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  1. Will Darrius Heyward-Bey have something to prove against his old team in the first game? Let's hope so!
  2. It will be weird cheering while Peyton is on the field. Maybe he will try the bird wing flap to try to get LOS quiet????
  3. Oops, I stand corrected. I forgot how bad the Colts were in 2001, (PL-PL-PL-PLAYOFFS!) 6and10 How about this edit: Also this has nothing to do with the release tonight, but for the first time since the AFL days 2003, this is the first year we will not play the Patriots. I like your scedule, but think there will be a few more 4 pm games and we will probably end the season against the Texans.
  4. My 2 predictions, both of which I hope I'm wrong. we will open on the road. The only 2 times we had a home opener is when the Colts won the SB and when the opened LOS. We will play Peyton October 12th, when I will be in of all places...Denver.Also this has nothing to do with the release tonight, but for the first time since the AFL days this is the first year we will not play the Patriots. Maybe in the playoffs in Jan 2014.
  5. night games on warm nights are great but as been stated already, the north endzone sucks when the sun is beating down. i sit and watch the game but my wife has to go to the pro shop till the shade hits our section. keep the roof closed.
  6. now that pollion is gone, is bob lamey still going to have a monday night recap? who will host it with him, and will it be archived so we can listen later on?
  7. we usually get a dvd with the season tickets. " its our time" was the superbowl winning season. my sugestion is "there is always next year". if it an actual highlight dvd. should clock on at just under 3 minutes.
  8. big joe has stood up for Glen on his false starts. he has said that he had super fast twitch musles. in game film very few were actual false starts. i dont think he was blowing smoke but actually believed it.
  9. i know it was only his second day with the starters, but most of the completions seemed to be dump of passes and his longer passes did not seem super accurate.
  10. I remeber a safety form the 70s Cowboys named Randy Hughes his jersey # was 42.
  11. I have bought some Reebok authentic ones in the past year when they went on clearance. You can still order them at NFLshop.com. Most players are available from the drop down. I got a Luck 12 and a Angerer 51; both together were cheaper than a Nike Elite. The bad (or good thing depending on how you look at it) is, I got the Angerer autographed last Wednesday and I do not know if I want to wear it. The last autograhed jersey I wore had beer spilt on it by a drunk Bears fan....All I probably needed to say was a "Bears fan" and you could have assumed the other adjective.
  12. i know he would always give 100% and would rather see him as a 3rd string backup in Indy than not playing anywhere this year.
  13. COLTS SIGNING! JUNE 6th 6:30pm (ends when the line is gone) Pat Angerer Robert Mathis Antoine Bethea Jerraud Powers Delone Carter $10 for an autograph from any of these Colts players. $10 per autograph, per player, can be bought ahead of time and soon can be bought online. Please call for details.....(317)-841-8472. Come out and meet the Colts fan favorites at 6:30 pm! They will stay as long as people are in line for an autograph!
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