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  1. I feel ya. Mahomes vs luck should of been the next peyton vs brady for the next decade. This roster with a prime andrew and we'd be challenging for SB every year. Kills me every day
  2. just want luck to come back this year, and were beating KC
  3. I still haven't recovered from Andrew Luck. Ryan grigson has blood on his hands, destroyed a generational talent.
  4. ffs i hope lucks shoulder isn't hurt after that 4th down play. hasn't looked the same since even on the underthrown deep ball. someone displace my worries please.
  5. the irrational fan in me thinks luck hurt his shoulder which is why those 2 deep balls were underthrown. hope im wrong, ffs i never want to see that stupid 4th down play being called again. his shoulder literally got driven into the ground
  6. Gotta use chester rogers in the offense in the 2nd half, especially with moncrief injured now
  7. If moncrief is not good to go next week, I think we should bring up tevaun smith from the PS
  8. Need to use rogers in the offense , he could be the x factor in that passing game in the 2nd half
  9. Are we gonna use bray and rogers in the offense? Can't just rely on our top 3 wideouts, especially now moncrief is down. Need to use at least 4 WR's
  10. Guys whats happening about Andre. I'm getting really nervous now. Please tell me were going to sign him.
  11. So if doyle is out who will be our 3rd tight end this week?
  12. I really hope whalen will be involved as a receiver this week especially with wayne out. What do you guys think?
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