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  1. I still expect the Colts to draft a wr.
  2. Looking at the crazy money being thrown around I'm glad Ballard is holding off. And he might have offered a couple of these guys, just not enough. I expect the Colts to sign a couple B level free agents like the past two seasons and I'm okay with that when you consider signings like Ebron, Autry and Hunt.
  3. In the Coliseum, where USC plays there home games. Certainly is large enough but I'm sure the Chargers are contractually obligated to play at Stubhub Field.
  4. Not a fan. Look like they were designed by June Cleaver.
  5. It didn't take long to figure out that yards and points were going to be hard to come by yesterday. You could see right away that the Jags were dominating the line of scrimmage. And that's after shutting us out in the second half of the first game. On the first 4th down from the one I knew we were going to get stuffed and sure enough that's what happened. Do the analytics account for who your opponent is? The NFL is a week to week league. You have to adjust each week. Frank not recognizing the reality of what was happening was disappointing.
  6. masters1

    T.J. Green

    Oops, probably should have put this on the NFL General board.
  7. masters1

    T.J. Green

    After being signed by the Seahawks on Oct 3rd, T.J. just informed the team that he doesn't want to play football any longer and has left the team. Ryan Grigson is a consultant with the Seahawks and I imagine that is how he ended up there in the first place.
  8. Venturi made his weekly appearance on JMV's show today and said that yesterdays performance by the Colts OL was the best that he had seen since he moved here in 2013. He really studies the tape and will point out the good and the bad. I thought that was very encouraging.
  9. I think he's doing a great job on a rebuild that will take a little time. Unfortunately too many on this board want immediate satisfaction and are willing to give him 5 minutes.
  10. Finally someone who gets it. This is how it's done. Tired of reading so many posts from people complaining every time we don't go after an overpriced free agent. So many players stop working hard once they get the big money. I heard John Clayton say this weekend that many of this years free agents have not worked out.
  11. The incompetence of the wr's and rb's is unbelievable. A couple guys need to be waived tomorrow.
  12. The head coach we have is just fine and I think will be here for a long time.
  13. Posts like the original one just leave you shaking your head. Make the playoffs in a year or your fired. Thank god Ballard is the GM and not many of the people on this board.
  14. At the beginning of tonight's game broadcast, Rick Venturi was talking about players who needed to step up tonight. At the same time the camera was showing different guys during pregame warmups and when they had a closeup of Hines, it looked like a punt bounced off his chest and hit the ground.
  15. Skai was expected to be drafted in a later round. He weighed only 216 at South Carolina and suffered a neck injury in 2016 which scared away some teams. He showed up to Colts camp at 230 and it appears that Ballard might have found a gem.
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