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  1. Ballard has 5 kids and has said that he wants to raise his kids in the Midwest. That's why he turned down past jobs in other parts of the country. I don't think there is anything to worry about as far as him taking his family to NY/NJ.
  2. Ballard lives just up the street from TC in the new Chatham Hills neighborhood so you'll probably see more of him in the future. I might as well include my story of running into Colts from the past. In the late nineties I had been making calls in southern IN one day and was driving home to Fishers. At the last minute I decided to pull off 65 in Franklin and sneak in a quick 9 holes at The Legends Course. I paid for my round and then went over to the grill area to get something to drink before heading to the first tee. I didn't want to get behind anyone and noticed three big guys standing by the grill area so I kinda rudely pushed through them to get my drink and make sure I got out before them. It wasn't until I was standing in the middle of them that I figured out it was Peyton Manning, Ken Dilger and Kelly Holcomb. Peyton had 2 hot dogs in one hand and a large wad of bills in the other. They were discussing their bets and Holcomb said "Peyton I don't make the kind of money you do". In the end I beat them out to the first tee, played a quick nine and got back on the road.
  3. Rick Venturi was on JMV's show this week and went over several prospects. He loved Banogu and talked about him a fair amount. So far I'm digging this draft.
  4. Jeremiah said he had Ya-Sin going in the first round.
  5. I still expect the Colts to draft a wr.
  6. Looking at the crazy money being thrown around I'm glad Ballard is holding off. And he might have offered a couple of these guys, just not enough. I expect the Colts to sign a couple B level free agents like the past two seasons and I'm okay with that when you consider signings like Ebron, Autry and Hunt.
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