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  1. Agreed. How much "far better" than "ok" to be determined. Chudzinski is quite capable of designing a Playbook around Luck & Co. to bring out the best from Andrew. If the powers that be are correct, the Colts have only seen a portion of what Luck truly holds as a NFL QB. We'll see soon enough.
  2. Agreed, CC1. With a couple of defensive & OL moves, this team becomes much more formidable. If the Colts can obtain these critical players from this draft & on, the franchise really isn't that far away as some would think.
  3. The Colts could have a "possible" Von Miller staring them in the face with the 18th pick overall. Hope he's (RR/Alabama) there & Indy pulls the trigger on him.
  4. I'm not sure if Manziel will ever be ready to QB in the NFL. 1. Will he stay off the sauce? 2. Will he obey his coaches? 3. Will he stop lying? 4. Will he get help? 5. Can he really play Pro Football consistently? Many more questions. If Denver's desperate, they can't be THAT desperate.
  5. This was proposed but turned down by the owners this year. A change to Rule 8 Section 2 Article 1 of the NFL rule book would've provided a more clearer & sharper definition as to what "intentional grounding" would encompass.
  6. Sure, I understand. However, if both sides get a chance at possession, it does include both teams utilizing their offense & defense just as in regulation.
  7. Change the OT rule to allow at least one offensive possession for each team, thus ending the rule of winning the game on a TD by the first opening drive or KO.
  8. If it were in your power to do so, what 1 NFL rule would you change/add/delete and why.
  9. Impact Rookie : Todd Gurley/Marcus Mariota/Amari Cooper Breakout Rookie 2016 : Amari Cooper Rookie Impact Player 10 years from now : Amari Cooper/Marcus Mariota Favorite Rookie : Marcus Mariota/Amari Cooper Mariota & Cooper are HUGE NFL players who will continue to shine. Carr & Cooper will be a lethal threat for years to come for the Raiders. Mariota & the Titans will only get a lot better with time.
  10. Leonard Floyd is going to be 24 years old on 9-8-16. Would that be a factor the Colts would consider with their 1st pick this year in the draft? Dunno. OLB is certainly a need & one for the future as well. The question is : Value/Longevity/Performance v. 18th overall pick.
  11. Yep. Sure wouldn't mind seeing a punishing, stout, agile RB who can be relied upon consistently to pick up short yardage. Especially, goal line/3rd4th downs.
  12. I'd stay away from both. Too much risk & future uncertainty about the drugs. A number one pick in my eyes, better be clean as the wind-driven snow. That's how valuable that slot is to any franchise. Besides, my thinking of acquiring a formidable defense starts with grabbing a total package ILB/MLB that's a game changer. How do you pass on a potentially GREAT linebacker like Ragland, which in all likelihood, will be staring the Colts in the face with the 18th pick? If Ragland isn't there, defense at BPA. If not, then Conklin/Billings if BPA. An opinionated side note : This team better get serious creating a very good defense, otherwise, the Colts will not hoist another VL until they do.
  13. "now your losing credibility because you don't know what your talking about." I rest my case. I'm done. So are you.
  14. Yes, you were pretty straight forward how other people see it ... calling their opinions and or person ... "dumb". Thus, losing respect & value of your question & topic. Defend your argument all you want. Insertion of innuendos & name calling doesn't earn the two words written above "respect & value". Most all the contributors in this thread, seemingly, wanted to answer the question earnestly. Just because most do not agree with your evaluations shouldn't promulgate abravise jargon. You absolutely lost the intended question and topic with your fire stormed answers. As far as letting some in on a secret, I just gave you one.
  15. You'd be surprised, MJ. CBFL explains exactly what the "OP" opinionated question proposes. By steering arguments into "that is dumb, so injuries isnt slowing down, Personally I'd rather see a draft pick play, but if u have any or just a little scouting ability" examples of misleading grandeur and evading what you originally wanted by your OP question in the first place, you've lost sight of your topic. CBFL comes in and explains the correct scenario. Winning the position. You in turn, mock the answer by stating "everyone knows that what you just said." Which, totally aligns with your other answers, by not giving an answer. You don't need my answer. I just gave it to you.
  16. I'm a New England Patriots fan. You can't do this to me.
  17. Seriously though, that kid from LSU is phenomenal. Going into the NCAA as a junior this coming year, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see him enter the 2017 draft. He's got great power & breakaway speed. If he decides to stay in school and enter the NFL in the 2018 draft, all the better IMO. However, I think he would be an easy Top 5 pick in either draft as long as he stays healthy.
  18. Just as the article states, if the NFL is going to expand the Playoffs by 2 teams, it should stand to reason the only way to achieve this would be cutting the preseason back, as the NFLPA most likely will suggest. The goal is of course, money. Always has, always will be. It's quite conceivable by expanding the Playoff teams by 2 & chopping the preseason would, in all likelihood, lead down a path of quicker franchise expansion & the possibility of more regular season games as well. Which in turn, again, leads to more money. I highly doubt the NFL has plans to sit on the system in place as of right now. Otherwise, there would be no talk of it at all. Changes are going to happen. No doubt about that. Just hope they can emulate or come close to the status quo structure of viability. A lot of problems need to be addressed before they add or takeaway preseason/regular season games, Playoff structure, player durability, travel, times, and all the concerns that go along with expansion anything for the sake of more money.
  19. Therein lies the problem with most rags ... your last sentence.
  20. Yep. Didn't take it as a "pat on the back", either. There's nothing wrong at all with going above the call of duty. Nothing. Whether that's physical or cerebral, great work ethics serve their master well. Whatever that is in one's life.
  21. In addition 4th quarter : The Coryatt dropped INT. He catches that, it's probably 7 & game over.
  22. Wouldn't mind any of these 3 players at 18. My preference, as most know by now, is Ragland. Conklin & Billings are great picks as well. These are my Top 3 prospects for the Colts too at 18.
  23. Agreed. Key point, Luck staying healthy. By adding a couple good OL prospects along with defense, I can see Indy winning the division outright. I really think this has to happen, not only for this upcoming season, but for several thereafter. The major sticking point is the Playoffs. Without protecting Luck & intensifying the defense, no matter how the AFC South is won by the Colts, advancing any further is just not in the cards. If our defense can get past the status of mediocrity & win just a couple games on their own merit alone every season? That's a huge shot in the arm for any team. A difference. A force. Most Super Bowl winners & participants carry very good, great defensive squads. I've been hoping this for the Colts since 2006, when our defense rose above the fray of "Soft" via one Bob Sanders & spilled over into that Playoff run & eventual Super Bowl victory.
  24. Let's not forget about the San Francisco 49ers. 5-1 Super Bowls. 1 less victory than the Steelers, appearing in 2 less Super Bowls than Pittsburgh.
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