith in Grigs... .. I know we have been in the playiffs 2 years in a row with 11 wins both years... but I can't seem to follow his picks.... Melwort won't be a starter from day 1 and was overdrafted...IMO there where starting Offensive players availanle at our pick that could have started Gabe Jackson, Marcus Martin, Trai Turner, Dakoda Dozier to name a few... I know I'm not a scout... but Luck has been Hit way Too much to continue to Draft potential starters ... instead of imediate starters Moncrief good receiver , but we have more viable needs ! They must believe Delano Howell is are starter... ??? They must think we are OK @ NT to walk away from Nix... ??? I could go on and on... just not happy with our first 2/3 "Limited" Picks ... my initial instant grade D+/C- ... let me sleep on it and come back this weekend.. PS Pagano is Defensive Coach and we drafted majority what in 3 years... and we were ranked what for our deefense last year ? I welcome your thoughts/replies
  11. There are no Franchise QB in this Draft ! Houstons D got a Whole lot better... our Oline is going to have to step up on push the other team back this year
  12. Nice Job ak... I too want and Like Bodine, but we can always grab an UDFA C like Zac Kerin from Toledo then hope that Grigs and Companyare right with Holmes... getting gabe fixing a Huge issue on the Oline and I love the other picks too... DJ is one of my sleeper picks... getting Reid will help the Dline and Pass Rush Dowling is going to be a good box end safety... Starr a little hidden jewel... Patton great find I don;t know anything about him, but will have to check him out... This would be a Great Draft for the Colts !!
  13. great find HBA... it is a good read and makes you stop and ask like you said are we doing something similar... seems like we have some simular stats in a couple areas and looks like we are in the top 10 across the board... the one thing I have said is Carroll has/had a leg up .. he knew alot of their picks through his college years including the UDFA... He had inside depth info on many of them... it will be interesting to see how he does in about 3/4 years after he has had a few years out of the personal knowledge of college.. i know he will still have ties, but it shouldn/t be nearly as deep
  14. was on the Broncos and had a whole 9 snaps... I like that they are looking under every rock ( no pun intended ) but it also says they are not comfortable with Austin backup... He hasn;t been much maore than a jersey or camp body from what I have been able to find
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