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  1. Giants HC Joe Judge just fired his OL coach mid-season after a spat with his assistant. They have hired former Colts OL coach Dave Deguglielmo to replace him.
  2. I agree with Jared on this one. Watching the Colts draft videos, Frank was crazy about Pittman and Campbell. It looked like Ballard was drafting the guys he wanted. I wish there was a little more separation of duties.
  3. Brackett also owned Charblue, a steakhouse in downtown Indy and Georgia Reeses, a soul food restaurant on the n.w. side but both have closed.
  4. There is no way that Peyton will be putting in 80 hours a week as an asst. coach. The only thing I see Peyton doing is being part of an ownership group, sitting up in the suites in a nice suit.
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