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  1. Hi, Rachel! So glad to be back from the holidays. How are you & did you have a nice holiday season? It's great to see you on the boards. I'm pulling for Minnesota to take the NFC. :)  Drop me a line or two when you get a chance.


    Your friend & always my best to you,



  2. C, is more like it. Overall. None of the intangibles are mentioned here. None. Takeaway the crucial turnovers & penalties this team has produced over the season, and it's a different ballgame here. 7 games, off the top of my head. Understand the frustration, however, everything this team has gone through from injuries to supposed organizational command issues coupled with what I've mentioned doesn't deserve a "D" overall @ 4-5. Appreciate your assessment, Colts7. We just differ 1 grade.
  3. In light of all this hoo-ha surrounding the team, the last two years haven't been the problem where it concerns Grigson & Pagano. OC problems have lead Andrew to receiving more hits than Google everyday. That's a problem. It's now gone. The tensions that encompass this team haven't helped as well. Culmination of the play calling, Luck's hits & injuries, poor tackling, problems inside coaching, apprehensive demands, and front office/HC entanglement (if any) all have contributed to arrive where we now stand. All of these things are fixable. Easily fixable. Whether it concerns any other personnel firings is anyone's guess at this point. But please, do not lump one aspect of media reports about the Owner, GM & HC as the sole existing problem that the Colts need to address to solve all it's worries.
  4. Congratulations to all! I think it's great that the organization recognizes fans year round, in-season/off-season. Nice. Keep that spirit up, Indianapolis Colts!
  5. Grading Grigson's FAs picks as of today 3-28-15 : A+ It takes time to build a "consistent" threat going to Super Bowls. It takes time to build a "consistent" threat to enter Championship games. It takes time to build a "consistent" threat to enter Divisional Playoff games. It takes time to build a "consistent" threat to win AFC South Champions. It even takes time to build a "consistent" threat to enter Wildcard Games. The Indianapolis Colts have done all of these in [3] years! That is amazing. Considering all the tools now in Ryan Grigson's arsenal "before" the draft of this year ... simply A+ material in my book.
  6. Ad(d) + on + go. Add on and go. At FB? Try it? Why not? If the guy can bust the line and make the cut(s). Roll the dice and see what happens before the green bananas turn color. (beginning of the season) ;)
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