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  1. Kevin Bowen was talking about this with Brissett the other day. In the first quarter, when most of their plays are scripted, he performs much better. By the fourth quarter his numbers and rating are doing a nosedive.
  2. Based on what was reported by a guy that covers the Colts every day, Reich and Colts mgt disagree with you.
  3. Was never a fan of Ebron. Doesn't block, has bad hands and is a "me first" guy. Any team that offers him a big contract deserves what they get. There are plenty of good TE's that can be drafted or signed as a free agent.
  4. This...…..it was never supposed to be a championship season. Ballard had to completely turn over this roster. Then his franchise QB decides to retire. Then constant injuries. The rebuild started with the bigs & LB, and this year will probably focus more on the skill positions. It's going to take more time. Now he might have to use one of their picks on a QB as well. With that said, if Hilton, Campbell, Funches, Mack and a few others could ever stay healthy, this team would look a lot different.
  5. Stephen Holder was talking about it on Q&S tonight. Said Ebron hasn't been missing any practices, he played in games and mgt wasn't aware of any major issues with his health. His read on the situation is that Colts mgt is not very happy with Ebron at this point and that any chance of him re-signing with the team are probably gone at this point. I've never been a big fan of Ebron. He doesn't block and drops a lot of passes. Wonder if my boss will let me "shut it down" for the rest of the year and still pay me?
  6. Big Joe Staysniak was talking about it this morning. He was really frustrated with how poorly the OL has been playing the past 3 weeks. Especially the right side of the line. Rick Venturi has said repeatedly that the right side of the line has played poorly. Joe said he counted 5 twists yesterday that the OL didn't handle properly.
  7. Ebron is terrible. He's so soft. There is no way he is coming back next year.
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