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  1. Why would any offense ever run anything other than screen passes on this defense?
  2. I like Ryan Kelly. I want a center luck can grow with. That's just my opinion though.
  3. Why would we want to give a second round pick for a coach that has a worse record than the current coach? Hasn't this guy been 7-9 three out of the past four years? I'm sorry, that is not what I would call an upgrade. Hell, Pagano took a team running on its fourth/fifth string qbs to a better record than Payton. Just my opinion.
  4. Seems like the only time the offense runs is when pep is taken out of the equation.
  5. I'm sorry. You don't go from three years of solid play to this. The kid is hurt.
  6. Look. I'm a football fan and certainly not any kind of a coach or player, and if I can predict the play calling, it has to be almost so easy it's boring for the d coordinators and opposing defense.
  7. Anyone remember that quote about the greatest shoe on turf?
  8. How much are we paying costanzo to block like that
  9. this keeps getting uglier. That looked like a bad injury.
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